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you might want to add a spoiler alert.

Good idea.

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I don't know if I should see this movie or not. Lol. I guess I might give it a try after I finish watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

And can someone tell me if this is better than Transformers 4 because I don't know which one I should watch.

Depends on what you believe qualifies as better. If you are referring to in terms of how much emotion you feel, Ninja Turtles hands down, because of what Hulk explained above. Hulk never felt that emotion in Transformers, except for Ratchet getting slaughtered.

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Hehe. I'm a bit skeptical too about this but I think I'll watch it. xD I haven't seen any SpongeBob movies since the very original. Not gonna lie, I think the CGI looks a bit weird, but I did laugh a bit while watching the trailer.

Who is Hulk's favorite SpongeBob character? =O

Easy. Mr Krabs.

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Great film, my only problem was Ronan and Gamora.

What was wrong with Gamora?

@thehulk: Seth Green voiced Howard the Duck, so maybe. The film was pure entertainment.

Hulk would actually be interested in a new Howard the Duck movie. Considering Marvel's amazing track record so far, they could potentially put out a Howard the Duck movie actually worth watching.

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@wildvine said:

There was that one episode where Sandy dared them to go up on land and they felt no ill effects. Mr Krabs also went in Sadny's tree dome once and didn't need a water helmet. Not saying it doesn't contradict the rules of the show, but there have been inconsistent exceptions.

That's true, Hulk suppose. Hulk don't really like to nitpick all that much about cartoons usually because...well, they're cartoons.

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Deadpool, perhaps? He's kind of violent.

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@jack_ said:

Spoilers ahead.

I only have a few problems with the movie. The first is that Ronan was an incredibly boring character. He have any real backstory or motivation or anything, just that he really hates Xandar. The second is that the comedy seemed REALLY forced at the end, what with Quill doing his little dance to distract Ronan. It was out of place for this movie, even though it was meant to be lighthearted. It didn't come off as funny, just silly.

Other than these things? The movie was fantastic. Everything else, from the humor to the action to the characterization, was captured extremely well. It felt like watching a comic book. 10/10 would watch again.

Excellent review, Hulk!

Hulk can agree with that. Hulk once in a while forgot Ronan's name.

Also, Hulk can't believe Hulk didn't stay during the credits, because Hulk heard Howard the Duck made a cameo. Could that be a possible hint at a new Howard the Duck movie?

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This is stupid.

That's really all I can say about it.

Hulk couldn't agree more. Considering the fact that are are so few humans, how is this going to work?

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I haven't read the book yet.

You're missing out then. It's pretty good.