A Splash of Blood, Mutants, and Different Kinds of Light

Best of the Week:

Carnage USA - Cletus Kasady the rapid murderer is back and he's back to swimming in blood, with a limited five issues. Zeb Wells writes an amazing first issue, I mean they don't just give him big titles for no reason. The artwork is fantastic. Clayton Crain brings a very Alex Ross feel to this serial killer's saga. We start out with Cletus bathing in blood like it's a slasher film. He quickly takes control of the tiny town of Doverton, population 1,146. It's not long before our heroes gain knowledge of the massacre that Carnage is bringing. They decide to meet the psychotic madman head on. This issue grasped me, pulled me in and didn't let go until the cliffhanger. At $3.99, it's worth checking out. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.

Very Good:

Ultimate Comics X-Men - I don't have much knowledge of Marvel as I've said before. They go more in depth with William Stryker Jr's character. Which intrigues me. It's good to have an idea of what the heroes of our story is like, but heroes are only as entertaining as their villains. After we find out about Stryker Jr having daddy issues, we have Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver trying to give the White House access to an advanced mutant finder called Cerebra. Politics are everywhere, especially when it comes to the X-Men comics. It's always them against each other or the government. I can get behind it. Stryker threatens the life of truckloads of mutants, so it's up to the X-Men to handle the situation. After feuding over intervening in on the situation of mutants being slaughtered and bringing up a lost friend, most of the team is eager to dissolve the situation so that maybe they don't lose more. Cliffhangers are what they are, they leave us wanting more. It's frustrating but it's good writing. Damn them for being good.

The Ray - Stepping into the light. The Ray has me wondering why it's limited and not an on going series. I mean you can only say so much about issue one's but they pulled off a very interesting new character to add to the masses. Lucien the Korean, beach lifeguard who became a super hero in the flick of a switch. He's got some comedy to him, throwing out quirky quips. Also, call me a sucker but I like how hippie his parents are. Makes me like him more. The only thing I thought was odd and I tried to reread to see if I missed it was the fact that randomly towards the end he could wear clothes again, it can slide by. I'll let the fact that he was fighting mindless giant flying squid pass for now as well since they introduced his real threat. Plus, it was more for background noise while they did his origin story. I am okay with that. Either way, I see a new champion on the horizon. Give me more.

Green Lantern - Some people didn't fully agree with me on this issue. As for the four issues I read this week, I thought they were all good but this would be at the bottom of my stack. The first three issues of Green Lantern were explosive and exhilarating. This month's was a bit shy of that. Personally I like the character development of Thaal Sinestro, by the way I had no idea he even had a first name. I can really respect who he is and what he stands for. I wouldn't say that everything he does I agree with but I understand it. With the way Arsona speaks to Thaal, you can tell they used to be more than just friends. Never heard of Sinestro having a lover, which could make things very complex. At the end of the issue it leaves you thinking something will happen, but I know it won't and the day will be saved. Only thing is I don't know Sinestro's full intentions. That guy is always scheming. From what we've learned so far, he's capable of things we haven't seen yet. What's to say he can't pull more rabbits out of his hat. All together I am digging the story and I can't wait for next month.

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A Joke No More: Aquaman

Aquaman : An underdog, being reborn. Years ago on the well renown show SNL, a trend began to mock the King of Atlantis. One joke is all it took to take the world by storm to turn a hero into what people think of him today, a laughing stock. He's been ridiculed for years for being powerless. Most don't even know his abilities. People just assume without water around he's useless. Did you actually know that he's bulletproof, has super strength, and what he's most known for is his power to communicate with marine life telepathically. The writer of this new series of Aquaman, Geoff Johns, brings out a more humanized side of Arthur Curry who is stuck between choosing to live in Atlantis or live a life on land.

Out of the Darkness - With a figure of a man and teeth long and sharp like a piranha emerges a school of these creatures from the depths of the deep blue sea. Our handsome fish out of water is first seen stopping some looters stealing an armed car. Their first reaction to seeing Aquaman is anything but typical given his current reputation. After quickly disarming the crooks, the police chat with Arthur. It would seem our hero can't ever catch a break from the humility. Even when he tries to have a simple meal in a diner, there's no rest from the shame. We finally meet the Mera, wife of Arthur. With hair as red as fire an beauty like water itself. She notices the troubled look in her man's eyes, she knows she must comfort him. Meanwhile, a boat near shore is surrounded by unimaginable creatures. After reading this, I was really hooked. They had taken all those things about Aquaman and used them to their advantage. I thought it was pretty clever and impressive actually.

Aquaman #2 (2011).

