Demeaning Harley Quinn?

As most of you know I am a huge Harley Quinn. In fact I would claim to be her number one fan. So when I see a release of.... 




Honestly? As if Arkham Asylum wasn't already a mutilated beyond return sexed up version of adorable Quinn, all I can say as it least she had blonde hair then. Now honestly this no longer even represents her character anymore.  First off I would like to begin to break down the general concept of her original costume and inspiration. It was when Doctor Quinzel first began her work at Arkham the Joker spoke of rearranging her name to form the word Harlequin. I see some diamonds and the same color pattern? Where is the Harlequin to my Harley Quinn? In fact where is Harley Quinn? This resembles her in no way and defeats the purpose of her character I will explain why in a minute. I am so angry I can hardly process my thoughts at the moment. If I was to analyze this character with no backstory of Harley Quinn (which I am because in my mind I am still thinking this can not be my Harley) This girl holds no dedication to whomever, the reason for feeling this way is her outfit which is exaggerated in a way that makes her look per say "easy" . Harley on the other hand is extremely loyal to her man, and wears while skintight a more conservative outfit giving the inference of loyalty and sticking true to the HARLEQUIN CONCEPT!!! Her name was made for her outfit. If she is not dressed for her name and outfit, why not create a new character? It is easier and less destructive. This in no way represents her conceptually. On the same, yet another note, this costume in no way represents her personality either. Harley is a fun loving character she has a more goofy aspect than as stated earlier “easy” aspect being pushed and portrayed here. Another horrid and awful thing being changed as I pointed out earlier that was kept even in the Arkham City and Asylum her blonde hair. Harley signature trait, or at least one of them, was her false blonde locks she prided herself on. Taking away Harley’s blonde hair is one of the signatures being shredded, but also let us notice her makeup change? This signature and classic look has been changed just enough to make it lack that Harley cute flare, but now is more like a bad character design for makeup in some gothic movie. The design, I would argue, from a more personal standpoint of doing costume design as I do, is overall weak and forgettable in a way that they have made Harley into an almost generic form of tramp. Now back on the representation as being a tramp, Harley is not a stupid girl. She was a psychiatrist, while she is insane Harley is innocent in certain ways and is not the kind of girl you would find working the corners.

Harley’s character has been demeaned by this costume change and has lost the very essence that we have all associated with Harley for so long. It seems to me that DC believes by using a cheap and sexed up Harley she will gain more fans. In all honesty I think they are going to lose a lot more with this play. It is bad marketing and has my title stated demeaning.  

*Edit- I am referring to her outfit not the series, this whole blog is about the outfit and nothing more not the series

The Power Of Positive Thinking (Synthetic Happiness)

 It is a concept I have heard of before, but have never really known whether to believe it or not. It is the idea that by merely thing something we can change the outcome of a situation. This I guess could lead into the concept of positive thinking changing the outcome of the situation, however, I believe this could just as easily work for negative thinking. Before I dive to much farther into these subjects, I will introduce another topic. The topic I would like to introduce is synthetic happiness. Synthetic happiness is when we as humans, later on reflect that maybe not the best thing that happened to us was in the end for the best. An example of synthetic happiness is if a person does not make a sports team that they really wanted to and at the time were really disappointed, however, when they look back later in life they say it was for the best because it made them work harder. In reality synthetic happiness is a coping method. How does this all fit together? Positive thinking, is allowing oneself to have a better outlook on a negative subject, or even an average one, and synthetic happiness is an almost forced alteration of your memory. These two things walk hand and hand with each other. The reasoning they are both human coping mechanism that may not change what has happened to you, but changing your view on them can alter just as many aspects. To say what we mentally perceive matters more than what actually happened. Many would argue that memory is what makes our existence more than anything else. Basically is that our reality does not necessarily have to be reality at all. With just our minds we can unintentionally bury many memories so deep we do not remember them, this happens from trauma most of the time. So going off of this, we can apply this situation to many of our traumatized heroes. A prime Example on the hero side for creating Synthetic happiness would be Bruce Wayne. He is constantly driven by it, I would argue it is the reason he lives. The reason I believe this is because when Bruce Wayne’s parents were first killed if you had asked him “DO you want your parents back, or the opportunity to become Gotham’s greatest hero?” I think we all know that at that moment in time Bruce would have chose option number one, his parents back. However, I believe if we asked now, after his brain has had the time to alter him memories and create synthetic happiness in order for him to cope with their death, and believe that is better that they died, for if they had not he would never had the drive or the opportunity to become Batman.


