Spider man without OMD?

Recently, I have been thinking about how Peter Parker/Spider-Man's life would have been different if OMD didn't take place. From what I've seen on the forums, many fans dislike the OMD story and OMIT even more! I for one don't mind the change in Peter Parker's life and that currently Dan Slott is doing a great run. However, I continue to wonder how it would have been if that brick didn't hit him in OMIT which led to OMD. Personally, I would have liked for Peter's identity to just get forgotten and stayed with Mary Jane, I mean, why would Mephisto even treasure something like that? Also, the story line just got thrown off balance since MJ is gone (admit it, Carlie is a horrible replacement), so yeah, I think I would have liked it if MJ and Peter stayed together, and yeah I think that it's time for Aunt May to move on (which she is now because she's moving to boston) and quite frankly, I think everyone wants Peter to keep his awesome powers from "The Other"! 

SM- The Other
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