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Finn be like: "So crazy anythings attacking from any angle? I'M IN MY ELEMENT!!!!!!"

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@nyas: I'll make this lesson quick

1. When Aizen explains to Soi Fon why her instant kill zanpakto didn't work on him, during the captains vs aizen fight. KS is a zanpakto, same rules apply. Owned

2. Aizen didn't say this, Urahara did, and he was speculating (as in suggesting an unconfirmed possibility). Owned.

3. But Ichigo did show his max power....he used his best move for all of us to see. Owned.

4. How u think that makes Aizen look, being far weaker than krill in? :) owned

5. Aizen made a lot of claims that weren't true lol how many times did he claim to be stronger than ichigo, unbeatable, ect... Owned.

Please, stop embarrassing yourself

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@nyas: woah woah, let me help you out:

Kyoka Suigetsu is not limitless, it won't work on someone significantly stronger than he is.

He is not immune to physical damage. He was rejected by the hogokyu and depowered by getting cut in half by a mountain level attack. Getting hit by an attack that causes physical damage (a cut) and being weaker afterwards is not being immune. At all.

In fact, the hogokyu outright failed to surpass ichigo at multi-mountain level. Claiming it can now resist galaxy level attacks is a NLF, no one ever tried anything close.

Uk who else can spam island level attacks and hax cut people? His name rhymes with chillin. He'll keep on thrillin....HST is too weak to kill him: you know it's Krillin. Lets out a kienizan n the blood won't stop spillin...

But really, anyone multi mountain + or higher can beat Aizen, n there's nothing to say anyone higher than island+ can't kill him. Lololololololololol

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So basically this is Phoenix vs Sephiroth and has basically nothing to do with Wolverine....lame

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@jwwprod: okay, size stats on Big O are apparently nonexistent so I'm assuming him to generally be in Gamera's weight class.

R1: Big O gets frozen, Roger can still move so Plasma Gimmick should be able to snag a win, but O takes heavy damage as the freeze spray froze Gamera for 8 hours

R2: Much easier, Jiger's move set is based on organic enemies, not machines

R3: I believe Zedus has acid or a heat beam, idr but if damage is cumulative then Big O should stop here, if not he continues

R4: Big O stomps if its on land, gets stomped if its in water

R5: Coin flip. Viras is 30,000 tons, he could crush O, but Plasma Gimmick would cause a royal amount of damage

R6: Probably stops here, O is too slow n that blade is too hax

R7: O loses, flying + beam spam is too much, O only has his crown beam and Gatling gun but he's a sitting duck

R8: laser spam, O loses

R9: see above

BONUS: Mana beam all day

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@jwwprod: @kyrees: oh....holy crap he's way stronger than I thought. Even without durability feats that shield would probably be enough for a solid defense...this is tough, cuz Showa Gamera can eat nukes like candy as a base showing, its assumed all monsters he faces are of the same caliber or higher. Id put most of Big O's attacks at .5 to .75 megatons of force, but that gatling gun burst, the shield, and the final attack were easilly in the 1-2 megaton range (I watch nuke videos and compare visual indications of yield constantly, I might be weird but I think its beautiful lol). That shouldnt be enough for Gamera himself (he requires at least a dozen MTs of force) but I'm gonna go find size calcs for the rest lol

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If guy A takes a hit unguarded and faster than he can react, then all the force travels in the direction of the punch and thusly guy A goes flying.

Guy B isn't stupid, though. He takes the same blow but redirects it away from him with his left hand, taking any excess energy mostly in his right leg and then into the ground....he does not go flying.

Superman is Guy A. Neo is Guy B. Same blow, but one guy can't stop himself from flying through buildings like a n00b n the other now has time to counter.

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@rpottage: I'll make this really, really simple for you:

force = Mass x acceleration

Mass of Superman's hand = mass of Neo's hand (at these levels an ounce or two won't make a difference). Neo's hand moves far faster.

Thusly, Neo hits harder. What superman's punches have is follow-through because he's stronger, which is meaningless against a guy with the skill to roll out of your punches.

Also, like it or not, Neo flew so fast he dragged cars. Your opinion on how legit it looks is worth literally nothing. The fact is that he did it by going so fast, and it contradicts none of his other feats. Denying that is like denying that Reeves Superman can't fly so fast that time reverses. He can, iv seen it, so your opinion of it matters not. Neo wasn't TK dragging cars as he rushed to save Trinity, he was simply going so fast that his mass became high enough to drag them. Like Flash using IMP, in concept (increasing mass via speed).

Also, Prince is easilly one of the higher regarded posters here....on principal you should double check your own logic before jumping to the conclusion he's just a generic fanboy (with 14,000 posts...) cuz he's not wrong how he's completely right about this lol

Think of it this way, if a big guy hits me, I'll go flying, I'm a light guy. If a big guy hits Bruce Lee, who weighed the same as I, he'd fly nowhere near as far as myself by simply shifting his weight properly. Its like that, but in this case Bruce Lee has downloaded every form of martial arts on record directly into his head, increasing that ability dramatically. This is why Neo doesn't always go flying after getting hit by matrix-lagging punches

If you know who Karate Kid is, he's a good example to think about for comparison. He is a human who contends with kryptonians via raw skill. And neo is more than a regular human with just as much skill if not more

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N I'll argue that, rules or not. Hell, Yajirobi would do alright save for the high tiers

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"Who's stronger Vegito or Gogeta?" Vegito, it was outright stated that Potara is stronger than the fusion dance.

"Is Broly's potential truly limitless?" That's a mistranslation. His power is simply "rising, overflowing". He just has a lot of it.

"Would punches from SSj4 Gogeta harm Broly since he was immune to physical damage?" Wtf are you talking about? He was beaten by a punch....have you even seen the movie?

DBZ is not impossible to debate, fans just make up so much bullcrap about it that newcomers can't tell the difference. Idiots make calls based on how they want it to be instead of how it is....and that's why its banned. Broly immune to physical damage....that's so stupidly baseless, imagine trying to argue a guy who thinks that despite any logic you try to provide. That's why DBZ is banned