Hulk Rants; Animal Farm Movie in the works by Andy Serkis!

Andy Serkis is reported to be working on a new adaptation of the classic George Orwell book, "Animal Farm."

The classic allegory for communism featuring talking animals will be directed by Serkis himself and the animals are going to be entirely performance-capture. Interesting. The film is supposed to start filming sometime this year and is going to be a...contemporary update and satirize modern political stuff.

Hulk am not totally sure about this. While Hulk am interested in seeing how this turns out, Hulk don't see how motion-capture will work for animals that walk on four legs and have non-humanoid faces, like pigs, horses, ducks, and stuff. Hulk don't know that will work. But, hey, considering the fact that movie tech has come so far, Hulk will believe anything.

Also, Hulk's biggest concern is what the audience, as in the average commoner, will do when they go to see the movie and see the trailers. Because this material, while it does feature pigs walking on 2 legs and wearing clothes and features talking animals establishing a country and other silly things like that, it is NOT intended for kids. Hulk am worried that the only thing people who see this are going to take away from it is, "Oh, there's talking animals in it." Hulk am worried modern audiences won't understand that it is intended as an allegory for Stalin's reign in Russia and that they'll take their kids...and the kids will get nightmares. Because the book and both film adaptations, one animated from 1954, and one live-action with real animals in 1999, contain somewhat disturbing imagery.

"A pig being a tyrant and killing everyone! Bring the kids!"

Maybe Hulk am just over-analyzing a little. Hulk am sure it could be good. It's supposed to be released some time in 2016.


What do you think about this? Will you see Andy Serkis' Animal Farm? Have you read the book?


Hulk's Thoughts: Coca-Cola to develop "more nutirious" cola? Interesting.

Welcome to Hulk's thoughts. Me am the Incredible Hulk. Hulk just recovered from a little stomach bug (hey, just because Hulk am super-strong and impervious to injury doesn't mean Hulk can't get sick). But, anyways.

News reports are saying Coca-Cola is planning to release a cola that is supposed to be better for you due to the fact that it uses more natural ingredients. The product is called Coca-Cola Life.

They hope that it'll cause a renassiance in soda sales because of people trying to be healthier, and drinking less soda, therefore earning them less profit. Coca-Cola life is reported to use "stevia". Hulk don't really know much about it, but Hulk know it either comes from a plant or is a plant.

Hulk don't know if it'll actually work, but Hulk am interested in seeing the idea of a "healthier" soda and seeing how it does in its promise and sales. Hulk see potential in it. Hulk know that it's actually already out in Argentina and is selling pretty well. If it ever gets released in the States, how it does here will be a mystery at the moment.


What do you think of this idea Coke has? Do you think it'll work? Do you think it'll fail?


Hulk Rants: We need a Rampage reboot!

Hulk am thinking. You noticed lately that Rayman has actually had quite a resurrection lately? Hulk played one of his most recent games, Rayman Origins, and it's actually pretty good. Hulk think that with Rayman getting a comeback, Hulk want to see another franchise get a big-budget, AAA comeback game. Rampage.

Hulk consider Rampage and its sequel Rampage World Tour to be 2 members of Hulk's list of all-time favorite video games, Hulk would love to see Rampage make a Renaissance of their own. The last game they had was a game in 2006 called Rampage: Total Destruction, which was fun, but repetitive. Hulk know some of you people are wondering, "Why reboot Rampage? What more could you do with it?"

A lot actually.

Hulk have this great idea for a Rampage game where it's a 3D open-world destruction game. You get to choose 3 monsters, obviously, George the Gorilla, Lizzie the Lizard, and Ralph the Werewolf, each with his/her own unique attacks. Lizzie can breathe fire, George can do some of kind of sonic roar, and Ralph can jump great heights. And you can free-roam across 3 different open-world cities and do challenges and missions and stuff, all the while causing mass destruction to everything. It would be fun. There could also be an interesting storyline where maybe say ScumLabs is trying to do experiments on humans to try to turn them into monsters as well to rule the planet and the 3 main monsters have to stop them. It could be a fun city crushing, building-smashing game for next-gen consoles.

Hulk would love to see a big-budget, AAA reboot of Rampage on par with say The Last of Us in terms of quality and hype levels.


Do you think Rampage deserves a reboot? Do you like Hulk's concept for a reboot?


HULK RANTS: Why are kids not interested in Hulk?

Always this. Yet nothing for Hulk.