Blood and Water - A once manned ship now floats to the shore filled with blood. The creatures see humans as food, it doesn't help that they're very hungry. Back at the home of Aquaman and Mera, a lighthouse. Taking a trip down memory lane rifling through old photos, a panicked police officer interrupts saying he's searched everywhere for them, their help is needed at the docks. When they arrive, they see how much of a war zone it looks like, half the town missing and police cleaning remains of people off the dock. Aquaman tries to contact any marine life, but finds nothing. Some divers bring up a cocoon, when all of a sudden the pack of creatures come out of the water attacking people. With the power to control water, Mera begins to retaliate. With the Golden Trident Aquaman shows them they can bleed too. A bit of gore is not what I expected coming into this. I am all for the slinging of guts. Once again I was right to give this series my attention.

Aquaman 3

Cannibals of the Deep - A leader among the beasts carries the orders. As the minions fight Mera and the police, Aquaman takes on the leader. The leader over powers Aquaman and throws him, giving him and his minions time to escape with what humans they could grab on the way back to the water. After they are gone, the police ask Aquaman what they're are dealing with. Unfortunately for them, Aqua's got no clue. When they get around to opening the cocoon from earlier, they find a dog still alive inside. Aquaman takes one of the dead creatures to someone who will give him answers, Stephen Shin. We don't know too much about this mystery character other than he tried to kill Arthur for not telling him where Atlantis was. This man also helped Arthur discover his abilities. In conclusion with Shin's examinations, they learn from simply touching it's saliva causes mild paralysis, it does not effect Aquaman though. They also learn it's most likely from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Mera and Aquaman head for the dark corners of trenches. Aquaman brings up on the way there that they may just be simply out of food and searching for it in other places so they can survive. I think that there's a bigger picture. What if these creatures escaped the grasp of something not letting them eat and Aquaman helps them. I think that would be cool. It's unfortunate that a lot of people died though. I doubt this is what happens, just a theory.

For someone who has made fun of Aquaman in the past, I've flipped the switch. The New 52's rendition of Aquaman has taken people by surprise. Throwing out a new look and a new attitude to the once mocked hero. I don't think I've found one thing wrong with the new series yet. It amazes me with each issue. Geoff Johns is such an amazing writer. What ever he touches turns to gold. It was a good choice to bring him in on this project. Ivan Reis' pencils are extraordinary. All around this new series has mind boggled people into loving this character. The mockery of Aquaman is water under a bridge and it's in to a new day filled with triumph.


The Might of Women


Wonder Woman - Bold is the way I'd describe the princess of the Amazons. I am a huge fan of the new rewrite of Diana. I was never a huge fan of the whole, I was made from clay bit. Now that we know her new background, I wonder if any new powers will emerge. Blood of a god, endless ideas can go into making Wonder Woman an even bigger icon. I don't think she gets enough respect. Personally I am very fond of the character. For someone who's never read Wonder Woman comics before, this series has kept me interested. I think they're headed in the right direction. With this being the last issue of her being on Themyscira, I think we'll start to see a bit more action. I mean at what point will we meet Steve Trevor. She originally met him on Paradise Island, it appears that may change as well. Keep impressing me with wonders of a powerful woman and I'll keep reading.

Supergirl - New suit and new problems for our favorite cousin of Kal-El. Kara Zor-El comes out throwing punches with no regard for her safety. Finding out what happened to her home world, puts her on edge. When she's unable to locate her ship that brought her to Earth, devious man appears in a hologram. I have no possible idea as to who this guy is. I just know he controls some space station orbiting the Earth. Young and hot headed the beautiful blonde alien makes her way to space station. Did I mention I have a huge crush on this hottie. I can't get enough of her actually. My friend told me he wasn't a fan of her new costume. I like the look and I think her boots make her look super hot, the new style works for me. Just coming into her new Kryptonian powers makes her think nothing can stop her. Unfortunately she finds out the hard way.


New Releases: 11/16/2011

Justice League - Jim Lee shoves a masterpiece of art through your eyes. Words of "wow", filter from your tongue when you read this explosive issue, written by Geoff Johns. We now know that it's Darkseid stirring up all this trouble. The New 52 is pumping out grade A material. I'm not sure how our collective familiar heroes previously came in contact with each other before the reset, so far the new material has been a thrill ride of entertainment and I'm quite enjoying it. The team is finally complete, expect for Victor who just got his suit. They've stopped fighting among each other and now looking at the real villain here. In this case it's a gazillion robotic creatures booming through tubes terrorizing all over the world. We begin to see how they interact with one another. Gotham's Knight gives order. The "Fastest Man Alive" zips by punching the smiles off the creatures, in less than a moment. Jim Lee showcases his art with the Emerald Knight's glowing constructs. Wonder Woman joins the party slicing away with her Amazonian sword. Like a wrecking ball Supes smashes, clobbers, and uses a 18-wheeler as wooden bat against the evil menaces. Arthur Curry finally makes it the party at the end giving a funny line about how he would be the leader of the bunch. If you ever once said to yourself I love action, then pick this up immediately.

