Black Canary Saves Oracle From Drowning.

One night Oracle was scuba diving near Gotham City as part of an investivation. She encountered some scuba diving goons who roughed her up under water. They left her in the water. Oracle tried to make it back to the small dock she dived from. Her van was parked there. She didn't realize that she had been cut in the leg because she was paralyzed from the waist down. She lost a lot of blood and wasn't going to make it. She spluttered and tried to cry out for help. Fortunately for Oracle Black Canary, a fellow Bird of Prey, couldn't sleep so she took a walk near the water. She heard the noise and came to the dock and could see someone in the water. She reached down to pull the person up and thought it looked like Oracle! Black Canary asked "Are you Oracle?" A voice said "Call me Barbara!" "Well you can call me Dinah! Don't you recognize me Barbara?" "Of course I do! I would recognize that butt anywhere!" "Very funny! Honey, you're bleeding a lot! I better get a tourniquet on that leg of yours!." Dina made a tourniquet and stopped the bleeding. "I better get you to the ER, young lady." Dinah drove her to the ER. Barbara needed a bunch of stitches and a transfusion. Dinah donated blood for her and stayed at her bedside. By 9:00 the next morning Barbara was discharged from the ER and Dinah took her home. Barbara gave her directions to her apartment. Barbara got undressed and into her bed. Dinah asked her if she was hungry or just wanted to rest. "I need to sleep, Dinah, I'm so tired!" Dinah held her hand until she went to sleep and waited with her until she woke up. Dinah heated up some chicken noodle soup and when Barbara woke up she was hungry. Dinah went back to her apartment and got some clothing and returned to Barbara. Dinah said she was going to stay with Barbara until she was okay. By the next morning Barbara was feeling better. Dinah said "With your red hair I imagined you had a name like Bridget or Fiona. You look like a Celtic warrior princess!"Barbara responded "Maybe I am a warrior princess! I thought you looked like a Ursula or Helga. A Valkyrie or something like that." Then they Helga. A Valkyrie or something like that." Then they talked about what happened while Barbara was swimming. Dinah said "The Birds of Prey" will mop up this case for you. Dinah led the Birds of Prey out to capture the crooks. The crooks thought Barbara was dead so they were caught off-guard. Dinah returned to Barbara and reported their success. Barbara said "I'm tired of being so lonely. Will you stay with me a few more days?" "I'd love to. Now we get to be BFFs!"


Tsarina Natasha

I apoligize for the formatting. It was recently learned that Avenger Natasha Romanoff was really the granddaughter of Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anastasia was one of the daughters of the late Tsar Nicholas. Her identity was was a deep secret. Even the Soviets didn't know about it at first. There were people in the West and Russia that wanted crown her Tsarina. She denied any interest in wanting to rule Russia and discouraged would-be supporters. One night Natasha and her friend Maria Hill were preparing to go out for the evening. They noticed that they were wearing the same formal gown. Maria changed gowns. Disaster prevented. They laughed. They left the building arm-in-arm and entered the waiting cab. Natasha began telling the driver where to go when a gas was released inside the cab. In seconds the two Avengers were unconscious. Maria woke up inside the cab and realized Natasha was gone. She got out and looked for her friend. Maria found a Russian newspaper in the cab. She was just a couple of blocks from Avengers HQ so she rushed back to report the abduction. Natasha woke up many hours later in Vladimir Putin's office. Putin began to question her. She said she had no interest or desire to rule Russia and had said so many times. He wanted to know who her contacts were in the Russian emigre community and if she had any contacts in Russia itself. She was evasive. She didn't want to betray the foolish people who were supporting her. Putin said that Natasha required more strenuous interrogation to get that information. She was shackled and chained and put in the back of a truck to be sent to the interrogation center. Natasha knew she would be tortured and killed. There were 4 guards in the back of the truck and they put a blanket on her because she was cold. She was grateful for the darkness so she could cry silently and not be seen. Natasha worried about Maria and hoped she was safely in America. They arrived at their destination and they got her out of the truck. She didn't see any buildings. She thought maybe they were going to kill her on the spot. Suddenly there appeared two men walking out of the forest. Her guards turned her over to them. As they led her away one of them whispered in her ear "Tasha, I'm Tony Stark and we're taking you away." Shortly they were inside Stark's private jet. The other man was Nick Fury. After getting safely off the ground Stark began speaking. "Are you okay Tasha?" She nodded yes. "I was afraid those S.O.B.s would hurt you." Stark began explaining that they quickly concluded that she was kidnapped by the Russians. Stark and Fury used their Russian contacts to make sure. Natasha asked if Maria was alright. Stark said she was the one who reported the abduction. Natasha smiled. Fury said "You two are quite a pair!" Stark said that he spoke to Putin on the phone directly and arranged the pick up. Putin said that she had confirmed their belief that she wasn't seeking power in Russia. He also said that Natasha was too beautiful to interrogate further. Putin had a couple of requirements to release Natasha. Natasha was to issue a statement denying that she is related to Anastasia. Stark Enterprises was to expand its economic activity in Russia. She agreed to issue the statement. She knew her way around the jet. She said she needed her beauty sleep. Stark and Fury insisted that she was gorgeous. She blew kisses in their directions and headed to Stark's private quarters to shower and sleep. Fury said "She still has it!" When she woke up she found a change of clothing and got dressed. She hugged and kissed both men and thanked them for rescuing her. When they arrived back in the U.S. there were a gaggle of reporters waiting. Stark introduced Natasha and she issued her denial of any royal blood. Then Natasha Romanoff went into hiding.

