Who would win in a pool game, Hawkeye or Captain America?

Hawkeye........his aim is so good that he purposely uses a bow and some arrows in a gun fight. Show off, but what do you expect from a guy who, when not wearing purple dons this Goliath fit on purpose? However, Captain America has been making bank shots as his bread and butter since World War II. Who would win? Who should write/draw this issue?

Got to give it to Captain America. Why? Cause the "A" on his forehead France! Just kidding, but Hawkeye is out of his league. Cap can take out multiple Hydra Agents with one throw. Not that Hawkeye can't do the same, it just Cap does it damn nearly every comic he has ever been in. Experience beats talent this time.

Finally, if there is ever a comic, these guys should get the job.

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Its almost too close to call. I'm going to go with Cap on this one, though. His ability to line up multiple targets and take them out in one shot, as you stated, would give him the edge here.

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I'd say Cap. Seems better at bounce shots and stuff.

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Also going to go with Cap: He's got the better experience with trajectory rebound and alteration. Now if you were to put him up against CYCLOPS, I think this would be too close to call.

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Being an ex-carney he's bound to have hung out in a lot more pool halls and barrooms than Captain America so he has to have played/practiced shooting pool a lot more.

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@jonsmith: Why Cyclops? I think he's one of the most underrated of the old school X-Men and he's a great shot, still gotta take in consideration hand-eye coordination. I'm sure Emma Frost, Jean Grey and her clone don't have any complaints, but think Cyclops has ever shot a gun, no less know how to use a stick.

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Yeah, I'd go with Cap for the reasons above. Pool seems more suited to his shield-throwing.

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@thedjredvelvet: @jonsmith:

Uncanny X-Men #144: Cyclops wins a game of pool in a single shot.

He also teams up with Man-Thing, but who cares about that?