Hulk Rants: The Starving Games (Hunger Games Parody)

Today, Hulk Rants about The Starving Games, which is a Hunger Games Parody coming on November 8th..

This is going to suck. Whatever happened to the days when parodies were actually funny? Hulk looked at a small glimpse of the trailer, and Hulk thought, "Hmm. Maybe they could finally make a good parody. As long as it's not made by Friedberg and Seltzer. But, Hulk checked online, and it was made by them. So, yeah, this parody is screwed.

It makes Hulk wonder, whatever happened to the days when these things were actually funny? Hulk would be all for a parody, as long as it makes you laugh. Why is it so hard nowadays? Hulk don't understand it. The Hunger Games have so much stuff you can make fun of, Hulk believe, yet these 2 are going to not take advantage of that and relish in things that are currently popular. It's going to stink. In case you're even MILDLY interested in seeing this, whether it be genuine anticipation or want to see how bad it can be, check out a trailer: Hulk think that Freidberg and Seltzer should just retire already. Seriously.

Now, Hulk want to hear from you!

If you were to make a parody movie, what film would you parody?

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Posted by jwalser3

Holy shit, that looks so god damn bad. When I saw "From the makers that brought you Meet the Spartans and Vampires suck." I already knew it'd suck

Posted by MonsterStomp

Whatever happened to the days when parodies were actually funny?

Pfft.. You're kidding right?

Posted by God_Spawn

That looks God awful.

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Parodies are rarely funny.

Posted by TheHulk
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Posted by mrdecepticonleader

@thehulk said:

@mrdecepticonleader said:

Parodies are rarely funny.

That's the thing. Why is that?

Probably because they are simply just making fun of something. Usually they fail to come with something original. Regarding parodies.

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

The main problem is that they dont do Scary Movie 1 logic, where even when it takes things from several movies, it decide to go only with one as the main parody, now is mixing all i can and i dont care if it make sense or not.

Superhero movie with Drake Bell got better reviews, even many people were amazed it wasnt as terrible as the other movies, the main reason, even when it made fun of all the superhero movies at the time, it decide to make fun of the Spiderman movies and show how chessy and dumb they actually were, besides the fact the costume of Drake and several aspect show they cared to make the damn movie.

Sure the jokes were bad, the humor was dumb, but the production values, the acting, the plot and the cast show they cared.

They design the hero and made the costume the better they could.