The Incredible Hulk - Bruce Banner has a one track mind at this point. His wife Betty Ross can't even grab his attention. You'd think with her being able to go all red and bulky he'd listen to her more. This man lost something to that meant a lot to him, his work. Trying to create himself back into what he once was, the happily separated Hulk gets an offer to join a team of secret ops. Hulk learns of Banner's experiments but Hulk no care about Banner anymore. Hulk declines the offer that puny woman gives him and leaps away. Little does he know Banner's little boar experiments have infiltrated the underground camp of peons Hulk protects and hunts for from issue one. This issue seemed a bit brief in my opinion. Not sure how the duo will be joined again but I want it to happen. Right now not much is really happening, other than Banner deranged until he can have his green muscles back.

Batman - Shadows are gathering in places you thought comfortable. This week was an eventful mystery. I have to say I'm enjoying our dashing detective lurking through rail lines filled gangs, one of which who gave passageway for the one who seeks Bruce Wayne's life. You'd think falling out of a building and being stabbed several times would slow him down, wrong, he's "BATMAN." Analyzing the clues and data he has from his previous encounter with the man dressed up like an owl. He learns that his grandfather Alan Wayne went mad with the conspiracy that owl's were out to get him, they lived in his home. Owl's are a particular bird, they nest in their enemy's territory. Batman finds trails of these Court of Owls that date back to June, 1891. Nearly twenty buildings, the court has had a different base of operations for roughly a decade, for the past 150 years. The assassin who attacked the Dark Knight is the Talon, leader of the Court of Owls. KRABOOOOM goes the building Batman's in. With the Talon watching the flames from a distance, we wonder what happens to our dark hero.

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You know for the typical everyday going to school, part time job, and I have super powers, all while being a teenage story. This Is one of those. Image brings this fun hero to life in a tale of growing pains. His name is Mark Sebastian Grayson. His father is Omni-Man, pretty much their version of Superman. Volume one begins with an introduction to his family, friends, and him discovering/learning his abilities. One friend in particular he shows more interest in than the others, Samantha Eve Wilkins (Atom Eve). The high school duo tries to solve the case of missing teens with bombs being strapped to their chest, only for them to wake up in malls just before BOOM! Meanwhile his father is trapped in another dimension. This definitely has the goods to become a very good story. The art style really turns me on. The comic itself isn't too wordy either, which can be a good thing. I want to see more of this teenage hero. Expect more blogs about him from me.


11/09/2011 Releases

I'm truly diggin:

Avenging Spider-Man - The web slinger is back in a new series, Avenging Spider-Man. Issue one came out strong. Not sure you could have better art then what these glorious pencils have in store for you. An intricate tale about Peter Parker on the Avengers, well he can really be on whatever team he wants to be on. Don't think for a minute he stopped with his quirky antics and quick witty quips. It starts out with Peter narrating as the Avengers are fighting robots out in a desert. Back in New York, Jonah J. Jameson, the Mayor is hosting what appears to be a very high populated marathon, filled with skimpy clothed joggers. A moment after the race begins, a huge heard of three feet tall yellow aliens, all screaming running in the direction of the joggers. Parker asks the team for a ride back to New York. Red Hulk says that he'd give him a lift. When the two arrive to the alien infested streets, Parker notices Jonah being carried away. Tingle tingle goes his spidey sense. Rumble rumble rumble. A massive worm like creature appears out from underneath them and snatches the two heroes with it's tongue. They try to break free but is hindered by the neuro-toxin that slows them. Last we see Jonah being carried away by the little yellow things and taken to Mole-Man, but he has a chain around his neck. A large yellow alien brute yanks the leash back and the Mole-Man flys.

Green Lantern - A different tone is set instead of the typical Green Lantern story in my opinion. Me gusta. Sinestro explains his reason why he is duplicating his own ring and granting Hal Jordan with the power of the Green Lantern. It appears that the Sinestro Corps have seen Sinestro using the Green Power Ring and considered him a traitor. So they decided they would take over his home world Korugar and turn the people there into slaves. He came to Hal because he can trust him, because he has control over his power ring. He could shut it off at any moment. They feud briefly over Hal wanting to see Carol but in the end he doesn't go. Back on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe discuss the faults in their past armies. They decide it's time to make a third army. He explains his plain will only be done at night, after the sunset, not before. Sinestro will distract the ground troops while Hal takes a Green Lantern in the middle of the Yellow Central Battery, thus killing all Sinestro Corps Rings energy. Once on Korugar, just before night fall when the sun is almost set, a woman in chains attacks a yellow lantern who's about to make unwilling love to a defenseless woman but is over powered by the yellow fiend. Sinestro recognises the shackled protester then flees to her aid, he screams out her name, Arsona. I assume this is a old love interest or family member. While Sinestro has the ground troops distracted, it makes for an easy flight over to the Central Battery for Jordan. Inside Hal notices somethings wrong. The Central Battery starts to disintegrate him as Hal yells out of pain.

