Weeklies: 10/26/2011

Green Lantern: New Guardians, The Flash, Superman, Voodoo, Teen Titans, Incredible Hulk, and Firestorm!

Green Lantern: New Guardians - With each turn of the page, I'm consumed by this astonishing story. The artwork is out of this world, the coloring is spectacular. I can't get enough. I want more of this story so much I am willing to give my roommate's dog, Kiena to DC for just a glimpse at the next issue. Each issue is a masterpiece. Let it be known Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) is a badass. He's so awesome, rings just want to be around him. Lanterns from all colors come to collect what was once their allies'. They now battle Kyle, as he attempts to tell them the rings came to him, not the other way around. A Blue Lantern emerges for support. Kyle and the Blue Lantern decide they need help, they seek out Ganthet on Oa. On arrival on Oa, The Guardians tell Kyle he needs to give up the rings that continue to surround him. Kyle turns to Ganthet for guidance but the other Guardians stripped him of his emotions. The rings are done circling the chosen Kyle Rayner and hop on his fingers. Dammit, I just want more. I hate you for making me wait a month.<haha>

The Flash - We learn in this issue that Barry Allen is not only super fast with his feet, but he also has a super fast mind as well. I have to say I liked issue one a bit more than I liked this issue, but it's still good. In this issue Barry tries to unravel the mystery of his old friend and why he was being cloned. While at the same time tries to get a sweet date with hottie Iris West. I'm new to the Flash's story but very interested. I am uncertain if Iris is Wally's mother, would that make Barry Wally's father? I guess I will have to wait and find out. :)

Superman - The star of it all. The second issue comes out swinging, very quietly. Superman tries to figure out where the Flame Monster from the previous issue came from. The monster did not speak a language that was foreign to anyone, the only thing Superman could make out in his message was Krypton. General Lane gives the Man of Steel a hard time and harasses Superman about his relationship with his daughter, Lois Lane. In the first issue we found out Clark and Lois aren't married. In fact, she's having late nights with a man (Johnathan Carroll) who owns The Daily Planet, except the new owner changed the name to Global something. I could care less, it's The Daily Planet to me, it always will be. Back to this issue....Superman is flying around Metropolis contemplating General Lane's words of how hell seems to always find Superman along with a heap the destruction that follows. When all of sudden Superman is attacked. But by what?!?! He can't see nor hear his attacker. As Superman gets thrown through buildings Jimmy Olsen films from afar helicopter. Everyone can see his attacker but him. Superman clashes through a zepplin, then into another building. Superman looks around to try and make sense of what's going on. He see's Jimmy's camera's viewpoint on a big monitor in the middle of Metropolis, it shows the beast launching towards Supes. Superman, is a quick thinker. He realizes he needs to use a different way to see the beast. He grabs the unknown creature and fly's into a camera and television store, where he has all the sight he needs. He wares the beast down and in it's last moments it spoke the same foreign language as the Flame Monster then said Krypton before it disappeared.

Voodoo - This sexual display of a comic has it's ways of catching my eye. Call it the little boy in me that wants more or call it the creeper who won't look away. Either way I continue to purchase this still very mysterious comic of sexuality and wonder. In the first issue we find out Voodoo is an alien here to gain knowledge from our military. She does this by being a stripper and being a telepath allows her to read the minds of the ignorant troops that come in with knowledge, just thinking they're getting a lap dance. Did I mention she is a shape shifter too? I think she may know John (The Martian Manhunter). After disposing of an agent that was after her, Voodoo takes his form and tricks his lady partner into bed and into her mind. After Voodoo gathers her secrets she escapes and lets the lady agent live. She takes refuge in an abandoned apartment. Nothing really happens after that excepts the lady agent and her people show up only for Voodoo to escape again.

New 52 Titans

Teen Titans - Wally West (Kid Flash) is trapped in some kind of holding cell with some guy named Danny in a few cells over. After a long night Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), but don't call her that, walk to Cassandra's place. Tim stays the night on the couch, but leaves quickly in the morning when he learns of a metahuman teen named Skitter is running a muck. He catches up with Skitter but is put out of play. Luckily Wonder Girl, shows up to save his ass. We notice a twinkle in his eye when he see's her, somebody's got a crush. All the while Kid Flash escapes his holding cell. He runs by Danny's cell but no one is near to be found.

Incredible Hulk V3 #1

Incredible Hulk - The much anticipated first issue has arrived, in hopes of bringing in new followers. Well, that scheme worked. I have always been a Hulk fan. I have read a few things like Planet Hulk but that's pretty much it. When I heard of them resetting back to one, I was ecstatic. The first issue we find out that the Hulk and Bruce Banner are separated. Not only that but the Hulk is inside near the Earth's core taking refugee with small creatures that the Hulk is happy to hunt food for. Like every Hulk story it always starts the same. Hulk is peaceful until someone comes around looking for him, whether for help or to fight him. When a woman in some kind of strange armor approaches the big green brute, she tells him the government needs his help. That Bruce Banner has gone mad. Then we leave the fiery depths of the Earth and zoom out to a jungle, very secluded. Two boars with the speech patterns that resemble Bizarro, I know it's not the same realm but you should know what I'm talking about. They bring in animals that they've captured to their master, Bruce Banner. For a guy who's always been I would say kind, he looked very psychotic. So I am very interested in where this story will take us. Give me more!

Firestorm - Looking at the first issue I was like hell yes explosions and race issues, what a seller. This one was alright. Not as many explosions and nothing really happened. I think I may just download this next issue and we will see if I am interested in buying it then. Not to much to say actually. <haha>

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I regret not picking up new guardians, Voodoo...Whoa!, and I didn't really care for Fury of Firestorm #1 so I haven't picked up #2. I might grab #2 next trip to the comic store.

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Kyle Rayner = Ring Pimp

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Kyle Rayner = Ring Pimp