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How the hell is BTB winning? Must be those idiotic "Batman always win" votes. TMNT is best animated show today. And I do miss EMH.

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That's how Scarlet Witch should look like, minus the headgear, in Avengers: AOU

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@k4tzm4n said:

This gets a 4 and Wolverine gets a 3?

Pshhhh. I don't trust CV movie reviews anymore.

This. I stopped relying on CV's reviews the moment they started giving everything 5 stars.

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Booth SUCKS at drawing noses. Hideous!

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@k4tzm4n: I respect your review K4tz, and I do agree this movie is freaking leagues above Origins. However, I'd give it a 4/5 or a 7.5/10. It easily was far better than I expected and I hate Wolverine. But that's just my opinion xD

Sidenote: Did you catch the part that Jean says to Logan that she is all alone. My friend and I hear that and thought "Wait, isn't Cyclops dead and with you?" So does that mean that Cyke is alive and out there somewhere?

@goddamnironman said:

PG-13 Wolverine is bullshit!

I take it you didn't hear that Mangold has gone on record to saying there will be a Unrated Cut for the blu-ray release with extra footage, and it is supposed to be bloodier?

Um, you do know that Jean was part of Wolverine's imagination, right?

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@k4tzm4n said:

To the people commenting on the content of the review: you deserve a cookie. I don't care if you think my review is utter garbage and disagree on all points I've made, you're doing awesome work by talking about the movie and its pros/cons and not just how many stars it has.

To the people focused on scores: get over it. 3/5 = 6/10 = "okay," and I thought this movie was just okay. Want to know why? There's some words posted above which kind of explain that. And yes, I loved Man of Steel and believe it or not, that too had words explaining why. Just because you didn't means we won't see eye-to-eye on anything? Seems like an irrational conclusion to make, but you're free to think what you want, I suppose.

Additionally, if you're so focused on scores, you may want to know it currently has an average score of 6.3 on RT and a 59 on Metacritic. But... then again, this will probably go in one ear and out the other since I imagine the people who think scores mean everything are the same people who say "critics are stupid" when they disagree and "look at the scores it's getting!" when they agree.

All in all, just go see the movie and judge for yourself. If you love it, cool. If you hate it, cool. If you agree with me, cool. But no amount of QQ will change my score, will it?

But the AUDIENCE ratings on Metacritic is an 8 and an 81% on RT.

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This movie was actually better than IM3 and MOS. Great acting and action performances. Beautiful scenery. My only problems in the movie were bone claws and Viper in the third act.

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Better than iron man 3

Great Movie, really liked it

And better than MOS as well.

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Am I the only one disturbed that Sif actually dated Horse-face? This is worse than Wanda's relationship with Vision.

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@theheat said:

Who cares? Ant-Man is a nobody in the comics, and the general audience doesn't even know who he is and I doubt they are going to see his movie - especially since Bond 24 is opening on the same day.

Tony being the creator of Ultron, like he was in Heroes of Tomorrow, will be great. This could play on with how in IM3, the armors acted independently via Jarvis. Tony creates Ultron due to the fact he doesn't want to be the Armored Avenger anymore, but is forced to don the armor once again because Ultron has become self-aware and is on a mission of global annihilation. 2015's CBM of the year, folks!

i think alot of people care who read comics and have for decades sucks when you go see a superhero movie and they change the history just to appease the masses ...I think pym could be in the movie ...even if he created the ultron A.I with stark that would be good enough. Its just a cheap cop out to exclude him altogether and it waters down the whole essence of who ultron is... but seriously marvel could make Santa clause and papa smurf the villains and make a billion on this. I found it odd that loki was leading an alien army and physically attacking new york so boldly ( not his style at all) ( he's usually the devil on your shoulder manipulator type , enhancing people and sending them to fight his battles like when Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer and jailed criminal who becomes the Absorbing Man when he drinks a liquid which loki laced with rare Asgardian ingredients and sent him after thor or how he manipulated and re-powered the hood in siege and dark reign) but hey nobody complained. so i guess excluding pym from ultron's origin is acceptable now ...its a small thing that can have huge repercussions on marvel lore going forward. It just sets a bad precedent

Do you think the general audience will care? NOPE! I'm an avid comic book reader, and I don't care. I know many other comic book readers who agree with me. Not a single CBM has been 100% faithful to the comics, and you expect the MCU to start now with Ultron and Ant-Man?