(Ultimate Comics) Spider-Man - I am very pleased in the direction of the new young wall crawler. With each issue we've seen the character develop. Only issue four and we see him trying to seek out his destiny. After learning that the infamous Spider-Man has been shot. Miles asks for his best and trusty friend Ganke to cover for him as he sneaks out into the night. As Miles jumps and climbs from building to building, he sees light sparking in the distance. When Miles gets close enough, he sees a beaten Spider-Man unmasked on the ground surrounded by a large crowd. Spider-Man dies and people go silent. After he makes his way through the mass he see's Gwen on the ground crying. He asks her what Spider-Man's name was, "Peter Parker" she says. Back at his dorm Ganke and Miles talk about what happened. Miles blames himself for not being there to help. The next day at the funeral, he see's Gwen again. Miles asks her why Peter wanted to be Spider-Man. Gwen told the story of Uncle Ben, that with great power comes great responsibility. Then he asks her why he wore a mask. She told him because no one needed to know he was a hero, not to mention it was very cool. Later, Ganke brings Miles his old Spider-Man costume hoping that it won't be too distasteful. After his first outing with it on, he knows that it is. Almost being caught back at the dorm he goes out again for some fresh air and happy bad guy hunting when out of nowhere, BAM. A kick to the face sends him off his feet. A not so happy Spider-Woman asks him who the @#$@ he is. For sure a cliff hanger, the month wait is going to kill me.

Losing interest:

Superboy - First learning of Superboy was like a hitting home run for me, never hearing of him before. A clone of Superman and Luthor, what a combo. Three issues in and I'm on the fence to be honest. Luckily the end made me wanting a bit more but once again....meh. The artwork doesn't really do it for me. The people all look the same but with Mr. Potato Head with lips and eyes just placed on. It starts out with a couple dressed in black at a supermarket filled with heads that have turned into smoking skulls. Pretty sure they robbed the joint, then they steal a cop car. Our Superboy is in lava a mile under the Earth's surface and struggling with his abilities, imagine that. When flying out of there, a woman watches and it is still. Red, the little lamb who has been watching over Superboy through his testing and training is in a plane fighting with the hot Rose Wilson about the safety of our young super hero. All the while two young teens make out session comes to a halt when Superboy pops out of the ground. The young fragile attractive teen girl quickly dismisses her old flame for Superboy and asks him for a ride home, Superboy is happy help. The abrupt landing did not go over so well, she wasn't happy with it. All of a sudden a fiery woman appears with some knowledge of what he is. After she randomly melts, which I don't think he did, Superboy sneaks back into Red's place demanding answers. Red bulks up and becomes like a woman off of American Gladiators then chokes Superboy.


Death: Blackest Night & One More Day

Apparently I have enjoyed reading stories about death lately. Not sure just how morbid that makes me, but I am rolling with it. Last night I finished up reading Blackest Night and One More Day.

Blackest Night - In issue 0, we learn about all the Lanterns Corps, the color spectrum. Green, Yellow, Red, Indigo, Blue, Violet, Orange, and Black. Being a huge fan of the Green Lanterns and The Flash, this story piqued a lot of interest from me. All I knew is that it was about the Black Lanterns entering the picture on Earth. I had no idea how grave of a toll it would take on the world. All of this took place before the New 52 which makes me wonder if they would ever redo the story and tweek it. Personally I found it enjoyable and not sure how they would change it.

I'm going to talk about the mostly talk about the main characters. The story starts out Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Barry Allen (The Flash) are talking about the death of Batman (Bruce Wayne) over his grave. When they leave, a mysterious man who had been lurking in the shadows takes Batman's skull from his grave. His name is Black Hand. I am sure if you're an avid reader to the DC realm you've heard of him, I had not. Alfred then shows up not too long after this to see Bruce's grave defiled. When I saw that, it hit me a bit emotionally. Alfred is a huge part of his life, I could only imagine the toll it took on him.

The dead rise. All around the Earth's mightiest of heroes raise from their eternal slumber to walk again. Not only to walk, but to spread their carnage. Black Rings fly across the skies latching on to whatever finger is near. Citizens and heroes alike claw their way to terrorize y'alls neighborhood. We don't know the intentions of these crazed occurances other than it's a horrific sight, only that the rings target dramatic emotions. Whether that's good or bad, we don't know. The Green Lantern is forced to leave Earth and find help. Hal Jordan must gather the Green Lantern Corps for a counter attack. The Flash stays back to hold off the masses. As The Flash retrieves the remainder of Earth's living heroes.

Black Hand finds enough power to awaken the dark Nekron. As the mighty heroes try to attack Nekron, Black Hand throws Batman's skull in the air and Nekron animates Batman and brings him back from the dead to the walk again. This sends emotions to the mightiest and the Black Rings latch on to Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow and The Flash's grandson, Bart. While this is going on Hal Jordan starts to assemble the Green Lantern Corps to retaliate. Only thing is that he knows it won't be enough. So he brings in the other Corps as well Red, Indigo, Blue, Violet, Yellow, and even Orange.