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A Gift For The Metropolis Police Department

Mr. Mxyzptlk was recently sent back to the fifth dimension. Lex Luthor was back in prison. Superman offered the services of the Justice League and his cousin Power Girl to replace the patrolmen of the Metropolis Police Department on Christmas day. It was arranged for Superman and his colleagues to patrol Metropolis for the full 24 hours of Christmas. They arrived at midnight and immediately hit the streets. Some of the superheroes flew over Metropolis to scan the city. The Flash could cover it on land. Aquaman patroled Metropolis harbor. Shortly past midnight Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl found a poor couple huddled on the sidewalk in the slums of Metropolis. They learned that the woman was about to give birth. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl took them to the city hospital but it was too busy to admit the woman. Our heroines flew the couple to the state hospital in the state capital city where there was room for them. The woman gave birth to a girl and she was named Diana. At 3AM a riot broke out at the city jail and several prisoners escaped. Superman suspected that it was a distraction so he sent part of the Justice League to round up the escapees. Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl made special trips to the Federal Reserve Bank and other vital locations to check on them. Sure enough the Federal Reserve Bank was being held up. Superman was able to stop the hold-up and capture the criminals. Later, the staff at the Daily Planet were captured and held hostage by terrorists. Supergirl and, Power Girl entered the building from the roof and Martian Manhunter entered at ground level. They caught the terrorists by surprise before the hostages could be harmed. By sunrise criminal activity had slowed down. During the day it was petty crime and traffic conflicts that needed to be dealt with. During the day some terrorists captured a cargo ship, loaded it with explosives and sailed into Metropolis Harbor. Their plan was to blow up the harbor. Aquaman boarded the ship quietly so the terrorists wouldn't hear him. The terrorists left the explosives unguarded so Aquaman was able to disarm them before attacking them. Superman and Wonder Woman landed on the deck and assisted with capturing the terrorists. A minute before midnight a tired Justice League turned the city back over to the police.


Femslash versus the X-men

The X-men girls were watching the men play tennis. Storm arrived and concluded that the level of play was boring and wanted to end the match. She quickly conjured up a big thunderstorm to break up the match. Emma Frost and Jean Grey both had broken up with Scott Summers and were fuming at having to watch him play. Alex and Scott Summers' were playing and didn't want to quit. So Storm brought in some lightning bolts. They came in very close to the tennis court and struck some trees. An 80 mph wind gust destroyed the tent providing the girls shelter. Kitty Pryde and Psylocke were startled a little. The Summers' brothers finally gave up. Scott told both Emma and Jean that he was leaving the X family and was going on a sabbatical of unknown length. He wished them both well. They wished him well. Jean was crying so she was grateful for the rain. When Jean and Emma got back to the house they headed for the lounge and proceeded to get drunk. Jean was sobbing by this time and Emma cried at little too. They embraced and Jean said "It feels like Scott is reaching into my chest and ripping my heart out! And he just looked calm. How are you feeling Emma?" "It hurts me too, Jean!" At that moment Storm, Psylocke, Rogue and Kitty Pryde came into the room. Storm said "I don't have to be a mind reader to see that both of you still love Scott. He's not worth it!" The new arrivals hugged both grieving women and started to drink too. Jean said "I had hopped to at least see some regret in Scott's face. But there was none." Emma said "I realized there was no way to repair our relationship, but its still devastating to hear him say he was leaving." The six continued drinking and speaking ill of Scott Summers and of men in general. Kitty asked Psylocke how Jubilee and Linda (X-23) were getting along. Psylocke (Betsy) replied. "They are doing fine. They have a lot in common but I'm not sure how romantic it really is." Rogue said "I thought they looked so cute together." Betsy continued "I feel that they help stabilize each other and give each other emotional and moral support." After about another hour of drinking Emma said "If I was to pick one of you to marry, it would be you Jean! You're great, you're hot." Jean replied "I would pick you Emma. You are a lot of fun and are super-hot." Storm said she would pick Psylocke. Psylocke agreed. Kitty and Rogue were last but not least. They sat down on the sofas in pairs and began to discuss their plans for the future. Soon they were all asleep. Several hours later they woke up and found themselves paired up sitting on the sofas. They started to piece the events together. Rogue said "Ah gotta stop drinking so much! We need to get ourselves some men. I know I do because Kitty is starting to look good to me! No offence intended Kitty, dear, you're gorgeous." They all laughed. Emma suggested that they all go to a nearby spa for a few days of luxury. She said they should invite the male X-men to come too, and they had a week before the school year begins again. Storm asked if any of them knew a cure for a hangover. Their heads hurt too much to laugh.

