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@klank said:

Give me a Nolan inspired TMNT over this anyday, He may spin it a overly realistic way but at least it'd be true and made with care and attention.

It would be well made. I'm not sure how "true" it would be.

Like I said, the Bat-movies were great, but there were quite a few ways that I felt they weren't true to Batman's character.

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@simonm7 said:


The default in a post Nolan-Batman world, however, is definitely to try and play down the outlandish aspects to the point where it *appears* seamless with "reality".

See, I was hoping that in a post Avengers world that filmmakers wouldn't be so scared to embrace the source material and all it's "silliness".

I'm not going to write this movie off completely. As Katzman said, we don't know any of the story details yet and even assault rifle toting Foot ninjas could potentially be implemented in a satisfactory way.

That said though, I'm not expecting much from this movie. If it turns out to be good, it'll be a nice surprise. If not.... well, at least the cartoon and comic are still good. It's just a little disturbing at how desperately the film industry seems to be trying to run away from anything that could be viewed as "childish fun".

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This is for people who still have their virginity. Why do you still have it?

About 100 superfluous pounds and a completely crippled ability to socialize.

My rampant procrastination doesn't help either.

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I don't really cry at movies. Probably mostly because I usually just don't watch those kind of movies. But I do remember getting choked up a couple times.

One was back in high school when we had to watch the civil war movie "Glory". More recently was the end of "Seven Psychopaths". Didn't actually cry, but was kinda close.

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Pre-52 DC was generally more powerful than Marvel, I think. (I won't say 'overpowered' cause that carries negative connotations)

Heck, they'd given Flash so many abilities that he was basically a Speed-Force wizard who could do almost anything.

At the moment, I'd probably still rank DC as more powerful, but its a LOT closer these days.

Oddly, now the Hulk seems to be in the Flash's shoes; only he's a Rage-Wizard instead of a Speed-Force one.

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How about a whole team?

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I absolutely love the "Iron Man Three" pulp novel cover.

Amusing and spot-on. It takes me back to when I used to work in a used book store.

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Classic Harley?

Okay, NOW I'll get the game.

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@bumpyboo said:

Never. If anything I want to dress more and more outrageously as death approaches. My grandkids can just deal with it.

In my experience that IS "old people clothes".

As my grandpa is fond of saying, "modesty is for the young".

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Future Molly Hayes?


Wolverine Junior has blue skin and red hair? (I also see a skull belt under that jacket too)

So did Logan and Mystique finally work out their differences in the future?

Color me interested.