When Hal Jordan shows up with the cavalry, The Guardian Ganthet replicates each of the rings so that they will have a greater chance at victory. Maybe if the other Guardians had listen to Sayd and Ganthet, maybe they wouldn't have been in this mess. The Blue Ring of hope finds its way to none other than Barry Allen (The Flash). Violet of love latches onto the already wielding Black Ring, Wonder Woman. Red of rage fins it's way to Mera, wife of Aquaman. The ring of Fear locates Scarecrow and quickly hops on. Then the greediness of Luthor attracts the Orange Ring of avarice. Nekron then pulls something out of the ground, a light no on has yet to see but to bright it's hard to look at directly, it's the White Light Entity itself. Nekron attempts to attack it. Sinestro in all his might leaps ahead to have life of White Light Entity posses him. It doesn't take long before Life rejects him. Hal Jordan states, it will only fuse with ones who have been reborn. The White Lantern Corps is formed. They attack the Black Battery Source and defeat Nekron. Black Hand and all those with black rings come to life and the day is saved.

I love all the He-Man references in this story. I encourage you to give this arc a gander. Spoken so many times again and again, this changes everything. Now for me to sneak a peek at Brightest Day.

One More Day - Well the cat is out of the bag. Peter Parker went public with his identity because Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the government said he had to. When Kingpin learns of his identity, he sends a sniper to put an end to Spider-Man's heroics. Aunt May is in the hospital, on her death bed. Parker doesn't have enough money to support her current room and care that she needs. The married couple Parker and MJ had to submit her under a fake name to hide her from anyone else trying to finish the job. Peter Parker dodged a bullet only for it to hit Aunt May, a bullet that will later catch up to him, look here for details. Luckily, a member of the doctor's family was saved by Spider-Man once, so he grants Parker a bit of time. The doctor told Peter he would stall for a bit but if doesn't show up soon with insurance or a bottomless check they will have to move Aunt May to a clinic where they won't be able to help her as much. Parker is furious at this point, mostly at himself. That bullet was meant for him, not for his innocent aunt. Parker unmasked, cause what's the point anymore with the public knowing who he is, swings across town to the home of Tony Stark. Peter tries entering the front door but the codes changed, so screw it, he's breaking in. Tony's alerted of the intruder and suits up. Iron Man thrusts towards Parker and they both fly out the window. They come in for a hot landing that made the Iron Man suit a bit disabled. They lash out at each other for a moment. Iron Man calls Peter a criminal. Parker doesn't care, all he wants is to yell at Tony for having him announce his identity, then blames him for Aunt May's current condition. Tony says he can't help that he'd be helping a criminal which would look bad for him. An out ragged Peter Parker leaves confused and defeated. When he gets back to his wife at the hospital Jarvis makes an appearance with a rather big check.

The doctor then tells Peter that this will help ease her pain until her end. Parker is on his last end with this news, "what you said all I needed is a check". The doctor states that in her condition and her age it's not that simple. He hates to give news like this to families but there's nothing they can do. Well, Peter knows the doctor can't perform miracles but he knows someone who can. Peter jumps into costume then goes to the Sanctum of Stephen Strange. Strange tells Peter he can't help him but he can put him in a suspended state of time where he can be everywhere at once asking other for help. All ultimately tell him the same thing. They can not help or do anything. On return Parker knows in his heart there must be something he can do. He grabs the mystical gloves of Strange which sends him back in time to the moment of the fatal blood spatter. But something's different, he's different. He can't touch anything, nor can anyone hear him. He sees himself running in towards the hotel room. He tries to stop himself. All of a sudden these creatures appear behind him, attacking his disembodied self. He can't feel the wounds they inflict on him but he gets away.

In the hotel room he finds his Aunt May, MJ, and himself talking. He screams, he tries everything he can to make contact to warn them of the sniper. A loud bang, a shattering of a window, Peter's spidey sense tingles aggressively and jumps down grabbing MJ. The disembodied Peter and the current time Peter both yell "NOOOOOO" as they see blood pour out of the woman who raised him. The estranged creatures emerge again and attack Peter. Doctor Strange appears and scatters them away. Strange brings Peter back to his Sanctum in the past, so it won't conflict with the future. He heals his wounds from the creatures. A knock at Strange's door takes him away from the healing Parker. Peter rushes to the door to hear who he's talking too, he notices it's himself, from the past. Alas, there is nothing he can do to alert his past to save Aunt May. Strange returns to a broken Parker, then tells Peter that he should be with May in her last moments.

On exiting he crosses path with a young red headed green eyed girl saying she could help him. A puzzled Parker is unsure how a young girl like that could help him. She tells him he is selfish, that his pain is worth the world. That he'd do anything to just have a better night's sleep, but who pays for that night of good rest? Then she runs away. Parker tries to follow but is distracted by a pudgy guy on a bench. The guy talks about his life as a game developer, Peter says that could be fun but the guy doesn't seem so please. A man in a car nicer than a Rolls-Royce shows up. The older man tells him to get in and he will take her to the little girl he seeks. The old man talks about his life of fame and fortune but how he'd give it all up for to save the love of his life. Then old man and Peter get out of the car and start to walk. When and older woman appears in the distance and she tells him she can help him have what he wants. Peter already knows it must come with a price. Then old woman becomes Mephisto.

