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So, I'm kinda broke and have no money for a new computer, and on top of all this, I suck with computers, so I'm hoping one of you nerds can help me.

So I've had this Toshiba laptop for a little over a year. I updated to windows 8 a little after it came out, and since I got the computer it's restarted for updates every week or two, and I've never had any problems.

Though, tonight, it restarted and it was taking much longer than usual, finally, instead of "configuring windows updates" a message camps up saying "failure configuring windows features reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer". After about an hour, I got frustrated, and like an idiot, I restarted it.

The message came up agin. Now I've been waiting quite some time again, have any of you had this before?

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Sorry for not getting around to this sooner. So busy as of late. Wonderful writing, and I'm anxiously awaiting more my friend! I'm ecstatic to see what you're going to do next with Saki.

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Hellz yeah!

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I'm a huge fan of both Dark Knight Returns and Old Man Logan, and I think it's safe to say Batman is by far one of my favorites. I really like the idea, but, just from this outline, it almost feels /too much/ like Old Man Logan. I'm going to read it either way, just saying I think it may be better throw in some more....hmmm....Original elements. Though, I am excited for this.

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@impurestcheese Yep, he's a great character. :) Thank for the compliment. Um, Putt? I don't think I know what that is...

@tommythehitman Thank you very much Tommy!

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Oh, I've read it but I wasn't under the impression it was afterwards. :/ I thought spider-men came later.

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@batkevin74 Hey man, thanks for the constructive criticism. I totally see what you mean, and I'm gonna do my best to correct such things in future stories. Also, thanks you, I'm really enjoying writing him!

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@arkhamc1tizen I've added you to the main PM, and it's totally cool, but since it's such a pivotal character in the TMNT universe, I'd really like you to either share a bit about your intended direction with your series and the character, even in the main PM, or if you'd like it to be more secret, and less spoiled for the other writers, a private PM to me.

@tex_the_slayer You've been added to the main PM, welcome aboard my friend! :D

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@tex_the_slayer I'd say pretty much anyone you want, though, if I had to choose a character to get an on going or miniseries, I'd say one of the following: Leatherhead, Baxter Stockman or either a Hun standalone title, or a purple dragon title. Though, the last two could easily be merged into one.