Hulk am really upset about what Hulk am going to rant on today. So, apparently, Hulk have been noticing something that's a bit of a trend. Hulk kind of noticed that not many kids put Hulk at the top of their list of favorite superheroes. How do Hulk get this feeling? Well, sometimes Hulk will go out to maybe get a video game or something (trust Hulk, it's annoying when people crowd around you when you are trying to shop), and Hulk went to the toy aisle and Hulk saw nothing but Ultimate Spiderman stuff. Ultimate Spiderman toys, stickers, gadgetry, balloons, all that stuff. But, yet, nothing for Hulk and the Agents of SMASH! What's up with that? Why don't kids care for Hulk? Hulk am a cool guy? Hulk can be just as kid-friendly as Spiderman can. Hulk don't know why Hulk never see Hulk toys all over the place. Sure, there in a very tiny section somewhere, but they are vastly overshadowed by Ultimate Spiderman stuff. Hulk don't know why kids always flock to see Spiderman, but never Hulk. Hulk am one of the most friendly people towards kids you could meet.

What do you think? Do you think Hulk and the Agents of SMASH deserve more toys than Ultimate Spiderman? Why do you think kids don't care about Hulk as much as Spider-Man? Or do you think it's fine the way it is? Be honest.


What do you like better? Ultimate Spiderman or Hulk and the Agents of Smash?


Hulk Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Welcome to Hulk Reviews. Some time ago, Hulk saw Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Here's Hulk's opinion. Hulk am honestly surprised all these critics are calling it the worst of all the Transformers movies. Hulk honestly really disagree with that. Hulk actually thought it was the best one of all them. Hulk really enjoyed it. Hulk know people are all like, "Really? You thought it was the best one?" Yes. Hulk think that. Prior to this, Hulk thought of the Transformers movies this way. Until now, the first one was the best one. And the second one was a complete pile of crap. The third one was better than the second one, a step back in the right direction, in Hulk's opinion. And now, Transformers: Age of Extinction, in Hulk's opinion, returns the live-action franchise to its original glory. Here are the reasons Hulk think this:

The robots have more focus.

People always complained that the TF movies focus too much on humans and not enough of robots. Well, Hulk feel like Transformers 4 finally has a decent balance with humans and robots. Optimus Prime gets a new look, he has a new crew and he faces 2 new villains are actually really cool: Lockdown, who is actually one of the best villains of the franchise, though admittedly, Hulk at times didn't get what his motivation was. And Galvatron, who is a reborn Megatron, and boy is he cool. Galvatron brings Megatron back to the badass he used to be in the first movie and somewhat the 2nd film, too.

No more raunchy humor.

The raunchy toilet humor that has been plaguing the franchise for 3 movies, that's all gone. It takes a bit more serious tone which Hulk was happy with. Hulk was glad that Michael Bay listened to people and decided, "The raunchy humor has to go." And the humor that is there is actually OK. Like at the very beginning where some guys are taking a tour of a movie history hall or something and someone was like, "This is where all the great movies. Nowadays, it's sequels, reboots, remakes." Hulk like that there was some self-awareness in that line.

The performances are better.

Hulk happy they canned Shia LaJerk and actually got a somewhat decent actor like Mark Walhberg. He does a great performance for what he has. Plus, they got John Goodman to play the fat robot, Hound. Anything John Goodman plays is good. Because he is a good man. And Ken Watnabe from Godzilla is also in this movie as a samurai robot. He does a decent job as well.

The Dinobots.

'Nuff said.

Actually Hulk could say a little bit. WOW! Thank you Michael Bay for treating the Dinobots with some form of respect. They were awesome in this movie. As soon as Grimlock transforms into T-Rex, Hulk was like, "YEAH! That's what Hulk talking about!" Hulk loved the Dinobots in this. They got Grimlock of course, Slag which is the Triceratops Hulk think and Sludge which Hulk think is the Apatosaurus, and they have a Spinosaurus and Swoop, the Pterandon with 2 heads. Hulk am so happy they didn't do anything stupid with them, like say, put balls on Grimlock. Hulk glad they didn't do anything like that.

They MIGHT be hinting at Unicron and Primus

So, yeah, Hulk thought Transformers: Age of Extinction is easily the best of the franchise so far. Though there was one problem that Hulk think will be addressed in the inevitable fifth film. They keep referring to some beings called "The Creators" that Lockdown claims created Optimus Prime and some of the other Transformers. This makes Hulk wonder, "Who are the Creators? What are they talking about?" Then Hulk thought...

Could they be hinting at Unicron and Primus? If they are, then that's not a problem at all. Because Unicorn is the Transformer that EVERYONE's asking to see converted into the live-action universe. People are like "We want Unicron. Give us Unicron. Unicron for Transformers 5." If that is their intention, Hulk am all for that.

Other than that, Hulk thoroughly enjoyed Transformers: Age of Extinction.