Mephisto tells Peter what he wants is not his soul but his love. He stopped trading lives for souls because they would live eternity knowing they saved someone. He wants to claim his marriage with MJ. A love like theirs is one in a milenia. It doesn't come often, the sorrow of that will keep Mephisto laughing for ages to come. He takes to two of them to MJ in the hotel room where it all happened. Mephisto gives the couple less than 24 hours to decide, midnight. MJ learns of the bargain and is a bit selfish. She says that Aunt May lived a good life and they have so much to offer. Quickly she understand that they must make the sacrifice and save Aunt May. BONG. Mephisto appears he's ready for their answer. BONG. MJ screams out end the marriage. BONG. Peter says do it. BONG. Mephisto then tells Peter of how each of those people were different variations of his future. He realizes how that little girl would have been their daughter and is a bit shattered. Then in an instant it all vanishes. 40 years of a love story, a marriage, all reset to a mere shadow. They wouldn't remember any of it. It never happened.

This wasn't the typically story of death of a person, rather than a story about a death of a marriage, of different life. When I read this I hadn't read all the stuff previously so i was a bit underwhelmed with it. When I learned it reset Peter Parker's story, 40 years of story I thought it was monumental. Please give these 4 issues a shot. I wanted that little girl to live so bad, when it didn't happen I was almost in tears.


Weeklies: 10/26/2011

Green Lantern: New Guardians, The Flash, Superman, Voodoo, Teen Titans, Incredible Hulk, and Firestorm!

Green Lantern: New Guardians - With each turn of the page, I'm consumed by this astonishing story. The artwork is out of this world, the coloring is spectacular. I can't get enough. I want more of this story so much I am willing to give my roommate's dog, Kiena to DC for just a glimpse at the next issue. Each issue is a masterpiece. Let it be known Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) is a badass. He's so awesome, rings just want to be around him. Lanterns from all colors come to collect what was once their allies'. They now battle Kyle, as he attempts to tell them the rings came to him, not the other way around. A Blue Lantern emerges for support. Kyle and the Blue Lantern decide they need help, they seek out Ganthet on Oa. On arrival on Oa, The Guardians tell Kyle he needs to give up the rings that continue to surround him. Kyle turns to Ganthet for guidance but the other Guardians stripped him of his emotions. The rings are done circling the chosen Kyle Rayner and hop on his fingers. Dammit, I just want more. I hate you for making me wait a month.<haha>

The Flash - We learn in this issue that Barry Allen is not only super fast with his feet, but he also has a super fast mind as well. I have to say I liked issue one a bit more than I liked this issue, but it's still good. In this issue Barry tries to unravel the mystery of his old friend and why he was being cloned. While at the same time tries to get a sweet date with hottie Iris West. I'm new to the Flash's story but very interested. I am uncertain if Iris is Wally's mother, would that make Barry Wally's father? I guess I will have to wait and find out. :)

Superman - The star of it all. The second issue comes out swinging, very quietly. Superman tries to figure out where the Flame Monster from the previous issue came from. The monster did not speak a language that was foreign to anyone, the only thing Superman could make out in his message was Krypton. General Lane gives the Man of Steel a hard time and harasses Superman about his relationship with his daughter, Lois Lane. In the first issue we found out Clark and Lois aren't married. In fact, she's having late nights with a man (Johnathan Carroll) who owns The Daily Planet, except the new owner changed the name to Global something. I could care less, it's The Daily Planet to me, it always will be. Back to this issue....Superman is flying around Metropolis contemplating General Lane's words of how hell seems to always find Superman along with a heap the destruction that follows. When all of sudden Superman is attacked. But by what?!?! He can't see nor hear his attacker. As Superman gets thrown through buildings Jimmy Olsen films from afar helicopter. Everyone can see his attacker but him. Superman clashes through a zepplin, then into another building. Superman looks around to try and make sense of what's going on. He see's Jimmy's camera's viewpoint on a big monitor in the middle of Metropolis, it shows the beast launching towards Supes. Superman, is a quick thinker. He realizes he needs to use a different way to see the beast. He grabs the unknown creature and fly's into a camera and television store, where he has all the sight he needs. He wares the beast down and in it's last moments it spoke the same foreign language as the Flame Monster then said Krypton before it disappeared.

