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If there is no PIS involved, Spidey can't KO Logan... On the other hand, Logan will never tag Spidey.... If we are talking about a fight until one of them is KO'ed or dead, then Logan would be the only sensible winner... They start the fight, Spiderman dodges anything Logan will dish out and beat the crap out of him. Logan, with his HF will be able to last this process for ever until Spidey get's burned out and tired. After that, Logan get's a couple of stabs in the burned out/tired Peter and let him bleed to death.....

If BFR is allowed, however, Spidey would win with quite ease...

..... A Wolverine whom was simply trying to talk a pissed off Spider-Man down pinned him not once, not twice, but three consecutive times.during Fallen Son.

Spider-Man can be easily tagged by Wolverine. Tagging isn't even the specific dilemma Wolverine faces .

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@leonkarlen123: How come you always get a penchant for certain character's then start bumping every thread with them saying the silliest things?

He's trying to call you out.

Wait, do you have scans for the Fallen Son thing? I only saw it once.

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Wait is this done or is there more? You reserved more spots.

Also, this is really well done.

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Who is telling them to not play music?


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Big L had a lot of potential, shame he got killed. Dude has a weird cult following though, I can name like 25 rappers with better careers.


Lol, how have you been man?

Gonna go ghost again, just needed to check some stuff.


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TCK is my main account, CK is the account I'm currently using for PM reasons.

Oooh interesting :D But, very well I shall concede to you. I love me some Samurai Jack. GG buddy :D

Good debate. I'm a giant fan of both Samurai Jack and FMA Brotherhood, so this fight would be one I'd like to see.

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Jack takes round 1.

Dunno about round 2 considering Jack himself has mastered every fighting style and has undergone serious training when he was a kid.

Xiaolin Showdown had a great opening.

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TCK is my main account, CK is the account I'm currently using for PM reasons.

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100+ feet isn't anything compared to Jack. 15:14.

I never said anything about the bar feat. I was talking about the bounty hunters who were known to be the best of the best, had extensive knowledge about Jack, were given a weeks prep, and had the element of surprise, and then Jack blitz'd them so fast a drop of water didn't reach the ground. Not fodder.

Bradley's eye can be dealt with, and Jack has tactical skill as well.

More of Jack's feats.

- He can jump hundreds of feet in the air, solo advanced robot armies, survive re - entry, deflect machine - gun fire with his sword, defeat gods and demons, etc.

- He dropped a glass of water from waist height, and then defeated 10 bounty hunters, sheathed his sword, and then picked up the glass before it had even fallen to the ground.

- He ran across a field some 300 meters or so in length, dodging arrows from 3 supernaturally - enhanced archers capable of firing thousands of arrows per second each (who had previously decimated an entire robot army in the span of a few seconds), and he reached their tower, climbed up to the top, and defeated them. He also did this blindfolded.

- He defeated 3 elemental goddesses who controlled the elements of rock, wind, and water, and had proven capable of defeating even Aku (who is usually invulnerable to normal attacks).

- He defeated the minions of the Egyptian God Set, who were super fast, strong, and seemingly indestructible to any attack.

- He is also trained as a ninja, and can make himself invisible by blending in with broad daylight.

- He defeated Demongo, a magical being who had the souls of thousands of defeated warriors within his body, and could release them all at once to attack Jack, and if one was defeated it would simply return to his body and he could call it back again. Demongo could fly, and just sat up in the air while his army of thousands of warriors battled Jack. These were considered to be some of the greatest warriors of all time, yet Jack was defeating them easily, he was only being worn down due to the fact that there were so many and every one he defeated would come right back. Eventually he grabbed onto the defeated soul of one, rode it back into Demongo’s body, and destroyed him from the inside out.

- He is trained in all types of fighting styles from around the entire world.

- He has fallen off of a huge mountain and survived.

- He defeated Aku’s ultra - assassin robots, each of them was imbued with some of Aku’s power, they each had specialized weapons and abilities (such as machine guns, fuel - rod guns, flamethrowers, invisibility cloaks, swords, chainsaws, etc.) They were made of adamantium, and at first Jack couldn’t cut them, but after recieving a cybernetic arm device from a scientist who helped create the robots, he was able to defeat them, except for the last one, because the power on the arm ran out. However, Jack summoned power from his ancestors to increase his strength and cut him anyway.

- Jack’s sword is a cosmic artifact, created by 3 ancient gods, and is apparently completely indestructible, as well as capable of destroying evil with a touch, and one of the only weapons capable of truly harming and killing Aku.

- He managed to overcome and defeat an evil copy of himself created by Aku, who had all of his skills and abilities.

- He can fight for days on end before tiring.

- He defeated an ancient Norse Warrior who could control the minerals of the earth underground and beat him in his own domain.

- He was crushed by a 700 - ton sumo wrestler but just got back up again.

- Even when he was transformed magically into a chicken, he was still capable of defeating huge and powerful robots and monsters without using any weapons.

- His sword shattered the gauntlets of the Titan Chronos.