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I just got back from seeing ASM 2, and I have to say, I f**king loved it. It's better than the first, and perfectly begins the process of building towards the SInister Six. I will miss Emma Stone as Gwen, but I thought they handled her death beautifully and still has that feel like the comic book. Just...damn....Sony is seriously doing Spidey justice. Humor was great, Garfield is proving he is worth of being Spider-Man, and I look forward to ASM 3.

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@xspectre28: Spurrier was being totally meta when he did it. He pretty much implies through Legion's mouth that this probably wouldn't last as it would only stick until another writer/editor says otherwise, and that the universe would keep on going in spite of this.

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Someone give me a Synopsis plz ! D:

Teen jean told scott that she liked him better then young scott and that "hes grown up to the man she always wanted him to be" and scott said something like "we can never..." also here is some pages from it

cool thx.

Yeah I called it. Scott/Jean in any form is over lol.

Don't see how you came to that conclusion. Scott is being smart by not doing anything, but what this does prove is that Jeen does have feeling for Scott and likes the man that he becomes which adds more context to Xorna and Scott come to think of it.

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his powers are broken. He has almost no control over them at all. the phoenix broke his powers. As did they break Magik's and Emma's (but not Colossus' or Namor's). They also damaged Magneto's powers (Cyclops-Phoenix did that tho)

Colossus's powers broke, bro. He had a suit to help him control his shifting to Metal form. Without it, he has no control and only part of his body was metal while the rest with normal skin.

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Cyclops and Emma's powers are still broken. Cyke has had trouble throughout Bendis's run with controlling the power of his Optic Blasts, and Emma can only project thoughts and use Diamond form. She had to use the Cuckoos as Telepathic assistants against Xorn Jean. She still can't read minds and use 90% of her Telepathy. Colossus had a suit that helped him control his change between metal and normal skin. Whether Kyle or Yost are gonna follow up on that is any one's guess. Magneto has only limited control now and Bunn is keeping it that way in his solo. Magik was shown in the limbo arc that she may have been pretending everything was fine when it wasn't, The phoenix messed with Limbo and began to affect other hell dimensions. She absorbed all of Limbo into herself, and has since sought out a Past Dr. Strange for magical instruction which could explain why she has looked in more control than the rest.

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Considering she has this bunch already:

  • Alyzr'n Summerset
  • Baby Phoenix
  • Bright Lady
  • Executioner
  • Marvel Girl
  • Mother Askani
  • Phoenix
  • Red Revenant
  • Starchild
  • White Warrior Princess
  • Ray

Does she really need any more?

(Isn't there someone in Marvel the other characters make a little fun of because of her immense amount of codenames she used?)

I know Emma made fun of Kitty's various codenames namely Shadowcat, Sprite and Ariel in Astonishing X-Men. Outside of that, I don't know.

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@ishkafel said:

Xavier reveals that he is Scott's real father...

Seriously though I wish Legion has some form of exposure in all this

i like consair as scott's father and xavier as a foster father. Also i think Legion is dead. I know in the will everything goes to jean grey. :)

I'm looking at it from a pure soap opera drama standpoint and Xavier being the "real" father would be terrible story-wise but the cheese factor is just too amusing to pass up. Plus we all know dead rarely means dead in comics anyways.

Legion died again???? when???

He retconned himself out of existence at the end of Legacy. Only Blindfold remembers him apparently.

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The last time DC/WB let another studio handle one of their game franchises, we got Arkham Origins that had so many glitches and bugs that it became unbearable. Just let Netherrealm Studios do this so we get a quality product, not a rushed and unpolished one.

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Nate Grey, Cable and Rachel may get retconned out of existence in the near future.

Doubt it. All of them have had roles in Major X-Events that would destroy years of Continuity and the Marvel Universe if altered. It would cause more problems than it would solve. Cable is likely getting an X-Force movie so Marvel will definitely try to cash in on that.