Voodoo - This sexual display of a comic has it's ways of catching my eye. Call it the little boy in me that wants more or call it the creeper who won't look away. Either way I continue to purchase this still very mysterious comic of sexuality and wonder. In the first issue we find out Voodoo is an alien here to gain knowledge from our military. She does this by being a stripper and being a telepath allows her to read the minds of the ignorant troops that come in with knowledge, just thinking they're getting a lap dance. Did I mention she is a shape shifter too? I think she may know John (The Martian Manhunter). After disposing of an agent that was after her, Voodoo takes his form and tricks his lady partner into bed and into her mind. After Voodoo gathers her secrets she escapes and lets the lady agent live. She takes refuge in an abandoned apartment. Nothing really happens after that excepts the lady agent and her people show up only for Voodoo to escape again.

New 52 Titans

Teen Titans - Wally West (Kid Flash) is trapped in some kind of holding cell with some guy named Danny in a few cells over. After a long night Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), but don't call her that, walk to Cassandra's place. Tim stays the night on the couch, but leaves quickly in the morning when he learns of a metahuman teen named Skitter is running a muck. He catches up with Skitter but is put out of play. Luckily Wonder Girl, shows up to save his ass. We notice a twinkle in his eye when he see's her, somebody's got a crush. All the while Kid Flash escapes his holding cell. He runs by Danny's cell but no one is near to be found.

Incredible Hulk V3 #1

Incredible Hulk - The much anticipated first issue has arrived, in hopes of bringing in new followers. Well, that scheme worked. I have always been a Hulk fan. I have read a few things like Planet Hulk but that's pretty much it. When I heard of them resetting back to one, I was ecstatic. The first issue we find out that the Hulk and Bruce Banner are separated. Not only that but the Hulk is inside near the Earth's core taking refugee with small creatures that the Hulk is happy to hunt food for. Like every Hulk story it always starts the same. Hulk is peaceful until someone comes around looking for him, whether for help or to fight him. When a woman in some kind of strange armor approaches the big green brute, she tells him the government needs his help. That Bruce Banner has gone mad. Then we leave the fiery depths of the Earth and zoom out to a jungle, very secluded. Two boars with the speech patterns that resemble Bizarro, I know it's not the same realm but you should know what I'm talking about. They bring in animals that they've captured to their master, Bruce Banner. For a guy who's always been I would say kind, he looked very psychotic. So I am very interested in where this story will take us. Give me more!

Firestorm - Looking at the first issue I was like hell yes explosions and race issues, what a seller. This one was alright. Not as many explosions and nothing really happened. I think I may just download this next issue and we will see if I am interested in buying it then. Not to much to say actually. <haha>


The Death of Peter Parker, Spider-Man

The Death of Spider-Man. You know those stories that move you in almost every way. The kind that make you laugh, get excited, then when it's all said and done, all you can do is cry. This is one of those stories. The Death of Peter Parker was just plain sad, no other way around it. When I heard about the story originally, someone told me that he saved the world, then he was shot with no one to save him. This is somewhat accurate but not the full shabang of what all went down. I started by reading these in order Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates all 6 issues, Ultimate Comics Spiderman issues 153-160, Ultimate Fallout issues 1-3 (there are 6 issues total but I got sleepy). I intend on reading the remainder 3 issues when I get home.

First off, let's discuss Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates. At first I wasn't quite sure why I was reading this. I honestly thought I was wasting my time and that it had nothing to do with the story. Well, it does. It sets up the event as to what's going on in one of the most fatal moments. I'm not the biggest fan of the Avengers, but I enjoyed reading these and I learned some stuff about the characters. Ultimately this is story is kind of a behind the scenes look. It brings some stuff into perspective later on in the real story.

Ultimate Comics Spiderman, this is it. This is where the story gives you action and suspense. It starts off with Iron Man (Tony Stark) training the young Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Iron man explains to Spider-Man why he's having to go through training. There was a vote. Captain America did not think he was ready. During the training a Black Cat chick and Mysterio are fighting over an old artifact that has enormous power. When an energy signal is picked up by Jarvis. The two go to check it out, an odd duo to say the least. Quickly Iron man is thrown out of the game. Spider-Man with his Spidey-Sense, rapid fast movements and his rather funny short quips win the day. While this is going on, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy are fighting over Peter, as usual. That night Peter shows up to MJ's house to hang out and talk with her.

Later on, Peter gets a call from J. Jonah Jameson to come to meet him. Jameson knows that the identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker. When Peter gets to the Daily Bugle, he misses his old job and contemplates about if Jameson will out him. He's known for some time about his secret identity, so Peter doesn't think he will out him. Jameson tells Peter he is sorry and he wants to make things up to him. Jameson offers him a job and money to get him through college. Peter tries to deny his generosity but Jameson persists. Then he yells at him to get out of his office, typical Jameson. When Peter is leaving for home he comes across Kitty Pryde. Peter convinces her to come back with him to see his roomates and old pals of Kitty, Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Bobby (Iceman). When they arrive it turns out there was a surprise birthday party for Peter. Aunt May, Gwen, MJ, Bobby, and Johnny Storm all excited to see him. Peter pulls MJ to the side and she gives him a present. Peter then tells MJ that he wants to be with her then gives her a huge smacker right on the lips, saucy I know.

