Thing That Were Right and Things That were wrong about Batman & Robin

Title speaks for itself. The list covers the things that were wrong with the movie and things that were right. Needless to say, very little is in the latter. There will be spoilers, though the movies has been out for 15 years. If you know nothing about the movie, you're lucky. But this list contains spoilers. Let's get started.

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Posted by ScottyHawkeye

the Dark Knight was better than both the Dark Knight Rises and the Avengers (the Avengers against the Dark Knight [the Avengers brought a knife to a gunfight] Dark Knight wins)

oh and Batman Forever was better than Batman & Robin

Posted by TheCannon

@scottyhawkeye: First off, that has nothing to do with this list.

Matter of opinion really. B&R created the perfect combination of making me furious while keeping me laughing (not at the bad jokes like "Chicks dig the car," but because of how ridiculous it got). I can't find a single redeeming factor for Forever.

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@thecannon: why bother putting it up then when you mentioned the Nolanverse

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones did a better job at performing their roles than Robert Swenson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman did, and B&R had a bigger codpiece problem than BF did (the bat-credit card really)

if Burton continued he would had better actors for the roles and Micheal Keaton would still play Batman and Billy Dee Williams would've played Two-face, and The Dark Knight best comic book movie of all time wouldn't eggsist

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@scottyhawkeye: As I said here, I liked Therman as Ivy. Carrey was terrible in every way and Jones was just trying to be a joker rip-off, and not in a good way. Schwarzenegger was terrible, in about every way possible, but I still found Carrey worse.

Keaton is the best guy to play Batman, so it would of been great. Haven't seen much of Williams (at least that I'm aware of. It turns out he's in a lot of films), but he would of been better than Jones. I really don't see how TDK has anything to do with this Burton or Schumacher's debacles.

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Bale was the best for Batman