The Death of Peter Parker, Spider-Man

The Death of Spider-Man. You know those stories that move you in almost every way. The kind that make you laugh, get excited, then when it's all said and done, all you can do is cry. This is one of those stories. The Death of Peter Parker was just plain sad, no other way around it. When I heard about the story originally, someone told me that he saved the world, then he was shot with no one to save him. This is somewhat accurate but not the full shabang of what all went down. I started by reading these in order Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates all 6 issues, Ultimate Comics Spiderman issues 153-160, Ultimate Fallout issues 1-3 (there are 6 issues total but I got sleepy). I intend on reading the remainder 3 issues when I get home.

First off, let's discuss Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates. At first I wasn't quite sure why I was reading this. I honestly thought I was wasting my time and that it had nothing to do with the story. Well, it does. It sets up the event as to what's going on in one of the most fatal moments. I'm not the biggest fan of the Avengers, but I enjoyed reading these and I learned some stuff about the characters. Ultimately this is story is kind of a behind the scenes look. It brings some stuff into perspective later on in the real story.

Ultimate Comics Spiderman, this is it. This is where the story gives you action and suspense. It starts off with Iron Man (Tony Stark) training the young Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Iron man explains to Spider-Man why he's having to go through training. There was a vote. Captain America did not think he was ready. During the training a Black Cat chick and Mysterio are fighting over an old artifact that has enormous power. When an energy signal is picked up by Jarvis. The two go to check it out, an odd duo to say the least. Quickly Iron man is thrown out of the game. Spider-Man with his Spidey-Sense, rapid fast movements and his rather funny short quips win the day. While this is going on, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy are fighting over Peter, as usual. That night Peter shows up to MJ's house to hang out and talk with her.

Later on, Peter gets a call from J. Jonah Jameson to come to meet him. Jameson knows that the identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker. When Peter gets to the Daily Bugle, he misses his old job and contemplates about if Jameson will out him. He's known for some time about his secret identity, so Peter doesn't think he will out him. Jameson tells Peter he is sorry and he wants to make things up to him. Jameson offers him a job and money to get him through college. Peter tries to deny his generosity but Jameson persists. Then he yells at him to get out of his office, typical Jameson. When Peter is leaving for home he comes across Kitty Pryde. Peter convinces her to come back with him to see his roomates and old pals of Kitty, Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Bobby (Iceman). When they arrive it turns out there was a surprise birthday party for Peter. Aunt May, Gwen, MJ, Bobby, and Johnny Storm all excited to see him. Peter pulls MJ to the side and she gives him a present. Peter then tells MJ that he wants to be with her then gives her a huge smacker right on the lips, saucy I know.

Here comes the part that I wish I didn't have to talk about. Captain America finds Peter having lunch with MJ. He tells him it's time for training. They get to a graveyard and Captain explains to Peter why he's not ready to be a hero.He says that Spider-Man never considers what could happen if you lose a fight. That he fights blindly not considering all the variables at play. Captain America gets a call to go to the Golden Gate bridge, it's an emergency. Captain tells Peter not to come. Peter follows him for a bit. This is when it catches up to Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates, the behind story. Peter learns of this and leaves Captain and the explosions happening in his direction to race home and save his family.While all of this was taking place the devious Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) with flashy new Demon Golbin powers breaks himself out, along with Dr. Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and the Vulture who all know the identity of Spider-Man (Peter Parker). They find refuge in a loft in the city. While the heroes are fighting among themselves, they decide what to do. Dr. Oct wants to leave and start over, Norman is furious by this he wants them to fight Spider-Man, to kill him. Norman kills the Dr. and sets the villains sights for the home of Spider-Man. Finally, Peter makes it home and tells Gwen and Aunt May to leave the city fast. Peter then heads back toward Captain America on the bridge.

