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This book was insanity...I cannot believe what I just read. Pick it up. Don't even think twice about it.

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Nope. Not feeling this...

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Okay, now I want to get caught up on Star-Lord. Love both of these chaacters

It was a bit sudden but the grumps who are saying it was forced probably haven't been reading Legendary Star Lord, All-New X-Men and the Black Vortex, They are a cute couple, and Peter is really dedicated to changing his ways and making her happy. Black Vortex was a relationship event disguised as a cosmic crossover. Pretty smart move by Marvel to get you rooting for these two.

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I thought it was a pretty cute ending. Black Vortex as a whole was kind of disguised as a relationship crossover. At least the best parts of Black Vortex were about Kitty and Peter. I feel like they're going to be a good couple and there are a lot of cool stories to tell about them. I did feel the proposal was a bit sudden but both seem to be head over heels for each other so I think there's a good chance of it working out.

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Bobby Drake is in love with...older Bobby Drake! I am so done with the original X-Men now. Nothing interesting is happening with them. Also Bendis has made Jean a total bitch.

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Hey Corey, Mat, and Tony. It's The Fizz again. Just wondering can we jam sometime? How about right now? Let's jam!

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Oh yeah, Corey is still on thin ice.

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Honestly, I'm surprised it got a 3. What an amazing seven month "What If?" story by Brian Bendis. Bachalo's art is always very pleasant to look at though.

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MAT! This one issue is the definition of things just happening because the story dictates it. I kind of get that they wanted to create an atmosphere of confusion and quick talking between the characters. But it just ends up feeling like a scatter shot bunch of panels just strewn together. And how long are they going to string us along with what the vortex actually does to people and the negative effects of it besides like you stated, becoming incredibly possessive of the Black Vortex as a whole?

Okay so Peter finally wises up and sees the vortex as "evil" and Kitty totally blows up and starts to degrade him in front of everybody saying it's all his fault that they all used the Vortex out of their own free will. She was just a bit out of character and overly harsh towards him is all I'm saying.

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Gentlemen, First time, long-time. My question to you is if you could make a sequel (or remake) to any movie from the 80's, what would it be? Myself I'd have to make a sequel to the much maligned 1982 classic Megaforce. That or the Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beauty gem Ishtar. Also for the good of America please play the amazing and totally rad ending credits song by 707 called "Megaforce."

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Corey you are on thin ice my friend. THIN ICE!

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Great issue. Bendis has taken an overlong and frankly floundering arc and made one of his best issues in the series yet. The story is a 5. The art is a hard 5. I love me some Bachalo! The time travel element although I'm not crazy about it either, I don't think it quite takes the impact away from the issue. I know the current status quo is tenuous at best, but I hope we see more of the fallout in the coming issue. Bendis has me back on the edge of my proverbial seat after all I wanted, before this issue, was the arc to end.

If you were one of the people that was kind of "Meh" about the last page I totally can understand that point of view as well, but it worked for me.