WWH Vs Worthy Hulk ;O

World War Hulk Vs Worthy Hulk Fight to the Death Random Encounter in Vegas Worthy is Bloodlusted (when arent they o.o) an has his hammer.

WWH has his sword Morals are off for both an it takes place 30 feet apart who wins ;O

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Posted by howlett76

hehe really no contest the world breaker that is inside the hulk with the worthy on top of that... worthy hulk no contest only problem is no one is going to let that fight uncork to the point where we really get to see them fight would only manifest as minor property damage but uncorked worlds would die all over the place

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@howlett76: We'll see about that ;3

Posted by VenomMelendez

Green Scar beats Nul easy. Especially since Green Scar can turn into Worldbreaker Hulk.