Azrael Mega Gaunt lent :3

This is JPV Gauntlet ;o

1. Bullseye

(Azrael gets his non Bat mech a suit, but gets the gloves along with his costume. and 2 hours prep. Bulls eye has the adamantium laced skull, two hours prep and 2 decks of cards OOC, to KO or Death.)

2. Hawkeye

(Regular Azrael Suit, with Flame Blades, Hawkeye gets a full quiver of normal arrows, 3 explosive. OOC, Ko or Death)

3. Hush

(Regular Suit with Flaming Adamantium Blades this time. Hush has an hour of prep.OCC, Ko or Death)

4. Punisher

(Azrael in his suit. Strictly H2H. To Ko.)

5. Reed Hood

(Azrael in his suit, with Mecha Bat Gloves, and an hour prep, Red Hood has 5 hours prep, and two Ak 47, 59 Clips, KO or DEATH, OOC)

6. Lizard

(Azrael has Mecha Bat Gloves, Lizard is Blood Lusted, no pheromones. Random Encounter.KO OR DEATH!)

7. Azrael (Micheal Lane)

(JPV gets an hour of Training and Mecha Bat Claws, ML has Suit and swords. OOC. KO or DEATH)

8. Daken

(Azrael Has Full Mecha Bat Suit on. Daken has an Hour of prep, a slow HF, and Marmusa Claws. Azrael is BloodLusted Berserker like at the end of Knightfall, no Pheremones. To KO or Death)

All Fights Take Place HERE!

Azarael Starts at the circus sign. The opponent starts at the end of the road.)

Healed After Each Round.

Suit Repaired.

Equipment returned.



(If anything unfair please tell me :3)

Posted by ImTheDamnBatman

I'm confused, under Hush you said Luke Cage gets an hour prep?

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@ImTheDamnBatman: Oops Lemme fix that Hush Gets the Hour originally it was Cage.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Could it be?

It is!

A Bump!

Posted by joeagentofhand1

Loses at Lizard, but in my opinion he could be beat Lane

Posted by CalebHara

stops at 6 IMO

Edited by Skaddix

@joeagentofhand1 said:

Loses at Lizard, but in my opinion he could be beat Lane

Lol yes he loses at Lizard but no in no way does he beat Lane.

Posted by cmyers1980

The only person he would have difficulty with would be Lizard.

Posted by DamianWayne

This is kinda late, but honestly? He loses at round one. It's dangerous to give Bullseye projectiles and have him a fair distance away.

Posted by Esquire

Yeah, stops at 6. Can't beat 7 due to durability, and can't beat 8 due to much better skill, comparable stats, and disappearing trick.