Worst Ideas For Threads

What are some threads you think about creating but know they'll never end well.

Or what have you seen.

I was told by a friend about how he wants to make a Kim Jung Family/North Korea Respect Thread ;ooo

Other Ideas for Bad threads

Where DO Babies Come From A Step By Step Process

Best Ways to Hide from The Law

Where do you stash a corpse?

Free Candy If You Enter This Thread

Scratch and Sniff Thread

HumanRocket Respect Thread

Your View on The Atomic Bomb

Liberals vs Conservatives

Now this thread isn't a debate thread more of a guilty pleasure thing, all for fun but keep it PG


Animehunter Respect Thread

PunyParker andI decided he needed one. He does soooo much for Spidey fans here.

Only thing is he never jokes, laughs or smiles. So this thread better make him smile!