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Jubilee, X-23 and the doom of Cameron Hodge (M)

I APOLOGIZE FOR THE FORMATTING. Jubilee and X-23 (Laura) were killing time before Jubilee began her shift. Somehow Emma Frost found them and told them to report to the conference room for a briefing by Wolverine and Gambit. The girls groaned slightly and went to the conference room. While waiting, they gazed intently into each other's eyes. Wolverine and Gambit were giving the presentation. Jubilee, Laura, Psylocke, Emma and Cyclops were in the audience. Gambit, Wolvie and Psylocke (Betsy) were at the school giving seminars on developing mutant powers and career planning. Betsy was occupying the top bunk in Laura's room while she was there. She was bonding with Jubilee and Laura. The three of them went out one night and bought push-up bras. Betsy got sick one night and Linda had her sleep with her head on her lap. By the next day Betsy had pneumonia. After being released from the infirmary she was nursed back to health by Linda, Jubilee and Wolverine. Wolverine began the briefing by saying that using his sense of smell they tracked The Hulk. Since Wolverine had a bad track record with Hulk, he hid in the bushes while Gambit approached the big green monster. "What you want with Hulk?" Gambit responded "I'm checking around to see if anyone has seen Cameron Hodge." Hulk had been playing cat and mouse with Hodge for a few hours. Hulk was able to drop down on Hodge and knock him over. Hodge got The Hulk really mad and got his head twisted off. Hodge's head continued to provoke the Hulk. Finally the Hulk threw Hodge's head as hard as he could up into the air. Hulk didn't see or hear any more of Hodge after that. Gambit wrapped up the presentation by noting that there have been no reports indicating that Hodge's head fell to earth. Perhaps Hodge was in space now. Laura and Jubilee weren't paying close attention to the presentation. They are very much in love. But they already knew Hodge's story. Mephisto had granted immortality to Hodge. Hodge's head was cut off by Archangel. Since then Hodge has been using various cyborg bodies. The scene shifts to the debris field orbiting Earth. Hodge wound up among the space trash circling the Earth. In time he was found by scavengers from a far away planet. He was retrieved from the debris and brought on board the spacecraft. The aliens examined him and were even able to search his memory to find out what he was. They decided that Hodge was very dangerous and should be neutralized. Hodge didn't know what was going on. He saw that they were attaching a machine to his cables. Shortly he could feel something trying to take control of him. He struggled for a few seconds and suddenly everything went dark. He couldn't see, hear, smell, talk or move anything. Later Mephisto came to him and said "I granted you immortality, Hodge, but not invincibility. You will spend eternity in the darkness. Enjoy your isolation. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" A few days after the briefing there was still a lot of speculation about Hodge. They had no idea about the mental agonies Hodge was suffering, or that he was headed for permanent storage on a far away planet. Psylocke and Wolverine were being sent to Genosha. On the way back they were to stop at Madripoor to check on the Hand. Psylocke was saying goodbye to Jubilee and Linda. As she hugged both of them she said "I love you!" Linda reached out and embraced Betsy again and said "I love you too. I'm going to miss you." Linda was crying. Jubilee reminded Linda that Psylocke would be back again. Psylocke addressed them both and said they should take care of each other and she left. Jubilee and Linda hugged and Jubilee was surprised to find herself crying too. Then Jubilee touched Linda and said "You're it!" and ran off. Thus starting a game of tag.

