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Spotted this article where someone asked for more "Hercules" to some writers and editors and only got a bunch of crap. They cant even give us a real status update for Herc or Ares... GIVE US SOMETHING DAMN YOU!!

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I am as big a fan as anyone but it makes sense the theory of marvel removing our favorite version of Hercules. I am truly loosing hope of ever seeing the lion of Olympus the way we want to see him.

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Hercules has been a full God since he first appeared in the Thor comics. Mortals beat gods all the time ie. Hulk (a mortal) vs any god (Ares and Thor). Zeus gave Herc his full "Godhood" when a Centaur tricks Hercs wife into giving herc a shirt with Hydra blood which, in a sense, kills Herc and torchers him (im assuming for what would be an eternity). So Zeus takes pity on him a saves him by giving him his full "Godhood".

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Good, lol im glad your giving me the last word makes it easyer for me. For one, you should appreciate the fact that anyone even responded you your dumb comment. Why? because all of us "Real fans" of Hercules our tired of hearing that crap about what he wears and that being the base of why "MOST" people dont like him, instead of good story telling. Its a childish mentality that should only be found in children. People would laugh at him? People would laugh at anyone in a superhero costume...if i see a guy dressed like batman or Gambit in the mall im going to laugh... An when i say "baddest" it was meant it in a general term, like awesome or badass. What you stated about Zeus an Odin is common knowledge in a community like our... An your right, everything after the first paragraph had nothing to do with you... thats why at the end i said "That's my contribution to the rant" which is what this thread is about... Use some logic so you wont get so butt hurt next time.

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@TheSwordsman said:

They should stop drawing him with a mini skirt and use a modern type costume like the eartj-829 black,red and gold one he wore at one time. The green one he wore when he was de-powerd was ok except for the color but was still much better than the girly one. It makes little sense him wearing an anachronistic man-skirt with no shirt and leather fishnets. He looks ridiculous.

He can wear a skirt because hes Hercules, the baddest God in the Marvel Universe. If people dont like Herc cause of the crap he wears then you haven't read any of his comics! Stick with cool looking characters like Gambit and Deadpool and read crap stories 98% of the time.

Im sure this has been said before but IMO Herc should be the strongest hero in the MU, an Thor should be right below him with Hulk third but, Herc an Thors strength should be capped with about a 25% increase when bloodlust is taken into effect. But i do believe Hulk should be able to surpass them both if his rage dictates.

Other than that, im cool with how Herc is written most times (aside from him losing his powers). Ya, hes not written as the most intelligent and honorable hero but, if he was.. would he be the brash, proud, fun loving and womanizing hero most of us have come to know an love? Leave most of the boring traits to the hammer wielding Thor and let Herc continue to be "that GUY" the guy who sleeps with countless women, who sticks up for the little man, and is always willing to bestow the gift to any Hero or Villain who thinks them self worthy. One thing i notice, that some might not, is how insightful Herc is. Some of the things he teaches Amadeus and even tell wolverine are quite interesting and thought provoking.

That's my contribution to the rant

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@PowerHerc said:

@thedude4731 said:

GREAT READ MY FRIEND! theirs a thing vs herc in mighty avengers thats also pretty good (herc held back alot though)

your num 2 is diff my favorite

Yeah, have that "Hercules vs the Thing" fight in Mighty Avengers and even though I enjoyed it, I didn't feel it was better than any of the fights I listed here.

My number 2 battle is probably my personal favorite, too.

I went back and forth between those two battles in my mind for quite a while but I decided on the number 1 battle is the greater of the two due to it's equally compelling action, it's creative team (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, no less) and the way it paved the way for the long standing friendship between Hercules and Thor.

This scene alone, where Thor cannot physically break free from Hercules while simultaneously admitting Hercules is his better in hand-to-hand combat, makes number 2 one of the best ever for Hercules:

If only ppl can see how much cooler Herc is than Thor we would have our "Guy" in all the cartoons and movies and most importantly Marvel Now..

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GREAT READ MY FRIEND! theirs a thing vs herc in mighty avengers thats also pretty good (herc held back alot though)

your num 2 is diff my favorite

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Hercules - 66 (+2)

Elektra - 94 (-2)

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Hercules - 68 (+2)

Elektra - 92 (-2)

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@Matezoide2: I agree that we are here to learn an have a friendly debate :)

an i concede as i did (in a way) before in saying that SS if using his power correctly that it would be very difficult for herc to defeat him (flying around invisible using force fields and fireballs from a far) other than taking an throwing something so fast an large that SS would have no time to dodge (like a mountain or some s*it) which is PLAUSIBLE i might add.

But like i said before with SS history, i think in a one on one situation hes going to test hercules an in doing to will be his downfall.


Common man! snowbird didnt throw a single punch...the skrull god was already beat! he could have easily at the time gone over taken the spine and impale him with it! So i dont want to hear anything about help from SB tipping the scales of this fight..thats not true.

An i get what your saying about the Annihilation series i read it also.. but that was a war in which he was fighting countless enemies.. this is one on one where SS pride will take effect.. am i wrong? is he not prideful? An i know that Ironman doesnt fit that senario thats the point.. no one fights that way so why now?

What stops him from hypnotizing? i just said that if he came that close to herc as he did Thing to hypnotize em, it was over for SS..

An their is nothing in any comic an/or dialogue suggesting Herc stood no chance against slgurt NOTHING!

KlyBn was their main GOD the whole "He Loves You" refers to him an him only an Herc beat his aZZ.

so with all that said heres what i think

If SS was to fight an win like no other! has ever fought an won in any comicbook that i know of.. an fly around invisible an shooting nova blast an blinding him with fire an cutting off his brain function from a mile away.. an useing an endless amount of time an energy in doing so due to Hercules Godly durability an all the while not taking any shots from a guy that has proven to be the Top3 strongest Hero in the marvel universe, he might stand a chance 5/10 due to the fact that, with all the time an energy hes going to spend doing this, herc can still find away to catch him if he slows down or makes any mistake (herc is no easy KO ask WWH). But with all that said who really thinks thats how this fight happens? If this fight happens in the pages of a comicbook, cause these are comicbook characters, in a comic book world.. Herc takes this in an epic all out drag out battle. 9/10

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