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@boschePG: I'm aware of that but Black Widow also has a lot of gadgets in her arsenal. She can use different types of poison and the like, specially when given prep since she knows she's outmatched.

I don't think Black Adam can flip Sentry easily considering that this is a battle not a casual encounter. Sentry would know that Black Adam would just try manipulate him to get the upper hand.

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Sentry definitely.

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Red Skull takes this

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lol sorry I'm quite new to battle tourneys. xD

But I still do think that Sentry is capable of defeating Black Adam.Even if BA knows what to do, Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns. He also has been shown to manipulate molecules and is very well immortal. He could either phase or teleport to doge BA's attacks. I also doubt Sentry would be holding back seeing how powerful his opponents are. Also he could might as well toss just them into the sun as he could fly to the sun and back in a matter of seconds, It'll also amplify his strength as he can absorb different forms of energy. And didn't BA slap Amazo's head off once? I certainly see Sentry or Hulk doing that. Given a gamma amp gadget, Hulk's power will def be strong enough for Amazo seeing considering Wonder woman was going toe to toe with Amazo w/ the powers of JLA, I see Hulk doing the same. Also, Hulk would get stronger and stronger by the second when his Angry, I see Sentry and/or Hulk taking out Amazo and double teaming Black Adam, thus overwhelming the. If you add Natasha in the mix, I see this going really well since she is a as I've said, also a master tactician. Which means she could lead Sentry and Hulk in attacking. She also could buy them enough time if needed. I'm also pretty sure she's got different types of gadgets in her utility belt such as smoke bombs and the like that could provide distraction.

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Valkryie is an Asgardian, has superior experience and has a huge speed advantage. Armed with her weapons, I think she takes this. Won't be an easy fight tough.

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Sentry has the power of a million exploding sons, not to mention he did stalemate Galactus, easily shattered Doom's shields, ripped apart Ares with relatively no effort, shown to be able to melt people/things atom by atom, defeated Terax in 13 seconds and overloaded Absorbing Man. Although Black Adam will bring quite a fight, I can see Sentry emerging as the victor. Seeing as he's virtually immortal and although affected, not really vulnerable to lightning. Also Reed said that Sentry is the most powerful being in the universe.

With 30 mins of prep, I think Hulk as Banner could actually whip up a gamma booster gizmo maybe? Or something that could mess with the way Amazo works. Also, Hulk did defeat Super Adaptoid, a machine similar to Amazo. Hulk's anger fuels his strength, so the angrier he gets, the more he can smash. Wonder woman showed to be capable of handling Amazo too, Hulk and WW are pretty much equal in strength which means Hulk could take on Amazo.

In the tag team match, I think Sentry and Hulk could take down Amazo and Black Adam, considering how Sentry could probably fry Amazo or at least damage him enough for Hulk to smash him. As for Black Adam, Sentry and Hulk would probably overwhelm him.

As for the low level challenge, Black Widow has access to thousands of SHIELD and Avenger files and resources, given 5 hours, I think she could prep really well and at least be armed with equipment and information to get the upper hand.

1. I think she'll have little to no problem here because she has been through so much wars and has so much experience already. Her Widow's Bite would take down the tribe with relatively ease.

2. Same here, she's actually pretty smart and strategic having led the Avengers and SHIELD in the past, a puzzle like that would easily be solved.

3. Here, she won't have much of a problem since she's faced thugs like these before, so long as she could dodge, move and attack swiftly, she would defeat them.

4. This is a pretty rough one since Deathstroke has healing factor but she is a super spy after all and trained for most all her life. I bet she could strike from the shadows and snipe Deathstroke, immobilizing him. If it comes to worst case scenario and she gets discovered, I think she can go toe to toe with him, with various guns, gadgets and critical information about Deathstroke, she could actually defeat him. There's also a big chance that Deathstroke will underestimate her, thus giving her lots of openings. Some of her best feats were stalemating Elektra and defeating Wonderman and the X-force at Contest of Champions. She also was trained by the Red Room, Winter Soldier, Cap, and Wolverine.

5. She could help the tag battle by the use of stealth and other gadgets that could distract BA and Amazo or buy time for her team. She's also a master tactician, which should help in leading Sentry and Hulk.

PS. Sorry for taking so long I had lots of schoolwork that I needed to do.

Edit: Also, if worse comes to worst Sentry has the ability of Resurrection. Although it's extent is quite unknown.

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But afaik, Thanos is more powerful than Sentry.

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Powerhouse: Sentry

Human: Black Widow

Wildcard: Hulk