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Kigo goes to college

Kim Possible graduated from High School full of hope and optimism. She was accepted into the State University Education Department. Kim planned to become a high school teacher so she could help shape the future. Ron Stoppable didn't get accepted. He was going to have to go to a community college first. Kim was disappointed but was determined to move ahead. Kim experienced a pang of homesickness as she prepared to leave home. But being as optimistic and hopeful as she was it didn't last long. She was taken to her dormitory by her family. Her room had a set of bunk beds and a couple of workstations, two closets, etc. There were final farewells. Kim's mother cried a little, and they left. Freshmen orientation was next day. Kim brought her superhero gear. Kim's roomie wasn't there yet. After Kim unpacked everything she was relaxing. Then the roomie arrived. It was none other than Bonnie Rockwaller! They were both astonished. Kim left the room while Bonnie was dropped off. Kim's mind was racing. Bonnie was her arch competitor in high school and now she would have to share a room with her! Even Kim Possible couldn't shake off the shock. After an hour Kim came back to her room. Bonnie announced that she wanted the lower bunk, didn't like being there and refused to talk about it. Kim said "People say I have a magnetic personality" to lighten the mood. "Well, you're not the reason I'm here!" As the minutes passed Bonnie relented and spoke to Kim. As they started their classes, Kim noticed that Bonnie would disappear for several hours each Saturday and Sunday. Kim didn't think about it much because she knew that Bonnie was eccentric. One Saturday night Kim was monitoring the campus security radio and heard that there was an incident in the nuclear physics lab. Kim thought it might be serious so she put on her Kim Possible mission clothes and headed to the lab. When she got there Senor Senior Sr. and Jr. with their gang were there trying to steal nuclear fuel from the reactor. Almost simultaneously Shego appeared and they both were surprised and felt the thrill. They both felt that the other had become more beautiful. Before they could act Bonnie came out of the shadows in her security uniform and yelled at Senor Senior Jr. "You haven't called me in months, you bum! Why are you breaking into my school?" She didn't wait for an answer and slugged Jr. hard enough to knock him out. Kim and Shego jumped in and captured Sr. and the gang. After the fighting, Kim introduced Shego and Bonnie. By this time the police had arrived. The police captain said "Wow, the famous Kim Possible at our little campus!" Kim said "Officer Rockwaller is the real hero!" It turned out that Bonnie called in the alert on the break-in. She worked as a campus security guard on weekends. Kim and Shego gave their statements and left while Bonnie basked in the spotlight. Kim and Shego went to a campus hangout to talk for a few minutes they gazed into each other's eyes. Kim explained that she and Bonnie were students there, and that she was pursuing a teacher's degree. Shego was there as Professor Go of the Education department. She said she was looking forward to teaching Ms. Possible. Kim was looking forward to being in Shego's class. Shego asked "How do you like paint ball?" "It's fun." "We could hunt each other some night?" "That would be great, Shego! The thrill of the hunt! You're my favorite prey!" Shego said "You're my favorite too!" They talked about kick boxing, karate and boys. Shego escorted Kim back to her dorm. They shared a parting hug. Kim felt that Shego's hugs were comforting and she liked them. Kim entered her room and found no one else there. She got ready for bed and hopped into her bunk and dozed. Bonnie came home a little later and Kim woke up and said "Congrats, Bonnie!" Bonnie embraced Kim and said "You don't know how much it means to me to hear that from you!" Suddenly Bonnie went limp because she passed out. Kim picked her up and carefully put her into her bunk. Kim removed Bonnie's shoes and said "Sweet dreams, Princess!" Kim got back up into her bunk and soon both of them were snoring.

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Jubilee and X-23 run away from home