We Humans need and rely on this substitute happiness to get through life, this happiness is not bad just not authentic, but if it has the same affect on our mind is it not equal to what we believe to be authentic happiness? 


Human Hypocrisy Looks do Matter: Question?

As a child everyone is constantly told to not judge a book by its cover, however, if a man in a white tank top, ponytail, jeans, and boots (no offense if you dress like this I am merely presenting a stereotype not trying to represent a group as whole through an individual...)  walks in are you not taught that you should not go talk to a person such as this? We are told not to judge by what is on the outside, but at the same time we are. It is like humans try to push these utopian ideals upon us when, we live in a dis-topian world. I have also come to terms with the fact that as long as humans have sight, they are going to judge.  I do not think we can physically help it. Judging someone does not always have to be a negative thing, such as I often look at someone and think they are really cute or attractive, or look like a nice person. The problem is what makes us decide that this person looks nice or this person looks like trouble? What do we associate the word trouble with? What physical characteristics make someone look like trouble? What makes someone look nice? How accurate are these judgements? I honestly used to would have argued that often these judgements tare not rue, but I walk the line often and have seen the truth of both sides. This is not really a blog where I present a bunch of my own ideas more so where I see what others think.....I am really curious....Just to through out some stereotypes and see what everyone thinks, prep, jock, hipster, scene kid, redneck, and  nerd umm...and so on list any stereotype you want and what you believe to be true and false ...Depending on how much feedback I get I may right a follow up answer blog, about my own opinion as well as popular ones. Please ReplY! Not super deep, but I promise my follow up will be if I get enough FEEDBACK!



