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This issue is waiting for me at my LCS as part of my pull list but I've still to pick them up. I just didn't like the sudden shift in tone on the book from the previous issue, didn't really like the new costume and the dialogue the characters were using was completely frustrating to me. I'm still a fairly young guy of 22 but the whole time I felt like the book was geared toward a younger crowd that perhaps speak like that when with friends. I'm not against a light tone in a book but it just felt jarring against Simone's run. I'll maybe give this issue a go but if I still get more of the same as #35 I can see me dropping the book. I'm glad others are enjoying it but felt I had to comment.

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A lot of great titles this week. Dropping Batgirl though. Really hated the first issue of the new creative team. I'll only give it a book a chance if I didn't hate it, even if I didn't necessarily enjoy a book. But yeah, to me personally, Batgirl went majorly downhill fast.

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Moot point now. Apparently BvS has been moved from May to March, avoiding a clash with Cap 3.

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Astonishing Spider-Man Vol 1 issue 46. Ben Reilly was Spidey, and it had him teaming up with Gambit to take on Tombstone with a second story with Spidey fighting Will O the Wisp and Dragon Man.

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So is this a new series or is it replacing the current Mighty Avengers title? Either way I'll be picking it up. The current run's been really good and adding in Spidey and Sam as Cap, it's a must buy for me.

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Chose Captain Marvel. Would love to see Carol Danvers on the big screen, either as Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel. However, I would love to see all of the above get a solo film, especially T'Challa.

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Voted for USM(Parker). No real difference between it and the classic but thought that Ultimate Peter was better than 616. Plus I like the huge, round eyes on the suit. But glad that the Classic red and blue is winning so far.

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@jonny_anonymous: That sucks. Hopefully some of the stuff will be available digitally at some point.

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@jonny_anonymous: Where abouts in Scotland? There's a Forbidden Planet in Glasgow. That's where I went today for FCBD and got a tonne of stuff. Good day all in all. Picked up the first 3 issues of Avengers Undercover plus the first 3 volumes of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they were 25% off as part of it as well. Worth the wait in queue :)

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It's likely the Mafex one is for the DX edition which comes with a bunch of movie related accessories. That one is about $80 and the cheaper Mafex one is sold out on preorders. The Diamond Select one is good on detail as well. It depends if articulation is important to you. If you don't mind limited articulation and money is an issue I'd go with Marvel Select. Also the Marvel Select is in the 7 inch scale whereas the Mafex is 6 inches. So there's multiple factors to consider but I hope this information has helped.