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Spike would win this. Especially if you are counting feats from the novels and comics. Spike has defeated gods. And as he said in the series and Buffy admitted, he and she only ever "danced". He didn't seriously put in the effort to really kill her, she was to much fun to play with. The Slayers he meant to kill, died.

Spike was never a typical vampire. He sought combat and trained. He seriously practiced martial art skills for over a hundred years. He also lead a vampire battle campaign that wiped out a large part of Europe at one point. It wasn't shown in the series but Giles mentioned it when they first looked Spike up in The Watcher's Chronicles. He wouldn't hypnotize helpless victims. He lives for combat. Consideres it great fun. "I'm in it for the rush, the crunch, the thrill." Even when you knock him down he just keeps coming. Spike kicks serious ass even when he isn't in full vampire fight mode. Once he let the demon lose, it would be all over.

I didn't make this video, but it does a good job of showing what I'm talking about. Unless Nightwing can turn into a pretty blonde girl and win Spike's love, Spike wins.

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Classic Jubilee power set could kill Bane easily. She has the ability to project explosions any where just by thinking about it. She could stand on the other end of the roof top, or just dodge his attacks, and set off explosions inside Bane's skull and heart at the same time in a matter of seconds. She just never used her powers that way because Wolverine warned her at an early age the cost of becoming a killer. Staying up all night, getting drunk and talking to the ghosts of people he has killed. But if it is just a question of powers, both Jubilee's could take Bane out.

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I've never, ever seen Luthor done right in a Superman movie. Sure, Hackman is a great actor and his Luthor had its charm. And Spacey is an incredible actor as well and could have been a fantastic Luthor. But neither was given the chance to play the character the way he truly is in an accurate portrayal of the Superman mythos.

So I would love to see Luthor in a Superman movie done right. For that reason, among others, I'd like to see him included int he next movie. But not if he is a clown with a real estate scheme up his sleeve.,

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I love that Harley picture. It's so..her. Feels like the real girl. You can just pick up on her personality. I miss classic Harley and her classic costume.

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PLEASE let Joker kill Orco.

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I almost forgot the psychological aspect, the physical construction of the brain is also a major factor and can be used in court. The neurologist states how abnormal and damaged Joker's brain is. He states it quiet definitively. "This guy never had a chance at sanity." It's not even debatable.You can't "act" brain damage or abnormal development.

I'll have to scan the page from Secret Files, The Joker's Last Laugh and load it into my images files. This question keeps getting brought up again and again when its been definitively answered over and over as canon.

YES THE JOKER IS INSANE. To the point that it counts as his super power in a way. The occasional writer trying to be clever by saying other wise is irrelevant. For 73 years of he has been insane. As the man himself puts it "Gloriously so!"

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@deviousbastard: That's the common, pop culture quick definition. A lot of books and movies misrepresent the legal insanity defense that way. It's a simple definition and it can be used as a short cut plot contrivance. This misrepresentation isn't doing the general public any favors. It just confuses things. Being able to function and make elaborate plans and act them out does not make a person sane.

The truth is, its more complex than that. A big part of it is compulsion. Even if the subject knows right from wrong does he have the option of choosing right and not doing the wrong? Or does his insanity control him and remove the ability to control himself.He knows its wrong but he just can't stop.

Joker fits this to the letter. In part 4 of Death in the Family Batman even yells at him "Joker you have to stop" and Joker starts yelling louder and louder "I can't I Can't I CAN"T" even as they fight. The Specter, Martian Manhunter, Raven, and The Archangel Zauriel all journeyed into Joker's mind and soul and proved Joker has no choice, no control, and no conscious. Batman described Joker as having a sort of "unholy innocence."

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Religion is like an erection. It's fine to have one. It's even okay to be proud of it. But don't put it on display and show it off , and sure as hell don't force it down someone's throat.

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Maybe if Peter "dies" and comes back to life it will break the Mephitso deal.

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Dex-Starr. Squirrels are natural prey of cats. Plus Dex is extremely smart and vicious and fast. I know squirrels are fast too but cats do catch them. At best, B'dg could be able to escape him, outrun him. That's the way squirrels "beat" cats. By surviving and escaping.

I know willpower can beat rage, but it depends on whom is wielding each. I think Dex-starr is more skilled with his rage weapon than B'dg is with his willpower weapon. At least from what I've seen of them.