What did you think of Transformers Age of Extinction? Also, if you could turn into any vehicle, what would you choose and why?


Hulk's Top 5: Japanese franchises that should get American reboots.

Welcome to Hulk's Top 5. Some time ago, Hulk talked about American franchises that should be remade by Japan.

Hulk actually have a sequel to that blog planned, but for now, Hulk am going to go the opposite route. Godzilla came out and Edge of Tomorrow came out, which was based on a Japanese manga. So, what other Japanese franchises should be made American? Let's find out.

5. Ultraman

Hulk have seen a few clips of Ultraman here and there. Most of the clips were of him fighting giant Kaiju. Well, Hulk thought, "Imagine how cool a big-budget interpretation of this would be?" Hulk think so. There was a rumor going around that there was going to be one with Will Smith playing Ultraman, but Hulk don't know what happened with that a few months later.

4. Mobile Suit Gundam

To tell you the truth, Hulk don't really know much about Gundam. Hulk know that it involves giant robots, but that's all Hulk know. But, it could have potential for a big-budget gripping storyline. You've seen some of the Call of Duty storylines. Imagine something like that, except with giant robots. Video-game wise, you'd get Titanfall. But, as a movie, you could get Gundam.

3. Attack on Titan

Hulk am not really the most hardcore fan of Attack on Titan. Hulk like it a bit, as Hulk have seen some clips here and there to do some research and stuff. Hulk wonder how American filmmakers would interpret and could they do justice to it. There actually is a live-action movie in the works in Japan, and it's supposed to be the most expensive Japanese film ever made.

2. Voltron

Now this would be an epic film. A story about 5 people who pilot robot lions that morph together to form on giant robot. Who wouldn't want to spend $10 to see that? A big-budget American adaptation of Voltron. The funny thing is, they actually were going to when Transformers came out. But, then something happened, Hulk don't know why it didn't. But, what are you going to do?

Finally, here we are. The one Japanese franchise Hulk want to see an American reboot of the most...


Yeah, Hulk would LOVE to see this. Hulk really like Gigantor, or Tetsujin 28 as he is called in Japan. Hulk think that if done well, it could be a huge box-office success. It could even tap into people's childhoods, where some kids may have wished they could have a giant robot. There could be a lot of action, fun and thrills. Hulk would love to see an American big-budget version of Gigantor.


What did you think of Hulk's list? Do you agree with some of the choices? Is there anything Hulk didn't add that you would?


Hulk Rants: Why no new Mario TV Show?

Word on the street is that another Sonic the Hedgehog animated series is coming to Cartoon Network soon (Hulk think it's Cartoon Network). It's called Sonic Boom. While Hulk will still watch it since Hulk am all for a little Sonic here and there, Hulk ask...what's wrong with Mario?

It's always Sonic, Sonic, Sonic when it comes to TV Shows. We never have a Super Mario Bros. animated series anymore. Why? The last one we had was the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which Hulk have quite a soft spot for.

Granted the show spun-off into different titles depending on which game was coming out. Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World both got adapted into shows, but we've had nothing since. What's up with that? Hulk think that would be great to see a new Mario show. Mario is still going strong, you know. He's been popular since 1985, so you could totally attract viewers with him. Hulk don't understand why they have to keep doing Sonic again when they should be doing Mario. It could be a fun adventure comedy with tons of adventure and likeable characters.

Also, this a funny thing Hulk have. Hulk actually like Mario's voice in Super Show a bit more than in the actual video game for some reason. Hulk don't know why. But Hulk do. So, yeah, Mario TV show. Make it happen.


Would you watch a new Super Mario Bros. Animated series?


Hulk Rants: Reality TV

Hulk don't really have too much to say on this one, so it's going to be pretty short. But Hulk have wanted to rant about this for so long. It has been a subject that has Hulk BOILING! What is this subject you ask? Well, Hulk am talking about the overrated trend that Hulk cannot understand: Reality TV.

Why does everyone like reality TV so much? Hulk think it's overrated trite trash. While there are a few minorities Hulk find interesting, such as Bridezillas, and maybe a prank TV show here and there, others are just straight up garbage. Hulk don't see what there is to like about them. Let Hulk give you an example. Hulk noticed Black Widow likes a certain TV show called Real Housewives (Hulk don't know which one, there's tons of them. New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Mars, etc.) Well, Hulk don't get what is so great about it. It sucks. Hard. All they do is argue, yell, cry, and scream all the time. That's not exciting. Is this supposed to be compelling? Well, it's not. It's just stupid.

Hulk have seen toasters that are more compelling than most reality TV shows out there. Overall, reality TV sucks (well, most of it anyway), period, at least in Hulk's opinion. Whether or not you like it is your business. If you do, fine. But, Hulk do not.