When arriving downtown where all the heroes are fighting each other, Peter sees The Punisher looking down a scope aimed for Captain America. Peter quickly swings the Cap's way and pushes him out of harm when the bullet goes straight through the left part of his Peter's stomach. He's in a lot of pain. The Punisher is sorry and wants someone to shoot him. An explosion happens knocking everyone on the bridge into the water but Peter. He's all alone. He hears of a fight going on in his neighborhood. He arrives at his home with out his mask to find Johnny Storm and Bobby fighting the escaped convicts. Quickly the two are taken out of the fight leaving Peter to fight his enemies 1v5. He has a good run but the bullet wound and the beating he's taking from them begins to take a toll. A woman in a few houses down calls Aunt May and tells her they're killing Peter. Aunt May does a sharp U-turn and guns it back to her nephew. Electro starts fighting with the others saying how he wants to be the one to finish of Parker. Right before he can give a killing blow he has two bullets go through his chest. Aunt may is holding the gun shaking. Peter somehow finds the strength to get up and he takes out the villains, Norman is the last. Spiderman picks up a huge truck and beats Norman to death screaming you did this and you didn't have to kill your own son (Harry Osborn). He smashes it one last time on Norman's head when the truck explodes and sends Peter flying. He's all broken now. Just lying there all alone. The crowd circles around him, he tells Aunt May he couldn't save Uncle Ben but he saved you. Then Peter Parker, Spider-Man dies.

None of this truly affected me until I got to the funeral. Aunt May and Gwen show up at a huge cathedral with thousands of people that have come to pay their respects to the hero Spider-Man. She didn't want something big but it happened. She gets out of the limo and she walks to entryway. Before she could reach the building a little girl about 5 years old asks Aunt May if she is Spider-Man's mother. Aunt May replied, no. The little girl asked if she made breakfast for him and Aunt May said yes. The little girl asked Aunt May if she needed a hug......That moment right there is when I started crying. Omigod! That shit was sad. My tears were uncontrollable. Inside the cathedral Captain America comes up to Aunt May to apologize for not saying that Spider-Man was ready to be a hero and that Spider-Man saved him. That the bullet that was shot was meant for him instead of Peter. She's a bit furious by this, shouting at Cap and the rest of the Avengers who sat behind him. She cries more and Gwen helps her. It's truly a sad day.

This concludes my tid bit about an amazing story. One that touched me and made me fall in love with the character. I hope I can find more stories like this one. This is true grade A material. I will forever miss Peter Parker, a nephew, a lover, a friend, and a hero.

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Posted by SpidermanWins

Fantastic summary.

My favorite part was how in the battle Spider-Man's all "You were my greatest enemy and it was an honor to fight you Electro" "Oh wait a minute, no I actually never gave you a second's thought." And the Aunt May was a BADASS. I love how he kept his quips up a little even while dying. To me the worst part was when all those people are taking pictures and looking but none go to call an ambulance or even 911. That's just terrible. The funeral was when I cried too. Fantastic and tragic book. Thank god we still have Amazing.
Posted by theduffel

@SpidermanWins: I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're the first person to comment on my blog that I don't know. So I adore you. <haha> I assume you read Spider-Man: Blue, wasn't that so good too. Spidey knows how to jerk a tear or two from my eye.

Posted by SpidermanWins

@theduffel said:

@SpidermanWins: I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're the first person to comment on my blog that I don't know. So I adore you. <haha> I assume you read Spider-Man: Blue, wasn't that so good too. Spidey knows how to jerk a tear or two from my eye.

I did. Lol thanks =). Yes I did read Blue. All of me and Autumn in July were awesome. It really is in my opinion the definitive volume for Spidey's personal life. It was really was touching and tragic with Gwen's death. You really learn to like her and then you forget that she dies until it reminds you she does. I mean I'm more of an actiony type of dude when it comes to comics but Blue was just great. And it did have action but I actually found myself going back to it to look at the more emotional scenes really. He certainly does know how to make you shed a tear though. This issue did just that. You should really see this fan-made motion comic of the end of the Death of Spider-Man if you haven't. It's really great. Maybe as good as the comic itself. Here's a link. You're welcome. =)

Posted by blur1528

I feel like Pete's epitaph would read something along the lines of: Here lies Peter Parker. Kicked a lot of ass. Never got any.