A Joke No More: Aquaman

Aquaman : An underdog, being reborn. Years ago on the well renown show SNL, a trend began to mock the King of Atlantis. One joke is all it took to take the world by storm to turn a hero into what people think of him today, a laughing stock. He's been ridiculed for years for being powerless. Most don't even know his abilities. People just assume without water around he's useless. Did you actually know that he's bulletproof, has super strength, and what he's most known for is his power to communicate with marine life telepathically. The writer of this new series of Aquaman, Geoff Johns, brings out a more humanized side of Arthur Curry who is stuck between choosing to live in Atlantis or live a life on land.

Out of the Darkness - With a figure of a man and teeth long and sharp like a piranha emerges a school of these creatures from the depths of the deep blue sea. Our handsome fish out of water is first seen stopping some looters stealing an armed car. Their first reaction to seeing Aquaman is anything but typical given his current reputation. After quickly disarming the crooks, the police chat with Arthur. It would seem our hero can't ever catch a break from the humility. Even when he tries to have a simple meal in a diner, there's no rest from the shame. We finally meet the Mera, wife of Arthur. With hair as red as fire an beauty like water itself. She notices the troubled look in her man's eyes, she knows she must comfort him. Meanwhile, a boat near shore is surrounded by unimaginable creatures. After reading this, I was really hooked. They had taken all those things about Aquaman and used them to their advantage. I thought it was pretty clever and impressive actually.

Aquaman #2 (2011).

Blood and Water - A once manned ship now floats to the shore filled with blood. The creatures see humans as food, it doesn't help that they're very hungry. Back at the home of Aquaman and Mera, a lighthouse. Taking a trip down memory lane rifling through old photos, a panicked police officer interrupts saying he's searched everywhere for them, their help is needed at the docks. When they arrive, they see how much of a war zone it looks like, half the town missing and police cleaning remains of people off the dock. Aquaman tries to contact any marine life, but finds nothing. Some divers bring up a cocoon, when all of a sudden the pack of creatures come out of the water attacking people. With the power to control water, Mera begins to retaliate. With the Golden Trident Aquaman shows them they can bleed too. A bit of gore is not what I expected coming into this. I am all for the slinging of guts. Once again I was right to give this series my attention.

Aquaman 3

Cannibals of the Deep - A leader among the beasts carries the orders. As the minions fight Mera and the police, Aquaman takes on the leader. The leader over powers Aquaman and throws him, giving him and his minions time to escape with what humans they could grab on the way back to the water. After they are gone, the police ask Aquaman what they're are dealing with. Unfortunately for them, Aqua's got no clue. When they get around to opening the cocoon from earlier, they find a dog still alive inside. Aquaman takes one of the dead creatures to someone who will give him answers, Stephen Shin. We don't know too much about this mystery character other than he tried to kill Arthur for not telling him where Atlantis was. This man also helped Arthur discover his abilities. In conclusion with Shin's examinations, they learn from simply touching it's saliva causes mild paralysis, it does not effect Aquaman though. They also learn it's most likely from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Mera and Aquaman head for the dark corners of trenches. Aquaman brings up on the way there that they may just be simply out of food and searching for it in other places so they can survive. I think that there's a bigger picture. What if these creatures escaped the grasp of something not letting them eat and Aquaman helps them. I think that would be cool. It's unfortunate that a lot of people died though. I doubt this is what happens, just a theory.

For someone who has made fun of Aquaman in the past, I've flipped the switch. The New 52's rendition of Aquaman has taken people by surprise. Throwing out a new look and a new attitude to the once mocked hero. I don't think I've found one thing wrong with the new series yet. It amazes me with each issue. Geoff Johns is such an amazing writer. What ever he touches turns to gold. It was a good choice to bring him in on this project. Ivan Reis' pencils are extraordinary. All around this new series has mind boggled people into loving this character. The mockery of Aquaman is water under a bridge and it's in to a new day filled with triumph.

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Posted by slick23

I agree wholeheartedly. I love me some Aquaman right now!

Posted by bloggerboy

I'm already waiting for the "Blackest Night" of the Aquaman mythos to happen!

Posted by HalfShellHero

I'm glad that they stopped with the fish jokes in the third issue. I think it would have been too much to continue with it and further degrade the character. This is quite the interesting book and it explores the underwater realm which is not in a lot of books. Most books are on Earth, with a couple in space, but very few are water related.

Posted by Inverno

Aquaman is my favorite book to read since the reboot.

Posted by ReVamp

I don't think they pulled this off well enough.

Edited by The_Tree

Aquaman has always been awesome, but this series just brings his level to new heights.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Atlantis sunk, and I'm hopeful we see Aqualad soon.

Posted by PrinceIMC

The whole 'useless out of water' thing has always bothered me. That's like saying Superman is only useful during the day or only in direct sunlight.
I was talking about Aquaman at work with a co-worker and someone overheard us and started saying how lame Aquaman is. The problem is the guy has never read a comic with Aquaman, he's just going by what he's heard from TV shows and such. Here's hoping we can redeem his image. I mean I love Family Guy and Aquaman using his marine telepathy to have a fish get him a drink and try not to get any seawater in it is funny. Aquaman not saving a girl being attacked on the beach because he has to stay in the water is lame.

Posted by Hatutzeraze

I'm pretty sure I already said this somewhere else, but when describing Aquaman out of the water, I always compared him to Luke Cage. If Luke Cage counts as a superhero out of the water, then Aquaman certainly ought to.

Posted by lagoonman

he was never a joke to me, and this new series is awesome.