Did Superior Spiderman Kill Someone!? (Spoilers)

I've been brooding over this for a week.

I read the 1st issue of Superior Spidey and I recall in the end that Big Wheel well crushed Shocker under his giant wheelie might.

I don't recall seeing Shocker or the other villains being escorted out.

I'm not sure how heavy that wheel was but it was strong enough to break through walls and defenses.

I question how strong Shockers armor is as well, if he could even with stand the weight.

I may be wrong and forgetting something.

Anyone know or have an idea?


Something New. Donald Blake vs Clark Kent.

The Two Brothers decide once again to pit two of there strongest characters against each other in a death match. Realizing that they're almost equal in power they decide to take it, making Thor turn to normal human Donald Blake and Superman to normal man Clark Kent. They decide to supply the humans to see who can beat each other.

The Rules:

Both Superman and Thor remember all of there powers, fighting styles, moves etc.

Both of the people are completely powerless.


The brothers give them a break when slapping each other got them well...no where.

So they are given weapons

For Superman:

A Blow Torch (Heat vision replacement)

A pair of Brass Knuckles (Super strength)

A Cape (Only lifts the wearer up to ten feet and maximum flying at 20 Mph. Can be ripped off.)

Jalapeños and a raw onion to much on. (Replaces super breath with god awful knee bending breath, though they take 5 minutes to eat in all and last an hour)

Heelies (The wheels in the shoes replace super speed)

Spandex Undies on the front of his pants. ( They can hold all his equipment)

A Kinda Dull Machete (Sword of Superman)

A bullet proof vest.

His outfit is a Tee shirt and Jeans.

He needs his glasses to see.

For Thor

A Sledge Hammer (Mjiolner replacement, though very heavy.)

A Bike Helmet

Chain mail shirt (Takes a lot of damage though slows him down.)

A Hand Taser (Only half charge, gets about 50 minutes of battery charge left)

A Katana (Odin Sword)

A Jet Pack (Gets about 25 feet in the air and goes about 5mph.Runs out of fuel after 3 hours)

A backpack to carry it all.

Needs his glasses.

Wearing Lab coat and khakis.

Both Men are about peak for 50 year olds.

Battle takes place in the Abandon Streets of New York.

They Both Suddenly appear with no knowledge of each other.

Fully Bloodlusted

No Morals.

No Powers only what they carry.

Let it Begin :3


Azrael Mega Gaunt lent :3

This is JPV Gauntlet ;o

1. Bullseye

(Azrael gets his non Bat mech a suit, but gets the gloves along with his costume. and 2 hours prep. Bulls eye has the adamantium laced skull, two hours prep and 2 decks of cards OOC, to KO or Death.)

2. Hawkeye

(Regular Azrael Suit, with Flame Blades, Hawkeye gets a full quiver of normal arrows, 3 explosive. OOC, Ko or Death)

3. Hush

(Regular Suit with Flaming Adamantium Blades this time. Hush has an hour of prep.OCC, Ko or Death)

4. Punisher

(Azrael in his suit. Strictly H2H. To Ko.)

5. Reed Hood

(Azrael in his suit, with Mecha Bat Gloves, and an hour prep, Red Hood has 5 hours prep, and two Ak 47, 59 Clips, KO or DEATH, OOC)

6. Lizard

(Azrael has Mecha Bat Gloves, Lizard is Blood Lusted, no pheromones. Random Encounter.KO OR DEATH!)

7. Azrael (Micheal Lane)

(JPV gets an hour of Training and Mecha Bat Claws, ML has Suit and swords. OOC. KO or DEATH)

8. Daken

(Azrael Has Full Mecha Bat Suit on. Daken has an Hour of prep, a slow HF, and Marmusa Claws. Azrael is BloodLusted Berserker like at the end of Knightfall, no Pheremones. To KO or Death)

All Fights Take Place HERE!

Azarael Starts at the circus sign. The opponent starts at the end of the road.)

Healed After Each Round.

Suit Repaired.

Equipment returned.



(If anything unfair please tell me :3)


Whats The Largest and Or Smallest Organism A Symbiote can go On.

I was wondering If there were creatures to Big or two small for the symbioses. I know theres the classic picture where Spidey is Tricked into Seeing Venom on Galactus.

And in Venom Dark Origin you get to see them as small tad pole like creatures on rats like creatures.

I'm also aware that when people loose control of Venom it grows gigantic and musclely.

(I'de like to point out I've never seen Carnage do it( aside from the gathering to create a giant one), only Venom and kinds' Toxin)


Is there a being too large for one symbiote?

Is there a being too small for the symbiotic?

Do Symbiotes grow or shrink over time?

Anyone Know :3?


Weirdest Comic Cross Overs?

The Comic Industry is elegant and beautiful that can birth beautiful and magnificent Characters and stories. It can also give birth to horrid and odd things. Crossovers can go eitherway, from great to total head scratching confusion. I started this thread to celebrate those crazy ones.

Here are some of the weirdest ones I've come to find. (Thanks 25 Cent bin)

Deathlok vs Ghost Rider

The story is of Nightmare somehow hacking into Deathloks systems and making him crazy. Deathlok eventually runs into Ghost Rider. They fight with some pretty cool moments such as Deathlok and Ghost rider Both riding the HellCycle while fighting. But it is truly odd.

Cable vs Ghost Rider

I picked up this odd ball as the last of a trilogy or duet. Idk. It involved Ghost Rider and Cable both traveling to an underground graveyard to save a girl from a society that worships the dead. They Get there, and attempt to save the girl when the Cults leader appears. He decides that the Cult didn't understand him and must be destroyed. He lets Ghost Rider, Cable, and the girl go before collapsing the ground all over the cult. Ghost Rider and Cable Part, with a somewhat new found respect for each other. Or not, the endings left pretty ambiguous as Ghost Rider drives of claiming he serves only Vengeance and Cable mutters somethings along the lines of "Yeah don't we all."

Venom vs Ghost Rider (Noticing a theme here?)

Ghost Rider and Venom Go at each other in this odd book. They're both captured by odd ghoulish forces and while trying to escape, Venom feels the need to constantly try to eat Ghost Rider. Constantly getting a blast of Hell fire.

Noteable Mention

I did see an Amaglam comic that was the combination of Man Bat and Swamp Thing, I forget the title sadly.

So what are some of the Weirdest Cross overs you've seen.


Happy PEACE ONE DAY 2012

:3 September 21st Peace One Day, a day where there is an attempt at Global Cease Fire and Large amounts of Humanitarian work. :3

I just thought it would be epic if I can get some of you CV interested in it.

I call for a Comicvine LOcal Cease Fighting. On this Day to help respond.

No Trolling and no debates over what characters better. (Superman vs Batman)

I Love you all

Peace to you all,

if you wanna know more. Heres the link :3



Anyone noticed this

We've been getting a lot of free watch sports Tv spammers lately. I just looked at the recent spread posts and 6 of them were spam threads about free football sites...