WWH vs Team ;D*EDITED*

WWH is back and destroying a city.When suddenly a giant unbreakable dome is lowered around four city blocks. The only team left is one. Cant they stop this mass of rage?


Blinded in left eye

Missing right arm.

Cant go World Breaker

No BFRing people

Blood Lusted

Til Death.

No Armor and No Sword


Bullseye (1hour prep)(Has no Nukes but has one 45. Calibar Antarctic Vibranium Bullet.) (Standing on a building top 34 Yards away from WWH)(Adamantium breast plate)

Azrael (JPV)(Has his armored Bat suit on, but its made of ibranium and Adamantium Mix)(No St. Dumas Guide)(No Prep)(300 Batarangs in his shooter and enough Flame fuel for 4 hours straight)(Standing 27 Yards in front of WWH)

Hawkeye(1 Hour Prep)(6 Adamantium Tipped Arrows 6 Vibranium Tipped arrows)(Standing in building across from Bullseye around 35 Yards away)(Adamantium full body suit, no head protection)(4 Antarctic Vibranium Tipped arrows)(Has Captain Americas Shield)

Moon Knight (Vengeance of The Moon Knight Part1 Equipment, can use the ship for only 30 minutes)(Has his probe and motor cycle)(Moon Dart guns loaded)(Has his Shock and Awe armor on, capable of holding up a building of a small amount of time.)(1 Hour Prep)(Standing on top his ship about 40 feet above WWH)

Agent Venom (Flash) (Symbiote may go out of control but if looses control over 20 minutes will explode with a small nuclear explosion taking out one city block)(Has two Assualt Rifles)(Two 45. Calibar hand guns with twelve Vibranium bullets in one and One Antarctic vibranium in the other along with the normal ammo)(Standing about 12 Yards behind WWH)(2 hour prep)

Azrael (Micheal Lane)(Both of His Swords)(Has Vibranium Armor)(Standing Twelve yards to WWH's right)(1 hour prep)

The Human Fly (Scared)(Got Trapped in with Everyone)(Is ready to fight anyone to get out)(Has a belly ill of Acid Puke)(Will go after anyone)(Fling in sky 39 yards from WWH)(Blood Lusted)

Carnage (Cletus Cassiaday)(In his Maximum Carnage Powers)(Can turn parts of His body to weapons)(About 18 Yards to his left)

Punisher(Vibranium Armor)(2 Assualt Rifles)(1 Sniper)(All Guns Full Carbondium ammo)(Adamantium Chainsaw..why not.)(Placed to the right of WWH in a window about 12 Yards away)

HobGoblin (The newest version)(Flame sword)(5 goblin grenades)(On the Goblin glider coming in fast about 34 Yards in front of WWH)

King Hyperion (Half Power)

Entire Team is Blood Lusted and Angry.

So. Can my Team Beat WWH Or are they Dead?

( I tried to make this as even as possible, if you think its spite please don't just scream it but give me advice)

Posted by JonSmith

I'm going to say that while these guys are good, really good, they're outmatched. Hard to stay at long range when Hulk can jump at you. And he'll likely turn Moon Knight's ship into a giant weapon for smashing. The sonic boom from a thunderclap will take down the symbiote.

Posted by jwalser3

Lmao at Human Fly. I can see him getting crushed in a minute.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@jwalser3: I truly only added him because I bought WWH With Acid Puke on his face would cause a hilarious outcome for Everyone involved x3

Posted by jwalser3

@TheCheeseStabber: Oh god. He would be p!ssed.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

interesting I say Hulk takes this

Posted by BringnIt

Hulk stomps this team, especially with the gear provided him. Unarmed they still couldn't beat him.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

HUlk stomps this team

Posted by XiiX


Posted by jeanroygrant

@XiiX said:


Posted by venomoushatred1001

@TheAcidSkull said:

HUlk stomps this team

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@venomoushatred1001: Do they have any chance :/?

Posted by venomoushatred1001

@TheCheeseStabber said:

@venomoushatred1001: Do they have any chance :/?


Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

@TheCheeseStabber said:

@venomoushatred1001: Do they have any chance :/?

He said stomp. which means they don't have a chance...

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@venomoushatred1001: Is there anyway I could give them a chance i thought about adding Ultt. Hyperion at half strength but...

Posted by BringnIt

Your problem is that you are putting a bunch of people who don't have the damage output to put WWH down in this battle. If he just sat there and didn't fight back and soaked all their damage, they couldn't KO or kill him. Phil Urich's laugh? Nothing compared to even Skrull Black Bolt's scream. Punisher with guns and a chain saw? Maybe carbonadium bullets could do the trick, but either way it wouldn't be fair.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@BringnIt: Thank you for replying I will try to fix it.

Posted by Floopay

Team. I see a lot of Slashing weapons, and piercing weapons that are made of vibranium and carbonium. They have prep in their advantage as well, and almost everyone here has training in squads and teams. A well trained squad of 4 people who were well below WWH in power level were able to snap his neck for a temporary KO, so I think this team should be able to do it.

Thanks for reading,


Posted by BringnIt

@Floopay The carbonadium was just added, but I don't really see what good vibranium weaponry would do.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@BringnIt: Its hard, and I figure the Antarctic vibranium can melt through other metals so..

Posted by minigunman123

OK. What's the difference between WWH and normal Hulk?

Please spare no details.

Scans will be incredibly helpful and appreciated.

I've yet to learn what World War Hulk even is, except for a description of the event itself, "hulk comes back from earth after people send him to another planet and he loses his wife". That's shortened of course, but how does this make Hulk any more powerful than he was before? I mean, in The Avengers movie, Thor nearly stood toe to toe with Hulk and in some ways beat the tar out of him. In others, the Hulk was more powerful. But overall I don't understand why the Hulk is seen as literally invincible and completely unbeatable to both writers and readers.

Here's a question as well. Galactus at full power or WWH? I will deactivate my account on comic vine if the consensus is WWH out of rage.

Posted by BringnIt

He's stronger than most Hulks, tougher than most Hulks, and smarter than most Hulks. No one thinks he's unbeatable.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@minigunman123: WWH Had returned from the planet with combat training and great losses and much rage as he was pitted against many fighters and his family was killed. Eventually him and Banner join forces in there heads making Hulk who now has a team of giant aliens,along with armor and weaponry, one of the strongest there is. He only gets angrier and anger until Sentry has to take him out, but its more of a draw. At one point he turned to World Breaker Hulk and if I'm correct was destroying the earth with each step. If you need more Details or If I'm wrong checks Hulks page her or Wikipedia, or buy the book. I might be off on a few things, though I've heard a lot of his fights are consideredPIS or CIS like Ghost Rider and Strange.

Heres some Scans :3 :

Sorry The scans are ou of order and tiny but I think you get the point.

And I think Galactus would step on WWH before Hulk did any real damage to him

Posted by minigunman123

@TheCheeseStabber: I heart you for explaining this. I think I finally get it. Lol, Hulk is just so massively powerful sometimes, I think it's actually hard for me to comprehend. Or maybe it just seems that way, hmm :P

Anyway, given the fact he has alien stuff on his side, and new combat training? I'd say WWH smashes the team.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@minigunman123: He doesn't have the war bound with him (The Aliens)

Posted by beyonder2012

hulk because of his training in hand to hand and he has beat a lot better teams than this.