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@hatemalingsia said:

Casserole with pasta.

But I still prefer Chinese egg fried rice.

I had to control my impulse to add in several other eastern cuisine to this thread. Because, well, it's not fair that things with cheese would have a better edge, but it is what it is.

A large part of the demographic, of everywhere, will go for a Domino pizza over fried rice from an ancient chinese restaurant with ancient secret fried rice recipe, prepared using a wok that is well oiled and honed by a chef.

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@jaken7 said:

Dude. F*** you. I'm so hungry now... 。゜(`Д´)゜。


I spent a little more time than I should've preparing this one. I'm also a victim.....or am I? :3

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Which do you prefer? And do you usually put hot sauce on them, if the answer is yes, what brand of hot sauce?

Can you think of any other food that is in their realm and can compete with them? I'll add them to the thread's header if I agree with you.

Rule: All three consist of their typical toppings and ingredients and seasonings. If one is inherently fancier than the other so be it. All three are prepared to their optimum typical form.

Casserole (please specify in what base: rice, pasta, flour, potato, etc. Choose one base.)

Casserole (with rice)

Casserole (with pasta)
















Macaroni & Cheese (You definitely have to put some form of sauce or hot sauce on this one? Spill the secret.)

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No poll. Which do you prefer?

Empanadas are normally filled with shredded or cubed meat, chicken, fish or shrimp. They can also be filled with cubed or diced veggies like carrots or potatoes, sometimes even fruit. The dough is made with flour, salt, egg, water, rolled thinly into small round patties, topped with filling, folded into half moon shapes, and deep fried to a crispy goodness.

Calzone A calzone is an Italian filled oven bread, originating in Naples,[2] and shaped as a folded pizza.[3] It resembles a half-moon and is made of salted bread dough. A typical calzone is baked in an oven and stuffed with salami or ham, mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan or pecorino cheese, amalgamated with an egg. Its regional variations include other ingredients that are normally associated with pizza toppings.[3] Calzones of smaller dimension can also be fried in olive oil.

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Hi everyone :)

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*breathing sound*

HahahahahaMUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Cough...cough..deep sinister breaths*

Visitor, do you have a wish you want to see fulfilled? Have you been dreaming of meeting one of my kind? Well, you might not know it but my kind are not your friend.

And fortunately for you, before you start babbling away and give me various ways to torment and murder you I have to let you know the guidelines.


1) You can come visit this place any time you want. If I'm awake then I'll be at your service, granting your wishes.

2) To succeed with your wishes, try to be descriptive, make it less easy for me to find loopholes and turn your dreams into your worst nightmares. I won't be looking for every loophole, otherwise where's the fun in that?

3) If you're humble or realistic with your wishes, or your wish is great but there's reasonable drawbacks to your wishes, it'll also make it difficult for me to distort your wishes.

4) I'll post the result/answers on this thread.

(Test your wishes, perfect them, keep practicing in this simulator, but please understand the outcome this evil Djinn posts are purely fictional)

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