The X-men accepted the vampire Jubilee, fangs and all. X-23 became Jubilee's closest friend and lover. People in the area threatened to kill Jubilee so they decided to leave the X-men school. X-23 had already promised that she would protect Jubilee at all costs. After riding the rails for a few hours they realised that they had made a mistake and got off the freight train. Jubilee needed darkness during the day. They found refuge in an abandoned cemetery. Jubilee rested in a coffin in a mausoleum and X-23 stood watch. Jubilee thought that the mausoleum was sexy in a vampire like way. Jubilee really wanted to make love with X-23 but X-23 wasn't turned on by the coffin, etc. It frustrated Jubilee but she realized she needed to be considerate of her mate as well. The next night they began to head back home. In the meantime Wolverine, Psylocke and Gambit went looking for the girls. They had heard reports that Cameron Hodge was seen in the area. Psylocke was able to track them to some extent. They landed their helicopter and hid it. Psylocke said the girls weren't far away. Jubilee found she could survive on animal blood. One night as the sun started to rise, the unthinkable happened. Jubilee got wedged between two boulders and couldn't escape. She cried out and X-23 tried to free her. They both called out for help. Wolverine, Psylocke and Gambit found them and pulled her free. It was getting light so Jubilee crawled into a body bag, brought by Wolverine, to hide from the sun. She told Wolverine to take care of X for her. After a few hour's hike they reached the X-men helicopter and they got aboard. Wolverine spoke in a whisper "X-23 darlin, we aren't judging you or Jubilee. We love you both. Both of you will be safer with the rest of us. Cameron Hodge is in the area and you two can't can't cope with him alone. The five of us can't defeat Hodge." X-23 said "I'm so tired, I haven't slept in days." Psylocke sat down next to her and put her arm around her. X-23 wrapped her arms around Psylocke, leaned against her body and fell asleep. Psylocke whispered "I can detect Hodge and The Hulk within 100 yards of here! Don't worry, I'm comfortable here with X-23." As they took off they saw Hodge in one of his horrible cyborg incarnations. The Hulk came out of nowhere and attacked Hodge, allowing our heroes to escape. It was still light out when the arrived at the school. X-23 apologised to Emma Frost and said they were returning when they were found by their rescuers. Emma hugged her tight and said she was glad they were back safe. X-23 went to her room and went back to sleep. Psylocke and Emma Frost talked about Jubilee and X-23's woes. Emma said they would have to try to work through Jubilee's vampirism and deprogram X-23. Wolverine needed to be a father to X-23. Jubilee and X-23 needed to sort out their own relationship. Jubilee and X-23 needed a mother too. Emma suggested that Psylocke might be able develop a nurturing relationship with X-23. Psylocke and Emma were able to detect only Hulk's psychic presence a few miles away. They couldn't find any traces of Hodge. Emma directed Wolverine and Gambit to make contact with The Hulk and try to find out what happened. She warned them to be very careful around The Hulk. That evening Emma greeted Jubilee with a hug and a welcome home. Later X-23 and Jubilee were reunited and greeted each other affectionately. X-23 was feeling much more amorous now. Jubilee told X-23 that Cameron Hodge was a very dangerous being. The last time she saw him, he was a decapitated talking head. According to her "He was really gross and disgusting!"--to be cont'd.


Thor and Amora against Hela

Amora the Enchantress became very ill. After a while she lapsed into unconsciousness. She found her astral self standing before Hela, the queen of the dead. Amora was terrified. "I'm very fond of you Amora. I'm willing to let you return to the living if you will swear to send Thor to me!" Amora replied "You you mean that Thor must die, Queen Hela?" "Yes, Amora, darling, I want Thor under my power. You can kill him yourself or get someone else to do it." "Most dreaded Queen Hela, I love Thor and could never do as you have ordered!" "Really, my dear Amora? Then I will have you tormented in the flames for ever!" Amora was dragged by some of Hela's slaves and chained to a stone pillar. Suddenly she found herself engulfed in fire. Amora cried out "Please don't do this to me!" "Will you bring me Thor?" "I will not." "Then you will burn!" Amora suffered terribly in the fire, with weeping and wailing. After what seemed like forever Thor, son of Odin appeared. Amora thought she was hallucinating because of her agony. Thor addressed Hela "Amora still clings to life, you have no claim on her." "I'm not going to free her unless you take her place in the fire!" Amora cried out "Don't do it Thor, darling. I'm content to remain here!" Thor said "Hang on Amora, you will be freed." Thor addressed Hela "Odin knows what you are doing and has sent me to rescue Amora and to punish you!" "In the name of Odin, I command that Amora be freed and that Hela will burn instead. I have spoken!" Suddenly Amora was standing by Thor's side and Hela was burning instead. Thor said "Hela, eventually your servants will quench your fire but you will suffer greatly until then." Hela cried, wept and wailed bitterly. Thor picked up Amora and took her home so she could reoccupy her physical body. He took her to Odin who said "I have seen your suffering to protect my son Thor. I percieve that you love him truly. Thor, I am giving you both Lady Sif and Amora to be your brides! Love and care for both of them with all your heart. I have spoken!" Lady Sif entered the room and took Thor by one arm and Amora took his other and they lived happily ever after! Hela burned for two days before her servants found her and quenched her fire.

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