Defining Desperation Part 1

Desperation is triggered when a human being feels as if they have no other options or escape. This feeling is expressed in more than just humans, but in animals as well. Desperation is what often leads animals to resort to cannibalism, the same goes for humans. I referenced the concept of desperation in my previous blog, that was all about the concept of Obsession. Desperation, however, unlike Obsession, can not be defined so easily, it is the rawest, but also the most complex sensation a human can have. For example I am sure anyone reading this can think back to a time in their life where they felt as if their was no other option, but to make the morally incorrect choice. In a manner this is what most often desperation is, making what we believe as humans who have created moral standards to be the wrong decision. Desperation is something comic book heroes and villains are constantly running into. I can not think of any comic book where someone has not been on the edge of death, when this occurs desperation kicks in, this desperation leads to the most basic instinct of all, fight or flight. Often what makes are heroes is just that, when desperation kicks in rather than deciding to flee, they decide to stand and fight and perhaps even save that innocent bystander. On the other side normally as soon as the villain in cornered or put into a bad position they immediately choose flight. I am not saying that anyone who chooses to fight is good, and a person who chooses flight is bad, just that desperation triggers are most basic and needy instincts, that is truly the most defining thing about a person. Desperation leads us to do horrible things, that as I said, by our modern moral standards are atrocious and unforgivable. However, can we really define the basic human desire to survive during a Desperate Situation as evil? this is just an introduction for part 2 where I will have more concise and correct thought.

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Posted by RazzaTazz

Its interesting in terms of flight vs flight, that we expect different actions from the heroes and villains.  Because we regard fight as right and flight as wrong.  Tehre are some villains who fight though, and this is often the hallmark of a well written villain.

Posted by thehummingbird
This is order to have a good villain they most have the drive to stay and fight the hero..such as killer croc and his more animal instinct as soon as he feels he maybe in danger he flees, while a character like Hush is constantly waiting for the opportunity to come in contact with Batman.