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Loeb also has it in for Thor as well. Besides the Red Hulk, there was also his writing in Ultimates, where he basically has made Thor into the punching bag of the ultimate universe. And I think it does go beyond those 3 as well. Case in point being Snider's "Hulk: Let the Battle Begin". Did we really need ANOTHER comic where Thor gets beat up by his own hammer by a Hulk?

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Hulk hits harder than Thor: Confirmed!!!
….In the Back-up story of Incredible Hulk # 620.Confirmed by Korg.   Again, if you don't think Marvel hates Thor, I don't know what you're reading.   Why would they throw this in there, except as a slight to Thor? "
 Not they, we know who that writer is, its Greg Pak right? So in this particular case, its not "Marvel" and there is other writing thats more favorable that "Marvel" allow to be printed.  Secondly, this is character narration. Characters are flawed, if Korg said that killing cats would ensue world peace, would he be right? Kor isn't a telepath, he doesn't know if Hulk or Thor actually hits harder, he just knows from his own personal experience that Hulk happens to have hit him harder out of the times that Thor and Hulk have hit him. You know who else has been known to hit harder than Thor, according to panels and character statements? Thor. If you think Marvel hates Thor because of this instance, I don't think your reading comics with an open mind. Since there are a number of reasons it could be included.  "
Yeah, I was being sarcastic with my post.  By the timeGreg Pak, Loeb, and Bendis are done with Thor, he's going to be a street level hero. 
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He was described as being all knowing, but he wasn't omnipotent.  Many characters have been described as omnipotent in comics, but few actually are besides the One Above All.  Odin has been called omnipotent many times, but clearly he isn't.  In fact, Rune King Thor has been described as being more powerful than even Odin, and Odin has been shown to be able to destroy entire GALAXIES.   Odin has also done things like create new stars, beat Thanos and the Silver Surfer at once, take out the Silver Surfer with one shot, and was also able to bring the Hulk back to life (and then when the Hulk didn't show Odin enough gratitude, he teleported him across the universe with a gesture).   So compared to a character like the Hulk, he is omnipotent, but compared to someone like Galactus, he's not. 

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These scans are from Thor v2 #84, and#85 in which Thor ends Ragnarok. These scans show how Thor surpasses Odin and power and became Rune King Thor.
  Thor #84              

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Hulk hits harder than Thor: Confirmed!!!
….In the Back-up story of Incredible Hulk # 620.Confirmed by Korg.   
Again, if you don't think Marvel hates Thor, I don't know what you're reading.   Why would they throw this in there, except as a slight to Thor?
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 I am almost expecting to see the Hulk show up in the new Thor movie and save Thor from the Asgardian Destroyer.

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" With is feats of classic Thor he should be easily beating Rulk and Hulk. I liked his new series and I thought the fight with Iron Man was great. However, in other series and crossovers he is not at all treated like he should. Like you said overtime he wins there is some excuse for it. Lets bring back the Thor who makes Galactus run and who lifts the World Serpent.    "
Yes, the excuses part is what's really bugging me.  He beats Sentry, but Sentry said he wanted to die. He beats Rulk in the re-match, but its due to a sucker punch, and he didn't even get to finish him, the Hulk did.  Its like, Marvel doesn't want to embarrass any other hero by having them lose straight out to Thor, but its okay to drag Thor through the mud.  Even when he beat Glory, he had to "pray" and get help from the "god of gods". 
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Then  we have Ultimate Thor first getting an epic beat down from Hyperion, and then getting his a** handed to him by Magneto.  At least he got some measure of revenge by beating Hyperion (of course that Hyperion was at half power....which goes back to my OP where I said anytime Thor beats someone, there's some "excuse" for why he won).  Every incarnation of Thor is being treated like a rag doll by Marvel (616 Thor, Ultimate Thor, Thor on DVDs, Thor in the cartoons).  Then Thor actually does get killed by the Sentry in the new Siege: What If.  
Too bad they can't just let JMS write all the comics involving Thor: 

