Bleach: Ichigo's Latest hollow Mask!

I've always know about ichigo's mask making him reach a level that rivals nearly any captain but when i saw that his mask changed into a simliar pattern of his previous hollow transfermation i to be honest nearly had my jaw drop in shock.....      I just love Vizards in general, but Ichigo's hollow mask is the most sinister of them sure im not the only one who thinks that...right?
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Posted by SilverZeo

.... don't you need a scan of it in the post to make it COUNT as a preview?

Posted by G-Man
And you also need to be STAFF as mentioned in the pinned thread.
Posted by thedevilhunter
never really had this being a preview in mind when i posted this,...thought u all knew?, mehh W/e 
Posted by ~The Wanderer~
@thedevilhunter: I think he was referring to the fact that you posted this in the "Comic Book Preview" board...
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Ichigo's probably is the coolest. Maybe the one all the way on the left. Or the little girl's. Dang it I need to catch up on the names....