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I'm not going to weigh in on if Marvel's continuous series of Events are working for the industry. Sales seem to indicate yes, while critical response is less convincing. Some Events play really well; for instance Infinity is intriguing and keeps me interested, while Age of Ultron was...regrettable at best. At least in my opinion.

But remember back in the diggity when Events actually tried to live up to the name? When huge crossovers were far less frequent and kept somewhat special because they only come along every few years? It could be the old man in me, but I yearn for those days. Of course, nostalgia is a lens free from imperfection, so my question is this:

Given how Events have played out lately, would you prefer to revert back to Events on a less frequent basis or do you think Marvel should stay the course? And if the latter, can Marvel continue to keep the Events fresh, compelling, and worth the price tag?

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In the wake of Marvel cancelling two of the books I am reading (Venom and Scarlet Spider), my tiny fanboy heart has broken somewhat. I know they weren't the bestest titles around, but I thought they were both spewing with so much on-going and potential goodness that they would both at least live to see the new year. Sadly, I was wrong.

I can understand (however much I disagree with) why they were cancelled. But given the propensity for Marvel to throw things on the chopping block as soon as they feel the book is tanking, I am making a ploy for another book I fear may be headed for cancellation.

X-Men: Legacy is one of my favorite books Marvel is publishing at the moment. Granted, the art does have a lot of room for improvement most months. BUT the writing and storytelling are fantastic, and it's easily one of the more entertaining X-books on the shelves right now. If nothing else, pick up an issue and treat yourself to Simon Spurrier's excellent scripts. I know Legion is a bit of a longshot for newcomers or long-term fans to latch on to, but trust me, Spurrier does an astounding job making you fall in love with the character.

I know I can't convince a lot of people to pick up an issue (or more), but I guarantee you this series is worth it. If nothing else, show Marvel that there is a demand for more books that play on the fringes of its universe. Maybe that way we can keep books like Runaways and Moon Knight and Heroes for Hire or even Venom alive in the future.

Yeah, the odds are stacked, but I figure I might as well make an honest go of plugging the series before its jersey gets retired.

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My favorite right now is Venom, since we're finally getting a really good anti-hero story with the character for once. But as far as quality goes, I honestly think that has to go to Avenging Spider-man/Superior Spider-man Team Up. Yost is kind of a boss.

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@fadetoblackbolt: I can definitely sympathize with a lot of this. I don't know if it's the laziest storytelling I've ever seen (check out What If ? AvX if you want a comparison for lowering the bar), but I can see where you're coming from. Especially when you consider the fact that we have stellar Venom and Scarlet Spider books that capitalize on the "darker" versions of Spidey. They're both anti-heroes and Kaine has proven he has no problems killing, AND he's more Peter than Dr. Spiderpus. So, from the angle of doing the same old thing, I can't really defend that.

That said, I'm kind of a sucker for redemption stories. Though, I have a feeling that this opportunity will be squandered given the track record of taking Spidey rogues and making them good guys, relatively speaking (Sandman, Venom, etc).

Honestly, what really got me going was seeing how a legit super-villain would tackle the hero-ing gig. Kind of like dot coms hiring hackers to run their security. And I love how Ock out-thought Smythe at every turn, even when he had to improvise. I'm really hoping the slippery-slope that Dr. Spiderpus is on will yield a rewarding, introspective story before Pete comes back. But my main concern with the story on its own objective merits, is the constant reminders of how he's "superior" or his perpetual arrogance. I understand that it's there to draw a contrast for later--whether that's Pete's return or Ock learning his version of the "great power, great responsibility" lesson--but for a book that's bi-monthly AND with the echoes found in SSM Team-Up/Avenging, I feel like we're getting hammered with the looming irony as opposed to letting us discover it organically.

Still dig the book, though.

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If it were Peter, I'd say he'd actually make a really great couple with Ms. Marvel. I think Carol's got enough buried insecurity to be a good fit for Pete.

Dr. Spiderpus? I'd lean towards Black Cat or a even Kitty Pryde. Her Ultimate relationship with Peter aside, I think that Kitty has a habit of leaning towards relatively unavailable men (Colossus, Pete Wisdom) and she's kind of a nerd in her own right, so hooking up with a cocky (albeit homicidal) nerd would sorta fit. But that may be a stretch.

Honestly, though, Maria Hill might make a fairly good match for Spiderpus, now that I think about it.

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Good question. Strange's history of handling entities augmenting his power has been spotty at best. Still, I think given the right amount of cajoling, he could convince the symbiote to work with him eventually. A true symbiotic relationship. However, the real problem would come with potential symbiote kiddies (though I'm not sure if the symbiote asexually reproduces again once it's done it the first time). If that happens, then you're dealing with magically infused symbiotes that are, like their cousins, not so awesome at valuing human life.

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Possibly, but even IF Dr Spiderpus bonds with Carnage--which I don't think Otto's ego will allow--he'd clearly notice the obvious drawback. That and it's safe to assume Otto knows who Carnage is and would simply destroy him outright.

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@bigtewell: Agreed. The Goblin King arc I kinda get taking as long as they have. At least when he pops back up with his new criminal-clout, it won't be laughably abrupt. But yeah, the pacing seems frantic, life they're trying to tell as much story as possible before Pete gets back.

Also, Slott and Yost both seem to be spamming the hell out of the word "Superior." We get it,Ock thinks he's better than Peter.

All in all though, I'm really digging this "villain wins" story. Excited to see the fallout from Dr Spiderpus

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Hello Viners. Thought I'd try something different about with this post.

I know some people aren't enjoying Superior, but I'm I'm on board at the moment. So, for those of you enjoying the series or at least reading it, what works, doesn't work about the book for you?

I'm not angling for a "Peter is the only REAL Spidey" thread. Feel free to speak your peace, but straight-up bashing is probably best reserved for other threads. Based solely on the merit of Superior Spider-man (or lack thereof), what's your take on the series given where we're at now?

Do you like it? Hate it? Dig the new costume? Oh, and Dr. Spiderpus is dating a midget.

All opinions welcome.

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Didn't Marvel try to go back on the whole Xorneto thing in the short-lived Excalibur series that started off with Magneto and Xavier?