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I didn't go, but I play to attend in the future. Cosplay is a no though. I'll be Peter Parker or something.

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I made a trivia question but accidently marked the wrong answer. (About breaking the 4th wall) 
I searched and found the only way to fix it is for a mod to delete it and I retype it. 
I'm just curious if any edit feature has been added since then and if not if a mod could please delete my question? 
Everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, is known for constantly breaking the 4th wall. But he's not the only one. Which of the follow characters is known for being a constant wall breaker? (Note: All characters have done it from time to time but go for the one who is sort of notorious for it.)

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Sounds interesting. I remember watching Static Shock as a kid and loved it when his blonde friend turned into Gear.