What is the worst reality TV series you've seen (if any)?


Hulk Reviews: Godzilla (2014) (SPOILER WARNING)

Today, Hulk am reviewing Godzilla (2014).

WARNING! If you have not seen the movie, turn back. This review contains a few spoilers.

Hulk can't believe how far we've come. As most of you know, this was easily Hulk's most anticipated film of the year. Hulk got to see in IMAX, the biggest screen in Hulk's area. How does it hold up?

Hulk thought it was amazing. Totally epic across the board. However, Hulk did have a few problems with it, but Hulk will praise the movie first.

First off, Godzilla looks absolutely amazing. He's never looked this good. Hulk was actually surprised that he turned out to be a good guy. Hulk knew he was going to fight the MUTOs, but Hulk thought he was going to be ultimately evil and crush cities like he usually does. But, no, he's actually the hero in this movie. Hulk thought that was a surprising twist. But think this was a good choice. Because if they made Godzilla smash cities and kill people like he usually does, nobody would root for him. So, good choice on their part.

Also, the MUTOs themselves. Hulk wasn't sure about them since they were entirely new. But, they won Hulk over. Hulk thought these creatures were certainly unique-looking. They look like a cross between the aliens from ID4 and the Cloverfield monster. They did look like creatures that could destroy the planet or at least the human race. Also, Hulk thought that some of the human drama was somewhat well done. Hulk had a few problems with it, which Hulk will get into in a minute.

Not to mention the action. Good lord, the action was epic. The fight scenes at the end made Hulk have this big stupid grin on Hulk's face. Hulk's inner fanboy was jumping with joy seeing Godzilla stomping around doing his thing. Hulk not going to say some of the stuff he does for those who have not seen, but Hulk will say it will blow you away.

Now Hulk will explain some of the problems Hulk had with the movie. The first and most obvious, Godzilla wasn't in the movie that much. Don't get Hulk wrong, the parts he was in were completely epic, but Hulk felt like there should've been more, since most of the time it focuses on the MUTOs and it feels like he's a side character in his own movie. When King Kong started out, the humans didn't go around searching for a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Even when Kong was not on-screen, the movie still focused on Kong. Hulk thought this should've done the same thing. Also, a thing that really annoyed Hulk was when during the MUTOs airport attack, Godzilla stomped in during an explosive chain reaction, and Hulk was like, "Yeah, let's fight." And they just cutaway and it's shown on a TV screen. Hulk was really annoyed at that scene. Because if you're going to build up a big fight like that, you better show it. And when the female MUTO attacked Las Vegas, Hulk wanted to see her go on a destructive rampage through the city. She did a tiny bit, but it went by too quickly, and the rest is shown on a TV. Hulk thought they should not have done that.

Also, Hulk thought most of the human characters, while some of the drama was well done, was not all that interesting. Hulk got confused at times during the plot, where Hulk was thinking, "Wait, what are you doing again and why?" Hulk thought the only human character that truly fascinated Hulk was Bryan Cranston. Now, Hulk didn't watch Breaking Bad (BLASPHEMY, Hulk know), but he won Hulk over. He made Hulk really feel for him. But, he dies too early in the movie. Hulk think since he was really compelling, HE should've been the main character, not Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Now, Hulk may have had a few problems with the movie, but in the end, Hulk loved the movie. Hulk thought it was still fun, and while Hulk still had those little problems, the movie more than made up for it with an epic-looking Godzilla, cool action that was shown and some astounding destruction.


RHINO RANTS: Not enough Rhino in Amazing Spiderman 2.

Hi. This is Rhino. I am currently using The Hulk's account to type in my problem I have with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Don't worry, I asked him permission. I don't know his password, since he told me to leave the room so he can log me in, so I only get one shot to get this rant I am about to go on right. Here goes:

Did you all see The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Course you did. It was a pretty good movie. Just one little problem, though. Not enough...Rhino. There wasn't a whole lot of Rhino in it. You know. I mean, seriously. Spider-man got screen time. Electro got screen time. The Green Goblin got screen time too. But me? No. I hardly get any screen time in this movie. That is total crap. I mean, I come in portrayed as a cool-looking mechanized suit and I only appear in the last 4 minutes of the film. Isn't that terrible? I deserve to be in a movie longer. I'M THE FREAKING RHINO FOR PETE'S SAKE! I have never been in a movie until now and I'm only in the last 4 minutes. Pure crap. Well, I hope the director Marc Webb makes up for this in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and makes me the main villain in THAT movie. Because justice needs to be done.

Now I want to hear from you!

Do you think I deserved to be in the movie longer? What do you think?