Is Batman still the "Worlds Greatest Detective"?

We all know the title, Batman "World's Greatest Detective," but is still it true? Over last decade we have seen the creation and re-emergence of characters with nearly preternatural deductive reasoning, in Film and on Television. Shawn Spenser on Psyche, Patrick Jane on the Mentalist, Sherlock Holmes (both Downey in the Guy Richie movie and the Steven Moffet BBC version), and Cal Lightman on Lie to Me, detective's with nearly peerless powers of observation, characters who's ability to read people, interpret clues and extrapolate the correct answer borders clairvoyance. Batman has the best gear money can buy, but does he have the innate abilities these characters have? Frankly I don't think so. I know that solving mysterious isn't as visually as impressive as Batman throwing down with criminals, but come on DC, make Batman the Worlds Greatest Detective again. It's time to upgrade Batman's detective abilities to compete with this new crop of detectives.