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Still hate Dr Nemesis' new outfit, but glad to hear the book seems promising.

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@MatKrenz said:

all he's doing is writing a story with teenagers dying in it. And if that sounds to pedestrian for you thats because he's not the first person to write this kind of story and he won't be the last.

To be fair, stories like Lord of the Flies and the others you mentioned usually have some message or lesson that the events in the story serve to relate. Now, maybe Hopeless does have some message he wants to say, or maybe it will end up being a simulation like others have speculated.

But all we can really go by so far is how Hopeless and Marvel have presented the series. And the only thing they've focused on is the killing aspect. I don't even care that they're teens, it's just the fact that "character death" has been the only reason we've been given for this series' existence. And, for me at least, that's not good enough.

I won't rule out that they could still pull something out that will surprise us and flip the book completely on its head, but nothing they've said so far has given me any hope for that. And I don't have the money to waste on the title on the off chance that this is the case.


The only thing more tiresome than people complaining on the internet is people complaining about people complaining on the internet.

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@Matchstick said:

If you have such a problem with heros being put in a situation where they are in real danger then go read Archie.

Yeah, cause in real comics the characters are always in jeopardy. You know that at any moment Batman could be kil........

I mean, if Wolverine isn't careful, at any moment he could die forev.........

Superman might........

Wonder Wo.........

Ummm.... I heard they're getting some new characters in X-Men. Maybe one of them will get killed?

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I've always found the "characters will die" hook for a series to be the height of stupidity.

Wake me once this thing's dead and I'll see what promising new characters they've killed off for shock value. Then they can start yet another series that just remixes old characters.