Stereotypes in Comic Books: Double Standards of Women

I have been planning to write this for a while so this morning when I saw someone else had brought the topic up it was the last bit of inspiration I needed to begin to write this.  
I will start by using another very well known form of media as an introduction to this, Paradise Lost. I am aware thatI have brought Paradise Lost up many times in my blogging, but it is extremely relevant, and it sets the standards or more so expresses the standards that society has set better than anything else I have ever seen. Within Paradise Lost Eve is very beautiful, and in the end Eve uses these feminine charms to get Adam to eat the fruit of knowledge. When I say feminine charms I am not referring to this in a sexual way at all, remember this is before Adam has ate the fruit of knowledge. I am referring to this in the most innocent way possible, for example do you think that Batman helps Batgirl out when she was younger because he expected something sexual from her in return, I most also say that I believe that Batman was easier on Barbara than he was Dick, however, this could be taken as opinionated, I will look for supporting evidence later. The point is, is that here when Adam finally eats the apple (might I mention Eve almost did not give Adam the apple for she knew this would leave them equal again, Eve was manipulative and mainly did this to share the blame) is when they are no longer even when God, lets Adam off easier and lets him rule over Eve. In other words keep her on a short lease she obviously can not take care of herself. Not to mention Eve was punished not only by being inferior to Adam, but also in the way she must now bear children.  
Everyone at this point is most likely thinking great, and this is comic book related how? I am getting their do not worry the relationship is about to become clear. You see all the stereotypes I just presented? Inferior, manipulative, and can not take care of themselves. Not only this, but if we also and are modern societal standards to the equation such as, women should not stay out to late, girls should not pick fights, and even how girls should look. All of this is present to an extreme level. I will offer an example for each. First off I will handle the inferior and can not take care of themselves stereotype. How many damsels in distress do we see in each issue of any comic book? I can not even name how many times I have seen Batman and punch some guy in the face for attacking some young girl. How often have I also had the advice in comic books more in the older than the modern...but something along the lines of "You should not be out, it is dangerous." How often do you here are superheroes saying this to a guy? I mean if Batman rescued some lets say forty year old man, and told him this we would think this to be incredibly awkward. Why because as a society this is an idea we are not used to seeing, a man getting in trouble from being out to late. Add in the forty year old man was about to be raped from being out to late and we would have our minds blown. Why though? I am sure this happens to guys and it is just as awful, do we just not address it because men are supposed to be strong and not worry about these things, and it would be demeaning and embarrassing to the man. Why is this not true for women? Moving on.... 
The manipulative stereotype, the first person that immediately comes to mind is of course Catwoman. She is the manipulative woman that could probably relate to Eve the most when she convinces Adam to eat the fruit. Women are manipulative and get into trouble for their curiosity if a man is not by their side to tell them not to do something. Here I will bring up Batman and Catwoman's relationship. Often Catwoman tries to avoid the Bat so she can do as she pleases, and often tricks Batman to do this. Of course Batman always comes back to her almost ashamed of her actions and tries to show her what was wrong with her actions. I personally liked Catwoman before Batman influenced her to go good. In the end Catwoman ended up just being another stereotype of woman needing a man around. Harley Quinn could also fit in the category of always needing a ma around to keep her out of  (more like into) trouble to an extreme level.  One question before I end this, why does Batman not find it necessary to try and help many or his male adversaries like this? 
I will make the last one more so quick. Physical appearance, comic books hit up every stereotype of how a beautiful girl should look. I am not saying it is awful that they look like this, for one I watch anime so in comparison comic book girls look like kindergarteners. Just that does every main character in comic book have to boobs bigger than their head, and lips as big as the bottom half of their face? The first comic girl that comes to mind when I think of most of the Physically attractive stereotypes would be Zatanna. Zatanna is gorgeous in every manner and looks perfect, but I can hardly think of any main character comic book character that does not look gorgeous. On the other hand I can think of quite a few male comic book characters that lack the sex appeal that most of the girls have. Off the top of my head Joker (except to me ^.^'), Killer Croc, Red Tornado. Especially in the Villains department most male villains are ugly. While most female villains I might argue are even sexed up, because they take on the bad girl stereotype. The costumes in general in comic books also play up all of the girls female qualities. While sure the mens are skin type, but I do not see this expressed as much, all I am going to say is what if Batman walked out in an outfit like Zatanna's it would look really weird, however, if Zatanna walked out in something  similar  to Batman she would just look like Batgirl. Once again the double standards present. 
Overall just some obscure ideas and food for thought as always...I love feedback so let me know =) I might edit this I try and offer more example and explanations for I am feeling lazy right now. Oh also my grammar is probably poor because I have not even taken a second look at what I wrote.... Sorry If I ranted or repeated concepts to much also. 
Love you All, 


My Cast for Gotham City Sirens

Another Blog lacking any depth, I personally am just taking a break and had some ideas. As the title says these were just the girls I feel could best represent the cast for Gotham City Sirens, I chose pictures where the most look like the characters.  This was also inspired by the fact I can not stand the fact that Anne Hatheway is going to be Catwoman!
Harley Quinn - Emily Browning 

Posion Ivy - Amy Adams  

Catwoman- Olivia Wilde  

These are just my personal picks. Would love to hear what everyone thinks. ^.^'  
Love you All,  

