Rise From the Ashes

Adding on to my previous blog, I've been thinking further about this story arc within the Green Lantern series. This particular thought started off from a previous pondering of mine: why the series starring Kyle Rayner and the other members of the variety of Lantern Corps is called "New Guardians." I'm aware it probably has some connection to the earlier (and terrible) New Guardians series which has almost nothing to do with the current New Guardians aside from a very loose connection to the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. But the thing is, the original New Guardians team had a reason they were given that name: they were replacing the Guardians of the Universe, thus becoming the *new* Guardians of the Universe. Not so much for the current New Guardians. I don't understand why they're given that name.

But then I started considering the current storyline within the Green Lantern mythos.

All of the Lantern Corps are facing hard times, as I mentioned previously. And it's no secret that the Guardians are planning to dismantle the Green Lantern Corps and introduce a new army to replace them, apparently willing to kill anyone that resists. Again, as I pointed out, all of the failings of the Lantern Corps could potentially be a massive plot by the Guardians, or their new army, to make the coming of the latter easier, and/or to make it easier to spread order around the universe. If I am right, and that all of the issues afflicting the Lantern Corps could be traced back to the Guardians, their enemies would become much more united in their aim to eliminate them, especially if they joined forced with the Green, Blue, and Star Sappire Corps.

I feel that if the Guardians are the masterminds behind these attacks, and it is discovered, a new story arc will begin where all of the Lantern Corps will unite and fight against the Guardians of the Universe and their new army (made easier by the fact that the Sinestro Corps, easily the most evil of the current Corps with redeeming qualities, is pretty much completely gone, making cohesion easier. While the Red Lanterns are on the darker end of the spectrum, they're primarily victims, and I think Atrocitus would acknowledge that the Guardians were the cause of the destruction of his species and not the Green Lanterns). When the united Lantern Corps inevitably win, I think they make a new universe-traversing team. I imagine they'll all still remain separate corps, due to the iconic nature of the Green Lantern, as well as to keep diversity lively, however I see this new team as being similar to the New Guardians, but on a considerably much larger scale, possibly also taking the name New Guardians to proclaim themselves as the new Guardians of the Universe.

At least, that's where my train of thought has led me to.

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