Smile Damnit!

Were living in a hard world that will only get harder as time goes on.

I'm looing around seeing name calling and arguing everywhere and it saddens me

So I'm making this thread to cheer people up

Just post anything that makes you smile

Photos jokes memes Happy factoids Fun Memories :3

So please Smile Damnit :3

No debating,politics, or insensitive remarks allowed

These things make me happy :3


RIP Hal Douglas

Best Movie Narrator Ever <3


Some of his great lines and voice compiled


My 2 New Quests Are In O.o??????????????

Is it true tht I will only post in questions?

Is it also true that on Wensday at 12 pm I plan to Watch Exactly 24 Hours of Lifetime Network

What do you guys think?

Also wanna know where I've been?

It depends have you ever had a broken high jacked wi fi router?


The Questionable Question Thread

What Kinda Thread is This?

Is this the thread that only allows you to ask questions?

If the answer is yes does that mean each person may only talk in a question?


I'm not quite sure t the moment, what about you?

(Basically you can only talk in questions :P)