Random thoughts on SuckerPunch

Going into see SuckerPunch last night I was extremely ecstatic and overwhelmed, I had thought of the movie as almost being a cross between Rule of Rose, and Alice and Wonderland, meets an insane asylum. My expectations was not far off, the movie was full of symbolism and wonder, I think most of the cause for the bad reviews, is because the reviewers seem to be to ignorant themselves to even be able to comprehend the message SuckerPunch offered. My topic however was not intended to enlighten you on the ignorance our society seems to suffer from, but  show some of why the artistic vision of SuckerPunch, was at least to me almost magical. The movie starts out with an extremely well thought out opening offering us both a disconnected since from the main character, as well as a perfect song choice, which I think the lyrics on the surface may seem to fit the movie perfectly, but I dare anyone to go annotate this song in depth, and really see how well it matches up.  Getting back on topic the opening the disconnected feeling from our female hero here is offered to place the movie in a more storybook format, also the disconnection could be used to help emphasize the intended dream like state through out the whole movie. This is where I believe the movie begins to lose people is when BabyDoll's dream turns into yet another dream. This is not like inception at all. To add I have know idea why anyone thought Inception was original. It offered less mind screw than 99% of the anime I have watched, SuckerPunch on the other hand offered plenty of things to entertain the mind and allow to think and even take it down to a more psychological level, of what all the possible and symbolic meanings of BabyDoll's dream could be. In her first dream BabyDoll is I guess a form of Stripper, this is a very I think by most standards a demeaning job to have, while her dream within this dream, is where she is in a position of power. Both of these circumstances are imagined by her, own by which she serves, and where she herself is in control. Just that can offer us so much insight into BabyDoll's inner conflict and struggle. Not to mention the circumstances which BabyDoll goes into the asylum under. It may seemed stereotyped, but the way the ideas are presented are not. Rather than relying on hefty dialogue, the movie revolves mainly around the symbolism through the actions of the characters. I am not referring to the symbolic meaning, however of the five key items, while I think they were essential to the story I do not think their symbolic meaning was as essential, as many of the others. I thought another amazing thing about SuckerPunch, was how they made BabyDoll, turn into almost three different characters allowing her to complete at least three different heroes journey charts. The crossing from the known to the unknown was constant as well as the characters call to action, it was always different, as I said you could almost divide into three completely different people. Sorry this is more of a rant than anything else.....So how did everyone else like the movie? any insights....MY ONLY COMPLAINT WOULD BE THE PG-13 RATING IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN R AND THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE EDITED IT I BELIEVE THIS WOULD HAVE ADDED MORE CHARACTER COMPLEXITY AND EXPLAIN A LOT MORE! I will just buy the unrated blu-ray though...>.> sorry for the rant...and perhaps throughly annotate my thoughts rather than just throwing them around like this...and actually explain what I mean...


The Id, Ego, and the Superego of Gotham

The Id, ego, and superego diagram was first created by a psychiatrist named Freud. It was a theory about what people's personalities were composed of. The Id: the most basic form of human instinct, on thinking about oneself, and pleasure. Ego: Defined by the in between of the Id and the Superego, the ego both focuses around one selfish desires, but is also aware of when their actions are incorrect. Superego: when it is impossible to do anything selfish, you are constantly looking and making the best decisions for others. For a list of quick character examples, the best and most basic example I could find, The Cat and the Hat. Within this story their are three perfect examples of all three. The first the Id, the Cat, all the Cat is trying to do his have fun and he does not care who he hurts or what he has to do to have it. The Ego, the narrator and his sister, Through out the whole story they are battling if it is wrong or right to have fun with the Cat as he destroys their house, Last is the Fish, who is the Superego of the story, constantly trying to tell the kids that what they are doing is neither best for them or for their mother. Now relating this concept back to Gotham. 
I propose that in order to have a well a balanced book that all three of these characters most be present. Within Gotham City this is done almost as well, and almost as obvious as the Cat and the Hat. The Id: The Joker constantly trying to create his fun and hurts whoever is near in order to please his twisted since of humor. The Ego: Catwoman, through out all history in Gotham Catwoman has always balanced walking the line between good and evil. She constantly has an inner fight with herself as to why she does things that she knows to be wrong, like stealing and hurting those closest to her, but she is still aware that it is wrong. Last once again I am sure everyone saw this one coming but, The Superego: Batman, he for the most part has a no kill policy, and will save anyone he sees to be in danger regardless of circumstances, a perfect superego. Just another Idea that I am aware that the writer probably did this unintentionally, but does that not make it even more interesting how are minds want to constantly see how these three different forms of characters act together? I have not looked for other examples, but I do plan on it. I just found this interesting when I noticed how easy it was to place these characters to the diagram. 


