Screw The Other List!

Well, yeah, after months, a new list arises. 
I'm easily forgetting people, but I'll edit.

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Posted by B'Town

I had been a somewhat new fan of the Marvel Cosmic books. I was one of the few who liked Annialators, Annihilation Conquest. I read those in big beautiful hardcover though, so maybe it was a bettrer read for me that way. Then again I frequently love books others dismiss. LIke Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my absolute favorite pulls, then Marvel dumped it and I felt like dumping Marvel I was heartbroken. I was thinking about getting into some of the old Nova but need to get caught up on my current stack and trades before I pick up anymore big books.

Posted by TheCerealKillz
Read the Thanos Imperative. 
My favorite series ever. Absolute greatness.
Posted by B'Town

Yes, I picked those up right after Marvel dumped Guardians. It was a pretty good read.