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Some villains are more appropriately portrayed wearing a costume - a prime example would be the Joker. Although on the other hand there are some other villains where a cosume donesn't fit their personality or their caracter like Sabretooth. 
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I agree, but where is the line drawn between a violent anti-heros and villains? I believe that it's possible that an anti-hero may consider himself to be a hero in his own eyes, but not in the eyes of an actual hero. A hero could see an anti-hero as potentially dangerous and on the verge of becoming villainous through their selfish actions.
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I find it more realistic for someone with superpowers and good interntions to do thier best to be a hero, however it does appeal to the human nature moreso when they are occasionally tempted to be an anti-hero and possible follow through with it. It's all about the conscience and emotion driving someone to do what they they believe would be for the best...THAT my friends is exactly what needs to be seen in comics more, because sometimes I find that some character's personalities, traits, and behavior is very one sided and doesn't exactly follow human behavior very well. Not only does there need to be external conflict between characters, but there also needs be some strong internal conflict within a character as well.
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I'd be jumpin' for joy if GAMBITCH dies, I want him to die, he NEEDS to die. Not only does he suck, but he's also annoying as hell. Personally, I don't see him as the type of character that fits a "heroic" personality. He's a thief, liar, and backstabber. People call him a badass, but obviously the people that say that have no idea what they're talkin about. 
 Reasons for Gambitch's suckiness: 
1) His ENTIRE personality is summed up with 2 words - Mon Ami, and Chere 
2) His costume is PINK!!!
3) The headband mask thing is terrible, and the trench coat doesn't make it any better
4) He's a total waste of a character - he doesn't do anything 
5) His personality and background story is poorly put together 
6) The "relationship" that he has with Rogue blows chunks - that's definately the biggest thing that's gotta go 
7) He throws pieces of paper at his enemies - REALLY?!
...and there are so many more reasons. Marvel made a poor choice trying to make him a "good guy" in the comics, but even if he was a villain he wouldn't be much of a threat