Where Am I?

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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning 100%
Haha! You're in school. Pretty people with awesome super powers with a dash of teen angst. You lucked out. Now get to class! Your next class is the Effect of the X-Gene on Microbiology 202. Good luck.
Hey, at least it's not Hell! Darkseid rules this place with an iron fist. There's explosions everywhere, slaves crying, and most importantly, no way out. Unless you want to sneak around and try to get into one of those Boom Tubes. Let's face it, you're screwed.
Duh duhduh duduh duh duh dududududuh. That's how you're supposed to sing the song. Welcome to Springfield, . There's so much stuff to do and see, but I'm sure you probably just hang out with Comic Book Guy and just talk about how everything is the worst thing ever.
I'm pretty sure that if you hear that stupid "In brightest day... In blackest night" b.s. anymore, you'll murder everyone on the planet. Luckily, you're in the center of the universe, so you have lots of traveling options.
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What obscure character am I?

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Moonraker 100%
You're Moonraker! Like the movie! You were a member of the oh so memorable Force Works! Well, you really didn't join, you forced your way in with your time control ability.
Son of Juggernaut? M2 Universe? Grunge music? Teen Angst? Yes to all of them please! You're alot like the old Spider-Man stories, replaced with a beefy guy. In fact, we're pretty sure all the old spidey scripts were changed slightly to become you're book. Enjoy a Soundgarden or Mud Honey album while you solve your "daddy issues!"
Face it Xi'an, you hit the jackpot! Bloodhawk! YES! Like the future? How about 2099? I hope you answered yes because you have no choice otherwise! You were a member of X-Men 2099 and kind of creepy looking. Luckily, the rest of your team wasn't a bunch of lookers either.
Oh, you're one of those "funny" ha-ha characters? Well at least the rest of us aren't ex-wrestlers turned superheroes with no originality in costume design... (Except for J2) You're D-Man. Why you still exist and G'Nort from the Green Lantern Corps doesn't is a question that will never be answered.
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Date a Superhero Chick Quiz

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Donna Troy 100%
Donna Troy has had many different lives. That could translate into lots of experience.
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.
Ms. Marvel
You like a take charge woman. As a former Air Force Major and super-powered woman, she'll show you a good time or give you your marching orders...with her fist.
Me-ow! Catwoman will scratch your itch. She's good with a whip and has recently become a MILF!
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What superhero am I?

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Moon Knight 100%
You are one bad mutha.' Unfortunately, you're a little crazy sometimes. Rich playboy, taxi cab driver, super hero, take your pick.
Black Panther
You are T'Challa, the Black Panther. You are da man. Smart and tough, you rule an entire nation. Oh, and you're married to Storm too. Not too shabby.
Face it bub, you're the best there is at what you do...that must mean you are THE quiz taker. Despite being covered in hair, you somehow are able to attract the ladies. Snikt!
Da na na na na...Batman. Where do you get those wonderful toys? You are the Dark Knight. Money, cool gadgets, little boys in tights...what more could you ask for?
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