Calie Liddle RIP (With an Alternate Ending)

Calie Calie "woke" up and found the Queen of Hearts and her guards in her room at the psychiatric hospital. The Queen said "Calie Liddle, you have been found guilty by the court in Wonderland and you have been sentenced to death!" Calie shrieked and began to sob uncontrollably. Between sobs Calie asked why? The Queen replied that people in Wonderland expected Calie to overthrow her therefore she must die. Calie said "Your Highness, I feel that under other circumstances we could have been friends or even lovers!" The Queen replied "Calie, that can't be. You must die." The Queen said "Get up Calie you have an appointment with the executioner." Calie got up and she realized that she was wearing her black maid costume. She cooperated while the guards put shackles on her hands. Calie managed to compose herself and they left the room. She noticed that no one was around. She wanted to say goodbye to her friends at the hospital. When they left the building Calie noticed they were back in Wonderland. They came to a freshly dug open grave. They stopped there and the Queen said "Calie, this is your grave. Unfortunately you won't be getting a coffin or a grave marker." Calie lost her composure and began to weep again. At that Calie cried out in pain, The Queen asked her what was wrong, Calie said it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest. The Queen said "Calie, you vixen, it sounds like you are dying already! I must execute you before you die!" *(See alternate ending below) The next thing Calie realized was that she was being carried in a wagon. They arrived at the execution place. The Queen said "You look terrible, Calie dear. We'll have to hurry." Calie wanted to get it over with. Calie got out of the wagon and walked over to the chopping block. She kneeled down and rested her neck on the block. The Queen shouted "Off with her head!" Next came oblivion. The next thing Calie knew was that she saw a bright light and she went to it. When she got into the light she felt love and compassion and wanted to stay there. Back at the hospital, the nurse came into Calie's room and found her unconscious in bed. They used CPR, but it was too late. Poor Calie was dead! Alternate ending. Calie exclaimed that she felt that she was dying and all they had to do was wait a while and nature would take its course. The Queen burst into tears and said "Calie, I can't do this. When you do die, a part of me will die with you!" The Queen took Calie to her castle and put her in a guest bedroom. Calie found the bed to be very comfortable and the satin sheets felt good on her skin. Later the Queen brought dinner in to Calie. The Queen and Calie fed each other. Soon both were giggling. The Queen stayed with Calie to comfort her until she fell asleep. Calie's head was resting on the Queen's shoulder as she was lying next to her. Soon both were asleep. When they woke up in the morning The Queen said "I'm glad you're still alive!" The fed each other breakfast. The Queen had to take care of some business. In the evening she brought dinner to Callie and they fed each other. Later Calie said "Your Highness, I can sleep on my own tonight." By morning Calie was dead. The Queen was distraught. She promised Calie that she would be a better Queen from now on.

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