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Team Marvel wins after Batman quits saying he has patrol duty to perform and Harley Quinn is disqualified for trying to fill the balls with C4. Green Arrow and Hawkeye go out for a beer and talk fletching techniques.

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If I had Stancheck's powers, I would find out who Jake Ellis is.

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I would enter and win the Milan Fashion Week. Gold and particle cannons is the new black.

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I believe he has a compartment on his belt for Hot Pockets.

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A well crafted argument that has caused me to rethink not picking this one up....Or is it thinking about re-picking this up?

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Clark Gregg has been a pleasure to watch. Why oh why, does Whedon kill all the likable characters? I'm not complaining, for it seems to add to the emotional connection to his films. Anyway, this is Marvel, where dead is not dead.

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Greetings. After 16 years away from the comic book world, I'm taking what seem to be baby steps entering a world that has gotten much bigger. When I left, the Hulk was green, Cyclops was not this crazy( a matter of perspective ) and nobody ever wore Aquaman briefs. Times have changed.

What brought me back was a chance encounter with a seller of some old Justice League titles and his retelling of some old story lines (mainly the Tower of Babel arc). Enter " the New 52" and I have the perfect place to start over. Currently I am reading most of the Batman titles along with Aquaman, Flash, JL, a little misc. and A vs. X.

Comic Vine has provided a great resource to those with questions such as myself. Thanks to all who are providing the information.