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Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't posted in forever and a day! Anyways, I've been playing "The Walking Dead" (which left me even more depressed and sad than the comics and show combined) and Fables-based "The Wolf Among Us" by Telltale Games. What other comics do you feel would make a great adventure game? For those unclear, adventure games are point-and-click, interactive stories that shape around the decisions you make during the game. Thanks and I hope you guys had a great holiday and new year!

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I dropped All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny X-Men from my pull but I was super excited to see this new X-Men title show up on the solicits. Now I can have a new X-Men title on my pull that looks and sounds (based on Mat's review) promising. Picking this up tomorrow for sure.

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I definitely have no qualms about having a grittier Tomb Raider movie reboot. It'd be interesting to see how Crystal Dynamics and GK Films translate this new take on Lara onto the big screen. Having Lara really go through the ringer to essentially transform her up into the icon we're all familiar with is something that would be great to see on film. I'm picking up the game later today after I get off work and I can't wait to play it.

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I LOVE the Saul Bass-inspired cover for Hawkeye #8. A nice ode to his popular movie poster designs:

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Howdy guys! Thanks for answering my question on your double podcast! I was indeed waiting for you all to answer my question (and I wasn't sure what else to ask since I'm still fairly new to the comic world). I do have a couple more questions now! (hooray)

With the Injustice game coming out soon, I feel like I'm one of few people that would like to see some Watchmen characters as part of the roster (they could just be DLC characters). I think it'd be cool to see Nite Owl and Batman duke it out or maybe Silk Spectre vs Catwoman. Though I feel like having Dr. Manhattan would just be a completely overpowered character to include. Would you guys like to see Watchmen characters be part of the Injustice roster?

Also, I've really been enjoying Brian Wood's Star Wars and I know you guys have mentioned that Star Wars comics are either hit or miss. What other Star Wars titles do you guys recommend? I've been wanting to pick up another title since I love Star Wars (I'm sure my name 'Jed' has something to do with why I love Star Wars), but not sure which ones are worth reading. Thanks again! The Force is strong with this podcast.

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Hey guys!

Love the podcast, keep doing what you're doing! So I'm in talks with one of my friends who works at FOX TV animation studios about doing a fantasy children's comic series as a small side project for fun. I've been reading the Oz series from Marvel and Lookouts as inspiration. And I've always loved Jeff Smith's Bone ever since I was a kid. Any recommendations on other comic series that are similar in tone, style and art that can have an appeal to kids and adults? Thanks so much!