Redheaded Ladies of Comics

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Posted by SC
Lyra is green and also is pretty cool!!! Her mother as well, oh and does Artemis count? Oh, oh, and I think you will like Skadihr (my second fave redhead already...) *red*
Posted by thehummingbird
Thank you so much!! I shall add them also poison ivy I just realized had green skin too, haha I seem to lack perception at times. I was trying to decide with artemis and cheetah and now even harley half way? XD it is rather subjective. 
Posted by ragdollpurps

Don't forget Mary Jane and Jean and Rachel Grey!

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Also, Mercury and Red Sonja, Black Widow, Anna Mercury, Madelyn Pryor.  
Oh oh, and Firestar and Julia Carpenter too. ^.^

Posted by thehummingbird
Awww thanks!!! I am so bad at these XD 
Posted by EmmaGrace

0.o, Jean Grey?
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

awesome list hummingbird! what about molly from sailor moon, LOL THAT WAS A JOKE! i would never expect the girl with the brooklyn accent that lives in japan to be on any body's list (u know molly's accent! lol) awesome list

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i think hellcat is a redhead too and so is mercury from the new xmen
Posted by menialJester

I showed this list to my best friend and she loves it. she's a redhead (and I think she wants to be on the list... jk :D)

Posted by thehummingbird
Awww thanks, if she gets a page on here I will add here XD I am redhead so I was morally obligated to make it ^_^ 
Posted by doordoor123

Liar. None of them have red hair!
Posted by B'Town

I'm a fan of the Red Head. You have some gorgeous choices here. Batwoman at the top is a great place for her. I'm really looking forward to finally getting #1 in my hands.

Posted by Hawkeye446
Posted by Miss Menace

Grace Choi O_O xD

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

  Awesome list.
Maybe Tigra as an addition to the list?

Posted by thehummingbird
oh thank you! 
Posted by MarvelJackAss433 said the only green skinned redhead you can think of,yet you included Poison Ivy >.> XD
Love the list.

Posted by Miss Menace

Vicki Vale and Lana Lang 

Posted by Roxanne Starr


What about Bitchy Bitch? :D

Posted by Roxanne Starr


Thanks for adding Bitchy, THB!

A list of Redheads wouldn't be complete without Bitchy Bitch, the Queen of PMS! XD

Posted by thehummingbird

@Roxanne Starr:

Haha well of course that statement is so true, I mean she is the living image of a woman.

Posted by Catman9

red hair is the best!