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Too early to judge where this whole memory wipe thing is heading I think. The Bruce/Jason relationship however can be judged now. What happened was simply idiotic and really does make Bruce look like an insensitive Dick that cares more about Damian than he does Jason.

- I agree.

- To be honest and blunt, Tomasi's fatuous drivel pissed me off alot.

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@rustyroy said:

@thejman251 said:

- I believe that Bruce will kill Talia.

- Oh, and i'll never forgive Morrison for writing such inane and idiotic drivel if he does.

- Additionally, i doubt Bruce could even kill Heretic if he wanted.

Man-Bat Super-armored Batman with a thirst for revenge. How ca Heretic survive this monster?

- Well, Heretic is a beast and he previously handed Bruce his ass, along with Richard.

- Hence, i think he'll be able to hold his own.

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- Wrath.

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- No, it will probably just get cancelled again.

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- This seems like a joke.

- I'm not purchasing this.

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This is just Johns' lack of ideas, if WW turns bad then there are other guys like MM, Flash, Shazam etc. who can take her down. Bruce doesn't need Superman to do his Jobs. What if they both turn bad? What will Bruce do? Bruce doesn't need to depend on others weakness to beat them. Johns just hates the character,that's all. I'm glad I'm not reading Johns' BS. Btw thanks for the scans @matchesmalone21.

- Lol, it does seem like Johns dislikes Bruce, doesn't it?

- I was actually surprised that he made his Bruce Wayne competent enough to have contingency plans at all. I wasn't even expecting him to give Bruce that much credit.

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- Shiva wins.

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@thejman251: @stronger: Let's ends this now, the mods are watching.

- It's over now as i don't see a reason to entertain this nonsense anymore.

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- The gun that killed his parents.

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@supermanwithatan01: Look in page 9,I've already posted two weeks ago!!!You are still arguing about the weaknesses that Wonder Woman was susceptible in its earlier version (pre-new 52),If you believe this to be true, then please show me the scans.

Read Superman 20 and you will have the proof that she's immune to mind control, against sonic attacks nobody is immune

(unless you use vibranium LOL)

since it affects the hearing senses and chemicals I doubt,but is debatable since she wasn't attacked by chemicals yet.

As this new version she is a demigod, their physiology and practically similar to the Greek gods,

unlike her demigods half brothers...

As Hermes said the gods are immortal, but they can be wounded, but only by unconventional means.

I am not trying to fight with you, this thread is supposed to be for feat Scans from New 52 for Batman, so I am sorry we are having a debate here. I appreciate this thread and all that has been posted in it.

But I am not sure what on page nine you want me to see. And since she is potentially weak against sonics and chemicals, I would not doubt that Batman could or would have that as part of his plan. My original point was simply that Batman is manipulating Superman, and I doubt very seriously that Batman's only plan against Wonder Woman is Superman.

- This could be the case and Bruce could have prepared something else.

- In contrast, this could simply be John's undermining Bruce's intelligence and ability to prepare because he doesn't like him.