Here comes the part that I wish I didn't have to talk about. Captain America finds Peter having lunch with MJ. He tells him it's time for training. They get to a graveyard and Captain explains to Peter why he's not ready to be a hero.He says that Spider-Man never considers what could happen if you lose a fight. That he fights blindly not considering all the variables at play. Captain America gets a call to go to the Golden Gate bridge, it's an emergency. Captain tells Peter not to come. Peter follows him for a bit. This is when it catches up to Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates, the behind story. Peter learns of this and leaves Captain and the explosions happening in his direction to race home and save his family.While all of this was taking place the devious Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) with flashy new Demon Golbin powers breaks himself out, along with Dr. Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and the Vulture who all know the identity of Spider-Man (Peter Parker). They find refuge in a loft in the city. While the heroes are fighting among themselves, they decide what to do. Dr. Oct wants to leave and start over, Norman is furious by this he wants them to fight Spider-Man, to kill him. Norman kills the Dr. and sets the villains sights for the home of Spider-Man. Finally, Peter makes it home and tells Gwen and Aunt May to leave the city fast. Peter then heads back toward Captain America on the bridge.

When arriving downtown where all the heroes are fighting each other, Peter sees The Punisher looking down a scope aimed for Captain America. Peter quickly swings the Cap's way and pushes him out of harm when the bullet goes straight through the left part of his Peter's stomach. He's in a lot of pain. The Punisher is sorry and wants someone to shoot him. An explosion happens knocking everyone on the bridge into the water but Peter. He's all alone. He hears of a fight going on in his neighborhood. He arrives at his home with out his mask to find Johnny Storm and Bobby fighting the escaped convicts. Quickly the two are taken out of the fight leaving Peter to fight his enemies 1v5. He has a good run but the bullet wound and the beating he's taking from them begins to take a toll. A woman in a few houses down calls Aunt May and tells her they're killing Peter. Aunt May does a sharp U-turn and guns it back to her nephew. Electro starts fighting with the others saying how he wants to be the one to finish of Parker. Right before he can give a killing blow he has two bullets go through his chest. Aunt may is holding the gun shaking. Peter somehow finds the strength to get up and he takes out the villains, Norman is the last. Spiderman picks up a huge truck and beats Norman to death screaming you did this and you didn't have to kill your own son (Harry Osborn). He smashes it one last time on Norman's head when the truck explodes and sends Peter flying. He's all broken now. Just lying there all alone. The crowd circles around him, he tells Aunt May he couldn't save Uncle Ben but he saved you. Then Peter Parker, Spider-Man dies.

None of this truly affected me until I got to the funeral. Aunt May and Gwen show up at a huge cathedral with thousands of people that have come to pay their respects to the hero Spider-Man. She didn't want something big but it happened. She gets out of the limo and she walks to entryway. Before she could reach the building a little girl about 5 years old asks Aunt May if she is Spider-Man's mother. Aunt May replied, no. The little girl asked if she made breakfast for him and Aunt May said yes. The little girl asked Aunt May if she needed a hug......That moment right there is when I started crying. Omigod! That shit was sad. My tears were uncontrollable. Inside the cathedral Captain America comes up to Aunt May to apologize for not saying that Spider-Man was ready to be a hero and that Spider-Man saved him. That the bullet that was shot was meant for him instead of Peter. She's a bit furious by this, shouting at Cap and the rest of the Avengers who sat behind him. She cries more and Gwen helps her. It's truly a sad day.

This concludes my tid bit about an amazing story. One that touched me and made me fall in love with the character. I hope I can find more stories like this one. This is true grade A material. I will forever miss Peter Parker, a nephew, a lover, a friend, and a hero.


Tuesday: 10/25/2011

I like the dark direction this comic has gone. I have read issues 1 & 2 now. The first sets up how Animal Man used to fight crime but now he's a family man. He has been considering getting back into the game. When he's done with a long day of shifting shape and making animal sounds at a frantic villain, all he wants to do is go home and relax. As he rests his head on the pillow and drifts into slumber, he begins to dream. The dream became a nightmare in a heart beat. It was dark and blood everywhere. He sees his son running in the distance. When he catches his son, he's petrified and saying how his sister, Animal Man's daughter killed Mom and is after them. His son, Cliff topples over and Animal Man notices his intestines are falling out. I won't reveal anymore than I have because I have already gone overboard with it. I guess since I have been ranting about it so long that I did enjoy it more than I thought.

The second issue we get to learn a lot more about the daughters character. We learn not only does she have Animal Man's powers but she also can change other people's form as well. Which makes me wonder if she can turn animals into humans? I think this has a great story and I'm very interested in seeing what other directions the writers take. I would most likely suggest this to anyone but my grandma. Only because she is truly frightened by scary little girls. I think if each issue is like this they should make it a movie. It has a lot of potential in my opinion.

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