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Kyle Rayner.  Now before you jump down my throat, let me list why he's a good choice:
1.) He's needs a girlfriend or a woman that can't easily be put down. Someone that can go toe to toe with Big Blue is great.  Really everything Kyle has done for the Universe he deserves a good gal, a powerful good gal he doesn't have to worry about getting put down. Power Girl needs a man that can actually be with a powerful woman and not need to "handle it", and Kyle's history is chock full of them, from his mother to Jade to that new squeeze he's got,  they're all powerhouses in their own way.
2.) Now this is just my interpretation of her, so I could be dead wrong, but I can't help but feel she's distant from everyone, even the Hawkman thing was awkward.  He's literally gone most of the time anyway, it gives her and him space needed not to interfere with each other too much.   The dynamic it lends to each other's story is that it gives Power Girl an actual reason to stay on Earth, again in my opinion, there's nothing keeping her here but the next disaster.  It also gives Kyle a reason to comeback, I hate to say it, but he's up there with Spiderman and the Universe messing with his life badly.
3.) They're not in eachother's supergroup, Kyle is JLA/Green Lantern Corp and Power Girl is JSA/Superman dynasty. The baggage one of group doesn't carry over into the relationship, they're  each other's safe haven.  The dynamic it lends is that when they're together you get to see Karen Starr and Kyle Rayner not Power Girl and "The Torchbearer" Green Lantern.  Karen can unload on Kyle without worrying about it going back to Supes or JSA and vice versa. A real rock in the psychotic world they live in.
4.) They both had these huge shadows to come out of, Power Girl has Superman and Supergirl, because lets face it whether it's us the reader or the people of the DCU, Power Girl and Supergirl really measured against each other.  Kyle has the whole Hal Jordan and leading the GL corp through its darkest hour(I still contend that when he was the Last Lantern, it was still darker than it is now, all alone with a disaster possible with only a single ringslinger to deal with it).  They're kind of left floating now, the GL corp is back and Hal Jordan is a huge focus now, and Power Girl is kind of forgotten. They're both on the wayside, PG more so than Kyle just because Kyle's in the middle of a war. 

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uhh what about Black Cat? Her "window" plunges deeper than the grand canyon.  Emma Frost. uhh the multitudes of others. You know what I really love about Power Girl? She doesn't go evil at a drop of a hat.

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I made a account here just to say, AMEN.

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I just imagine Lex Luthor standing by a bunch of light switches looking about as he flicks one over and over again grumbling, "What does this one do!?"