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Here, Thor fights Heimdall and swings his hammer down on him at speeds "moving too swiftly for the eye to follow," even too fast for Heimdall in Journey Into Mystery #125:
  Thor digs a trench in a blur of motion that is "almost too fast for the human eye to follow." From Marvel Team-Up #26:
 While helping rebuild Asgard, Thor hammers down repeatedly on a pillar and "becomes a blur of motion" in Thor #267:
  Here, Thor reacts to a knife being swung down only inches from his face with a mighty heave in Thor #218:

Thor reacts and swats away arrows that are only a few feet away from hitting him from behind in Thor vol. 2 #27:
Thor is about to have his face smashed by a cursed Mjolnir which is zooming back to him, but he moves swiftly enough on reaction to dodge it in Thor vol. 2 #27: 
  Here, Thor builds a trench around crazed citizens and Avengers, including a zooming Quicksilver in Avengers #98: 

  Here, Thor punks the Newman speedster, Juvan, who was created by the High Evolutionary, using nothing but his bare hands in Thor #447:
Here, Thor catches another High Evolutionary creation who possesses superspeed, the godling, Zefra in Thor #475: 
And Thor has punked the superspeedster, Hermes, the literal Greek God of Speed, not just once, but twice in Avengers #281 and Thor vol. 2 #27: 
  Here, he literally snatches a fired tank shell out of mid-air with his bare hand in Journey Into Mystery #93: 
  Here, we see Thor flying outside a window and when Jane Foster gets his attention, Thor manages to intercept Cobra's poison dart within a split-second. The dart is fired before he even is inside the room, just to give you the proper frame of reference to understand the speed and reflexes necessary in Journey Into Mystery #98:
  Here, in the space of micro-seconds before a zooming cursed Mjolnir will strike Thor from behind, Thor lays a haymaker onto an Enchanter and spins around in time to snatch Mjolnir in mid-air, from Thor #144: 

  As for FTL reactions that can be measured in nanoseconds (light travels one foot per nanosecond), he's swung and swatted away Blastaar's energy blasts in Thor #270: 
  Vs Quicksilver
Thor:"i have vanquished fleeter foes" 

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After Odin-powered Thor got beat down by his own hammer by the Red Hulk, I was pretty mad.  As one reviewer said "J. Michael Straczynski has  spent a lot of time carefully reestablishing  Thor as a complex, powerful figure. This new comic book throws all of  Straczynski’ subtlety out the window and then kicks sand in his face for  good measure."  Then Thor got SOME measure of revenge by almost beating Rulk, until the Green Hulk stepped in and actually did beat him. 

Then we get the HORRIBLE "Hulk Vs" DVD where Hulk humiliates Thor in Asgard twice.  And then the new Avengers cartoon where Hulk is constantly showing up Thor. 

Then in Siege we see Thor taken down by the U-foes.  Uh...what?  Bascially, the guy who, under Stan Lee was Marvel's most powerful character is taken down by a group of b-list villains, including  Norman Osbourne, as they stood over him and made fun of him.  ("Woof").   Even they seemed surprised by how easy it was to beat him.  Okay, Thor gets rescued and then fights back, and eventually gets to  kill the Sentry/Void, of course they couldn't even let this happen in a  straight fight, the Void had to ask Thor to kill him! 

And now we have the final straw, Thor is beaten down once again by his own hammer by the Hulk in the horribly written and horribly drawn "Let the Battle Begin".  My question is, what does Marvel have against Thor?    Thor is really the reason I got into Marvel comics  in the first place, and now its just one humiliation after another.  He  hasn't really beaten anyone lately, or done anything impressive at all.  When he does beat down someone, there is some kind of built in excuse.  I think I'm done with Marvel for a while, until they decide to start treating the character with a little dignity.  Its time to start reading DC.