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Hugh Jackman.

All those musicals have not only made him super fit, but also given him above average endurance and pain tolerance.

Bale may do more damage initially, but I think Jackman can tank it until Bale starts to get frustrated and sloppy. The more patient Jackman takes advantage of this and ends the fight.

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This again?

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Too many of DC's new outfits give me uncomfortable 90's flashbacks.

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Sometimes, it would be impossible for humanity to really tell the difference between the mutants and the super powered beings unless they outright told them that they are mutants or they got their powers from an accident since they all look like human beings themselves.

Yeah, and this IS one point that I'll agree the comics have kinda fudged on. It HAS been brought up, but probably not as much as it should have. Examples being; there were a few times were part of the negative reaction to Spiderman was partly due to speculation that he might be a mutant. I don't remember much ever coming of it, but it was mentioned.

Also, they actually addressed the Fantastic Four thing by making it all a plan of Reed's. He was afraid that they'd be feared for their powers and that's the reason he formed the Fantastic Four in the first place. He wanted to place them in the limelight, make them known and accessible so that the public wouldn't be scared of them.

Of course, that's only a couple examples and it hasn't come up in the comics nearly as much as it should, but I've always just relegated it to the same area as the bathroom thing. As in, you almost never see any superhero taking a toilet break, but you know they must do so at some point.

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While Taskmaster has had his moments to shine, too often he's been used as a punching bag to make someone else look cool.

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@xwraith said:

Yes. Perhaps we can finally learn why mutants are bad but "normal" superheroes are OK.

I do wonder about that. I hope that if Marvel does get the rights back to X-Men, they will actually explain this a lot clearer than the comics. This is one issue that's always been bugging me about the X-Men franchise.

I always hear this and am a bit puzzled by it.

To me it's always been fairly obvious. True, I may have assumed it rather than having it stated in the comics, but I thought the implication was there.

Humans don't fear non-mutant superheroes because they got their abilities from some source. An accident, an invention, etc. They are single cases; rare (sort of).

Mutants are literally set up as humanities replacements. Eventually humans will be gone and only mutants will be around.

This is, of course, a flawed viewpoint since mutants ARE humans, but panic and irrational fear are all too common traits for humanity. So instead of seeing it as humans evolving, many see it as being replaced.

Just my take on it.

And yes, I hope Marvel does get the rights to Spidey and the others back eventually. The universe doesn't have to be convoluted. The X-Men can keep mostly separate from the Avengers with only references and the occasional cameo to show that they're in the same world. Same goes with Spidey and Daredevil. Keep their movies relatively self-contained and maybe have them make a small cameo in the next big Avengers movie. Imagine how cool it'd be to have a small scene of Spiderman getting civilians to safety during the New York battle in Avengers. The audience wouldn't need to know anything about what happened in the previous Spiderman movies, they'd just have to know that Spiderman exists, and I think that's covered.

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I want to know why it's fine for DC to overpower all their characters to point of being as powerful as modern kryptonians, yet it's unbearable when Marvel does the same thing ?

Can't speak for others, but I'm not "fine" with it in either universe. I used to really like the Hulk. One of my favorite characters. I haven't read his comic in years cause apparantly he can punch planets to death now. Know who else I used to like. The Flash, he was cool. Of course, then he turned into a speed-wizard who can do anything cause the Speed-Force. Wasn't interested after that.

So no, I don't want the Hulk to get more powers. There was a bit in Secret Wars where he manages to hold up something like a mountain. I remember loving that moment. It was cool and let you know how powerful the Hulk was. These days though, that's a frickin' joke. Apparantly now he can break the laws of physics and common sense because he's just "that strong".


So no, I hate power creep in any form. I don't need my favorite characters to be uber-strong god-beings. Most of my favorite characters are nowhere near the upper echelon of powers and a few would have trouble defeating Batroc the Leaper. I'm perfectly fine with that and I'm constantly puzzled by people who take their characters losing fights as an insult.

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@karrob said:

All things considered I totally get Cyclops mindset at this point. People S#@% on the character but a life long soldier becomes one of two things, More passionate or bat S#@% crazy. He is actually walking the line between both...I just find it funny that the one of the characters that hate him the most (Wolverine) has more blood on his hands than 99% of the X-Men.

Like in what way?

I think the direction the character has taken is interesting and I like the potential stories that it brings up. Do I like his ideology....... eh, he has some solid points, but I think his execution of them isn't the best. And Wolverine's might not be the best response either. That's one of my main disappointments so far with where they've taken this situation.

This had the potential to be a really gray area debate with both sides having solid logic and obvious flaws. Instead it's come down to "Cyclops is right"/"Cyclops is wrong" debates and Scott making lengthy speeches about why everyone else is at fault instead of him. I was hoping for the two factions going about their agendas, clashing occasionally, but still with an underlying respect for each other and a sadness at where their choices have taken them.

So far though, all we've got is some flagrant grandstanding and shouting matches.

And for those saying Wolverine is a hypocrite, you're a little ill-informed. Logan has no problem with killing. He resorts to killing quite often. But he's not a fan of kids being taught to kill. If there's killing to be done, HE'LL do it because that's who he is. He even said to Cyclops in X-Force that if Cyke wanted someone dead, just let him know and he'd do it. It was only when Scott started encouraging lethal force to the students that Logan took offense.

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I don't know why everybody is saying "this movie will suck because the last one sucked" You pepole realise that it's completely different pepole making this movie, right?

Eh, I think it's just that Fox's X-universe is a bit of a mess right now and people kinda just want to start over with a clean slate. And having this movie still tied to the others puts a bit of a damper on it.

I'm not writing the movie off and there is some stuff in the trailer I really like, but my expectations for this movie aren't high. Though they aren't low either. I'm really pretty much neutral on the whole thing. I'll definitely see it, but I'm not in any rush.

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@silver_raven said:

Angel and Husk

This is the first thing that sprang to mind. I remember when they started that; it just seemed to come completely out of the blue and made no sense.

Others..... I never really liked Rahne and Rictor together, though that was probably just personal prejudice than objective "wrongness". I wasn't really into X-23 and Hellion either, though that never really went long enough to tell what their relationship would actually be like. They also dropped hints of Rockslide and Jubilee that I'm glad they never followed through on.

Also, I just gotta throw out a bit of defense for Storm's attraction to Wolverine. I'm not a big fan of the couple, but I also have no problems with it. People often forget that while Storm WAS worshipped as a goddess and DOES have loads of class; she was also the woman who shaved her head into a mohawk, won a knife fight in a sewer, lived as a street thief as a child and later with Yukio, and in her early days was well known for being naked whenever she could.

I loved the duality of the character and her grittier, mischevious side seems to be too often overlooked in favor of the regal goddess aspect. And I think the gritty, naturalistic side of her would naturally be attracted to someone like Logan.