Possible Idea of How the Marvel Now May Occur..

Good Evening folks, I was sitting on the porch today thinking of the upcoming marvel Now and how it may happen. With the rise of Nick Fury Junior being a Carbon Copy of Ultimates Nick Fury, it made me think What if the Ultimate Universe and The 616 Are gonna collide and morph into one somehow like DC's Flashpoint. Thats when it hit me, The Spider Men Saga, it the combination of the two universes, I ask you dear readers What If that event spirals out of control and merges both universes together. I truly don't see why they would do this but....I also believe the Punisher may somehow be involved as his new event has come out, as well as a distant memory of mine for when The Avengers had a Timeline up to the Ultron War I distinctly remember an Odd code with a punisher symbol in the center. The code to me looked like it might've said Triskelion but with the Punisher symbol. If I'm correct the Triskelon is an area in the Ultimate Universe where The Ultimates and The supervillans are kept. I ask you what if the Punisher made his way into the triskelion to go against The Ultimates or the villains for some reason starting the the merging of the worlds by accident! What do you think? :3

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IT'S NOT A REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's not a reboot.

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@Teerack: @danhimself: Ok Ok Sorry I fixed it x.x

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XD. But I can see how something like that could happen. That'd be pretty interesting.

Posted by The_Tree

You may be onto something, although I'm not sure it pertains to Marvel NOW. But there was a thing on the wall that said 3(skull)ION

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that would actually be... awesome... just started reading ultimate comics and it seems like it could be nice

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so a world with pretty much two of everybody?

count me out.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@spiderman20991992: Well maybe only two for a little bit but then it morphs like Flaspoint an people combine O.o One of each

Posted by spiderman20991992

@TheCheeseStabber: wait, what happened with flashpoint? i never read it so i only know the gist of it. people combined?

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@spiderman20991992: Something to that nature a couple universes combined or something and characters changed etc etc. But I mean we start with the Spider Men Saga an it moves to Ultimate an 616 Forming Together so originally 2 of each to 1 of each...

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I dont know why they would wanna collide worlds but great ideas!

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I feel a reboot is a slap in the face to the readers. It's an easy way out of horrible stories of the past. Marvel deals with em. Retcons, but we saw with heroes reborn how "reboots" end up. All it takes is one change and a character is ruined. they've slowly introduced nickfury jr, kind of under the radar too, but he's been out there, White nick is mia, i say let it happen, he'll get knocked down a peg or two and then the 616 will be back to normal.