Calie Liddle and Goldilocks

Calie Liddle was walking in the woods along a trail. She met up with a young woman, who introduced herself as Goldilocks. Calie thought Goldilocks was beautiful. They walked together holding hands until they came to a large house in the woods. The front door was open and Goldilocks said "I'm hungry. I want to see if there is any food in the house." Calie said "Don't go in there Goldy! There might be someone in there." Goldy went inside and came out to say that there was no one in the house. She said there were three bowls of porridge in there. Calie tried to talk her out of it. But agreed to be the lookout in case the owners came back. Calie was very afraid. Soon three bears appeared, Calie got their attention and led them away from their house. They caught up to her and the papa bear attacked her. Calie then woke up in her hospital bed. She was wearing an oversized tee-shirt. Her cousin John had possession of her effects. He brought her clothes to the hospital. Some of which were controversial so she wears her uncontroversial ones. The nurse asked her how her night was. Calie said she had a good night. She didn't talk about her dreams, except with her psychologist. After getting dressed she was escorted to the cafeteria for breakfast. Calie was friendly and outgoing so she had some friends among the patients to eat with. Later on she had her session with her psychologist. He asked her to tell him about her time working at the Playboy Club as a bunny. She said that when she was 21 she started to work as a bunny. She said it was a great place. The girls were great. The pay was great. It made her feel good to make other people happy. One night Calie was groped by a customer. He was ejected from the building but she still felt bad. Later she had trouble sleeping. She was nervous all the time. She was becoming obsessed with Wonderland. Her mother, Alice, told her a little about it before she died. The club manager called her into her office and said "Calie, we love you, but you look terrible! You should take a month or two off to rest." Not long after that she had her trip to Wonderland and the series of events that landed her in the hospital began. She was crying when she finished her tale. The psychologist said "You are doing better now Calie. You are better at expressing your emotions and seem to be remembering more detail." He gave Calie a handful of tissues and gave her a hug.

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