Defining Desperation Part 1

Desperation is triggered when a human being feels as if they have no other options or escape. This feeling is expressed in more than just humans, but in animals as well. Desperation is what often leads animals to resort to cannibalism, the same goes for humans. I referenced the concept of desperation in my previous blog, that was all about the concept of Obsession. Desperation, however, unlike Obsession, can not be defined so easily, it is the rawest, but also the most complex sensation a human can have. For example I am sure anyone reading this can think back to a time in their life where they felt as if their was no other option, but to make the morally incorrect choice. In a manner this is what most often desperation is, making what we believe as humans who have created moral standards to be the wrong decision. Desperation is something comic book heroes and villains are constantly running into. I can not think of any comic book where someone has not been on the edge of death, when this occurs desperation kicks in, this desperation leads to the most basic instinct of all, fight or flight. Often what makes are heroes is just that, when desperation kicks in rather than deciding to flee, they decide to stand and fight and perhaps even save that innocent bystander. On the other side normally as soon as the villain in cornered or put into a bad position they immediately choose flight. I am not saying that anyone who chooses to fight is good, and a person who chooses flight is bad, just that desperation triggers are most basic and needy instincts, that is truly the most defining thing about a person. Desperation leads us to do horrible things, that as I said, by our modern moral standards are atrocious and unforgivable. However, can we really define the basic human desire to survive during a Desperate Situation as evil? this is just an introduction for part 2 where I will have more concise and correct thought.


The Concept of Obsession as a Medical Diagnosis Part 1

While I knew Obsession could be considered a medical illness, I was unaware of how common a diagnostic it was within our society. Often I had categorized Obsession in my mind as a very broad and general statement and that the exact cause of the Obsession would lead to the true diagnostic. However, this is not the case most of the time, regardless of the driving force behind the obsession, the affects on the human being are exactly the same, this makes obsession a very common, but still very legitimate statement. For example Bruce Wayne, has an obsession with the death of his parents and bringing down the villains of Gotham City, and will do anything to complete this goal. Harley Quinn is obsessed with the Joker, and she will do anything in order to aid the Joker. In other words obsession can be used as a term to describe the basic human emotion of desperation and helplessness. The thing that truly drives Batman to become what he is, is that he felt helpless to his situation. The same goes for Harley, while desperation relies more on fulfilling her mad love for the Joker, it is still the same mind set as no matter how crazy it may seem, or how stupid it is I will change my outcome. In the real world and not the world of where Super Heroes roam, Obsession is not much different. While the cases may not seem as out there, in our world, many of them are. Most Wars beginnings in our world can be traced back to human's feeling desperate and cornered and becoming obsessed with the idea of victory, and to try and fend off this feeling of helplessness. Nationalism, was one of the main causes of World War I, I myself have often associated the ideas and concepts of nationalism with a false sense of pride, that is caused by this desperation to not feel insignificant, and to make others feel beneath you. The obsession that is brought about by an inferiority complex  is quite incredible. This very well may be, just as in our world, a leading cause of villains in comic books. I can easily trace Selina Kyle's beginnings back to her developing and inferiority complex, and wishing to feel superior to those around her. This obsession with becoming better than or dominate over everyone, most likely led to her kleptomania. Often kleptomania is brought about by the idea of wanting to make those that you personally idealize as greater than yourself, and by taking from them making them become lower than yourself. The terms desperation, and obsession will be a reoccurring theme in my Arkham posts, so this is kind of a tester to get feed back on inconsistent ideas tell me what you think =) This is only basic ideas not fully thought out please feel free to criticize 


Introduction For Upcoming Blogs: All about Arkham

My very favorite location in comic books is Gotham City. I love the heroes and I love the villains. Everyone one of the Characters is dark and complex. I am as, as you can assume by my page and my icon, I am a Big Harley Quinn fan. I love Harley and many of the other people how have been dubbed insane that reside within Arkham Asylum. I referenced earlier that each and everyone of these characters have extremely complex back stories and reasons for insanity, not just they are crazy. Each of these characters also have extreme forms of trauma which have grown into many mental disorders. Why the doctors at the Asylum have never given us their exact diagnosis, only told us if their condition has improved or degraded, I have made it my own personal goal to figure out what disorders the residents of Arkham have. I will go about this in many different ways referencing all back story. I also hope to offer symbolic insight into both these psychotic villains lives, as well as clothing choice. I will be addressing the characters as my patients, and as different case. One of my main references will be the DSM website as well as my AP Psychology book. SO any inconsistencies or if you believe a diagnosis to be incorrect please due inform me. This is just some background information as well as my plans to offer insight into my upcoming blogs. My first patient shall be Doctor Harleen Quinzel's decent into madness. I hope to have this up by the weekend.

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