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@thunderingthorfan: It's not ripping off, it's called throwing it back in your face. Jason Aaron has said numerous times he is playing the long game! That he has been setting this up since he first started his run with Thor god of thunder. How has he humiliated him? By having a woman wield mjolnir? By having him lose an arm? What is humiliating about that? Why are you all so easily forgetting the amazingness that is the first volume? So you're saying Aaron forced Hickman's artist to draw him being carried by vision or riding a quinjet? That sounds crazy, you know that right? You think creating an evil version of a hero is creative. I think you just killed your argument. Anyway I'm done with this conversation.

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@thunderingthorfan: Oh man, sorry. I didn't know you went into the future and knew what was going to happen. Silly me. Thor bumming a ride from vision and riding on the quinjet happened in books written by, oh wait, Jonathan Hickman, savior of Thor. Yeah, cause everything people say in interviews is gospel. Aaron is playing the long game and always has been. You're just assuming it's going to be utter trash based on ridiculous premises. He has a respect for the character that writers haven't shown in a long time. Yes, this is a different turn of events, but you can't make a rational decision without knowing the reasoning or the whole story. If in the end it turns out to be a bad story than whatever, I'll be out there too voicing my disdain, but if It turns out to be a good or great one, you can take all those issues with thor-whore and stuff it, dude.

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How has he just saved Thor? By undermining what Aaron is doing which is showing us a Thor without the hammer, and giving him opportunities to show us what he can do without it and gain dimensions as a character besides being just a hammer? Yeah he sure saved us. The only thing I see is him giving him his movie costume which is the dumbest thing ever. Good job, guys.

"It was as deep a betrayal as a comic book writer can commit" <- It's comments like this that make me dislike a large portion of comic readers. Why don't you all stop being insane zealots about a fictional character and let the story unfold before you condemn Aaron to hel.

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What if the first word isn't thor, but you're, and it reads "you're aldrif's killer"?

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How'd they just forget thor on the moon?

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I guess I don't know why this is even a question. Frigg is the most obvious person, especially considering she has already wielded stormbreaker which requires a worthy wielder as well. I think that's the biggest clue. And also why does this have to be a publicity stunt? Hasn't aaron done very well on the thor book so far? Why is everyone all of a sudden jumping ship on him?

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Not sure who should play T'challa, but keith david should play his father.

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Was I the only one that though Superman vs the elite was garbage? Here is this group of "heroes" who give superman a run for his money and then how does he defeat them when they turn evil? Oh I just bend my heat vision around his eyeball severing the brain tumor that gives him powers. Soooooo dumb.

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I hope thor has the uncovered arms look most of the movie.

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Hickman's current run is awesome.